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by anna

This stuff makes you feel full so you won't eat. It also gives you a terrible stomach ache. I couldn't take it after two days of a bad stomach ache. I'm not sure what exactly it is doing to your stomach, but it can't be anything good!

by kim

I was disappointed in this product. It did help a little but I did not see noticeable results.

by matt h

Now you can't keep eating whatever, but combined with proper diet I have seen my wife lose 14 pounds this past month. She barely has time for exercise but she has been dieting and promotes this product to all her friends as the main boost. She doesn't eat late anymore, and eats smaller portions.

hoodia works with proper diet
by G....

I have lost 20 lbs in one month.... I also changed my diet and reduced sugar intake. Hoodia help me control eating habit.. had to force myself to eat sometimes. one problem was hunger pains due to not eating. stomach would hurt from not eating but i would not be hungry.. when i would eat pain would go away. Gave me energy when i was out of gas. I have high blood pressure extremely high. Hoodia did not effect it in a bad way at all... I did notice an increase in sperm quality and quantity. It was a big difference... I have found no one that can say the same... I know it is because of the hoodia... I have changed nothing else since I have started. Diet was changed first.

Hoodia Gordonii Dex-L10 is GREAT!
by Teri

I've been using Hoodia Gordonii Dex-L10 now for 3 weeks and 2 days and have lost a total of 13 pounds. I KNOW this stuff works because I love to eat, and whenever I take the pill, I don't even think about food - I have to remind myself to eat.

And when I say I love to eat I LOVE to eat - especially fried foods and sweets. But for some reason since starting the pill, I don't want any sweets or fried foods. And to top it all off, I always feel full. I haven't had a Dr. Pepper in weeks - that's a rarity for me - my body only wants water.

I still have 20 pounds to go, but I see myself 20 pounds lighter by this summer!

Works great - you have to know what it's for though...
by Cynthia

People think Hoodia is supposed to make you lose weight but that's not exactly true. Hoodia is fantastic for suppressing your appetite. The thing is - you have to make the effort to stop eating when you aren't hungry. That's where Hoodia helps - it takes away the hunger pains so that you can concentrate on eating when you are supposed to, instead of all the time. It helps with snacking, picking, eating massive meals, etc. It's a fantastic product but you have to learn to work with it. It is NOT hard at all! Plus - there's no fat burners so it doesn't effect your emotions or heart rate, or anything like that. I believe this is the safest, most effective pill on the market to actually help someone lose weight correctly and healthy. It's a supplement to the decision that you are making for your own good health.

Well Worth The Money
by Ally

I would reccomend this pill to friends. I like the fact that you only take 1-2 pills a day. Unlike others that require you to take 2 pills 3x's a day. It makes it easier to follow the Hoodia diet plan. I did research on this product before I got it and it has gotten great reviews and has been proven to be the real deal. (With some hoodia products you have to be careful about some that have added ingredients.) Since I have been taking the product I have noticed a big change in my diet. I barely even eat a full plate of food for the day because I'm not interested in it. I also know that Hoodia has been a diet secret from some celebs to get into shape. I really like this product.

by Laura

I didnt notice anything different...

Did Nothing
by Hieagle

Did nothing.

No easy road to weight loss
by Wendy

While this product claims no side affects, I experienced dizzyness, headaches, and overall uneasy feeling. After I stopped taking this product I was back to normal. I did feel full, faster when I ate but the side affects I experienced made it unbearable to continue taking. I guess it's back to the elliptical machine for me!

by Chad Roldan

I tried this product for two months and after no results I researched the plant "Hoodia", and ran across a story from NBC. In the interview of a top person in Pfizer drug company they said that its not possible to turn the plant into a pill form at this time or the near future and all claims that someone may have about it containing Hoodia are false. They even did research on pills claiming it. As of right now they only way for Hoodia to work is get your hands on the plant and eat it, but there is not enough of the plant right now, which was another reason it cant' be in the pills.

DEX-L10 Hoodia Gordonii
by Noni

I have tried lots of different weight loss products, but this is the best I have ever used. My appetite is almost gone, and when I do eat, I am full with just a few bites. I have already lost 15 pounds in about 45 days.

I Guess There is No Miracle Solution
by LKH

For me, this was not an effective product. I noticed no difference except that I felt a little woozy when I took it. It is supposed to reduce your appetite, but for me, I continued to eat just like I normally do. I really wanted it to work, too. Oh well, back to the workouts and healthy eating for me.

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