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Hoodia works and I found a less Expensive site
by Tammy

I just started taking Hoodia. It really does work I always felt hungry but when I take it my hunger is gone. I make sure I eat something but I am not really hungry. I take the liquid form which I found on a herbal site for on 32.00 with shipping for a 2 months supply. I have heard the liquid form works better than the pill version and for this price you can not go wrong. This product really is great I will continue to order it. You can Email me at and I will get you the site where I ordered this from.

by avid

When I heard about hoodia from a news broadcast, I immediately ordered the product due to their approval of the product. I tried the product and it just didn't affect me. In fact, my family tried the rest of the product, but it didn't seem to suppress our appetite.

Right for the Right Person
by Matt Bentley

This product can have a tremendous impact on some people. I think the person who can control more than their appetite can really benefit from Hoodia. However, keep in mind, that the reason the United States is overweight is not because we eat when we are hungry, it is because we eat when we're not hungry, and eat lots of whatever we are eating. People who have enough self-discipline to not eat when they're not hungry usually don't need Hoodia to help them on their own. However, if you have self-discipline and want something to relieve the pain of hunger, talk to your doctor, and if they okay it, go for it. This product actually has a patent on it, so it does suppress hunger. Just think about whether your "hunger" is mental or physical before you invest.

Didn't notice any changes
by Shauna

This is a pricey product but I decided to try it because of all the publicity on the news about Hoodia, and I trust Nature's Sunshine. I was disappointed. I didn't really notice anything different while taking this product. It didn't suppress my appetite and I didn't lose any weight on the product.

I love Hoodia!!
by Kate

Seriously, I looooovvveeee Hoodia!! I have gained a lot of weight in the last year and I couldn't seem to lose it or even maintain my weight. I began taking Hoodia and it really has suppressed my appetite. Hoodia is a bit expensive, but it is worth it if you are looking to stop eating so much and lose weight. I have taken numerous weight loss pills, and Hoodia made the weight loss easy by feeling natural. You do not lose a ton of weight all at one time, it takes time, which makes it better for you anyways.

Weight loss made easy!
by Amanda Tresidder

This is my brand of choice when it comes to herbs because you know you are getting the best product for your money. I can lose a lot of weight on Hoodia, but I also forget to eat and I love to eat. It really curbs your cravings, especially sweets for me. If you are overweight because you eat too much then I would highly suggest you give Hoodia a try. Not any Hoodia product will do, but you need to make sure it is of good quality.

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