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hoodia x57
by elizabeth chavez

i love the product i have been taking for 2 week and i love it

Elizabeth Sisnerros-Chavez

by Maida


love it
by ashley

i purchased this item it worked great!!!

by Ken

Some people may think that Hoodia X57 or any other Hoodia product is supposed to magically make the pounds disappear. For those that are looking for this, you'll always be disappointed.

If you are seriously trying to lose weight by controlling your appetite, then this product can help. I take it periodically when my appetite it about to get the best of me. It suppresses the hunger pains significantly so I can stay in charge of what and when I eat. That's all you can expect of any product.

by Mary

I bought these on sale and were a great deal. Surprisingly, they work really well. They cut down your appetite and don't have any weird side effects.

Oprah and Hoodia don'r mix
by j.ja

knowing that Oprah gave Hoodia two thumbs up means nothing, have you seen Oprah lately? she's as big as a house! she should practice what she preaches!

Hoodia has done nothing for me after 2 bottles, what a waste of money and time.

by rebecca

i have been taking hoodia from pureslim for a week and have lost 4 pounds. i have to force myself to eat as i am never hungry. i think it depends where you get it from as to whether it works or not, i think there's some duds on the market. its a bit scary though as i could go all day without eating. i wouldnt recommend to anyone who is prone to eating disorders. i dont get hunger pangs and i dont feel tired. i take it because i crave sweet foods especially at night but i havent had this at all. i am going to take it until i reach my target weight as i only have 10 more pounds to lose. it says can take up to two weeks to work but it worked straight away.

Only For Some
by Dana

I just started taking Hoodia x57 and it has been working so far. My biggest problem is snacking in the afternoon so I make sure I take a pill or two before 3:00 (when my cravings begin). It has taken the edge off of my cravings, almost making me feel ill if I were to eat. I would recommend this product for people who have certain trouble spots throughout their day with snacking/binging. I don't believe the product will work for those who eat 3 meals a day or have steady eating patterns.

It works if you do too!
by Marc

There is no magic bullet but Hoodia X57 does do a great job of taking the edge off of my cravings. I have a lot of weight to lose (300 lbs!). I started to take this product 1/1/07 and along with exercise and smarter eating, have lost 120 lbs as of July 1, 2007! It works, do you?

No Effect!!
by Donna

I have been trying to lose twenty pounds for a while now. I thought maybe Hoodia X57 might be just what I needed to help me eat less. I picked up a two bottle pack at Sam's Club to try. It didn't work for me at all. I took one entire bottle just as the directions suggested. It was a total waste of my money and it wasn't cheap. I would not recommend this product to anyone.

It Work's
by pamela

As with every new diet pill I was very skeptical, but I saw the news specials about Hoodia on 60 Minutes and ABC, so I decided to give it a try. To my surprise, Hoodia X57 actually works! I'm eating less without having to put up with hunger pains or headaches. I've already lost 11 pounds in the first 2 weeks

Didn't Work For Me
by Pearl

I heard about this on a couple of talk shows, so I decided to try it one day when I found it at Walgreen's. I needed something to help me boost my weight loss and get me motivated to lose the weight. I took it as directed and figured out real quick that I couldn't take it before my supper because it made me too jittery and I couldn't go to sleep at night. So I would wake up in the middle of the night starving! And I found myself eating more at supper time than I would normally eat. I didn't have any weight loss and the pills seemed to mess with me and make me light headed and dizzy. I am the type of person that doesn't take pills and will take one night time caplet and it will knock me out all night long, so that may have had something to do with it? Not sure, all I know is that I didn't have the success I had hoped for.

not for me
by Kennedee

This product has been endorsed by Oprah and since I watch her show everyday. I decided to purchase it at the local GNC store. After 20 days of taking this product, the weight loss has been slow. I have only lost about 3 lbs. It did curve my appetite for awhile but I was still hungry after dinner and found myself snacking. I would not recommend this product.

My Mom's Experience with Hoodia X57
by Lana

My mom has been trying to lose five to ten pounds for a few months now and has really struggled with the unpredictability of her weight loss. In order to ensure a healthy lifestyle during this vigorous ,but significant time in her life, she started exercising three times a week while supplementing her body with Hoodia X57 capsules. Her regimen consisted of taking taking one Hoodia capsule in the morning one hour before breakfast and one Hoodia capsule in the afternoon after coming back from work but before dinner. In order to ensure the validity of the effects while taking Hoodia, she also made sure to have a nourishing and balanced diet as part of her lifestyle. After almost two months of taking Hoodia, my mom has reported losing no weight. She did not experience any detrimental side effects from using Hoodia capsules during this period. She confirmed that after taking her capsule, she would feel like her appetite would be slightly reduced for about two hours, but then she would feel hungry again and sometimes more than usual. It is safe to say that she was disappointed with her results. She would like to advise all consumers interested in using this product as a means of weight loss promotion to reconsider their options.

All the Rave
by Denise

Hoodia has made a big splash in Hollywood, and knowing that Oprah gave Hoodia two thumbs up and that it is natural is a huge plus for a weight loss product.

Stopped my cravings
by Dave

I bought this product at Sam's Club and started taking it each night before dinner-- my toughest time of the day not to gorge myself. It not only stopped my cravings, but I found myself eating about only 50% of my dinner and was able to cut way back on my portions. To date, I have lost about 15 pounds ( about 45 days ).

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