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by Liz Theobald

I find that this product is just as effective as other weight loss supplements. It is a pretty good appetite suppressant and energy booster. Hoodia only really works on heavier set body types, it is not good for loosing just a few pounds.

Not the best
by Ronald

I have tried this for over a month to lose some extra weight and followed the directions to make sure I was doing everything correct. I didn't lose weight even though I thought it was working. I guess it was just psychological, but the scale doesn't lie. Didn't lose a single pound and my appetite stayed the same. My friend who also tried it with me had no result.

3 Week Review
by Mike

I've been taking this for 3 weeks now with basically no exercise or diet changes. I figured I'd give it a shot given the price and I must say it works with pretty much no side effects. I got a pretty nasty headache one time about a week ago but I'm 99% sure it had nothing to do with Hoodia. I've lost 2 pounds so far which isn't a miracle by any means but it is something.

Just started...
by JJ

I just started taking this product about two weeks ago. It has given me a little more energy and has suppressed my appetite, but I believe there are other products out there that are cheaper and do the same job. And if I would have looked around, I probably could have found a different version of this product cheaper. It's a good brand and really works, but it's hard on the wallet.

Not for baby fat
by Candice

I tried taking this shortly after the birth of my daughter to help me lose that added baby weight and help control the cravings I had caved into while I was pregnant. Unfortunately, after the initial bottle, along with the exercise I could get when not taking care of a colicky baby, I did not lose weight, nor did it really curb my appetite.

Not for me
by cindy

I started taking this on the recommendation of friends who stated they had positive results with this. I took it for three months and noted no change. My appetite wasn't suppressed and I never noticed any weight loss. It did make me feel bloated and gassy. I cant say its a bad product because it did help my friends, but it just didn't work for me.

by Kate

I have just started taking this product, but I have noticed a difference. It has suppressed my appetite and I am able to eat much less throughout the day. With this product and regular work outs, I feel as though I have lost weight and look better. Therefore, I would recommend this product to anyone that wants to lose weight but can't seem to get it done through diet and work out alone.

by Dorene

While taking this product I was hardly ever hungry and even when I was it made me feel full after hardly eating anything. I was really happy with the results I got from taking this product. Hoodia really is a great appetite suppressor!

Hoodia Works
by donna harris

Hoodia is without a doubt an amazing appetite supressant. I was skeptical, but after the very first day I was convinced that this was the aid I needed to stop those in between meal cravings. I would recommend hoodia to anyone looking for help with their diet. This product does NOT melt pounds away quickly, rather it is an AID in appetite suppression that gentles guides you through the day. A natural substance that will NOT hurt or addict you in anyway.

Not Good
by Nihility

My personal experiences have been very bad with this product. It's true it does make you full, however, every time I take Hoodia is distends my stomach, making me feel like something is inside pushing out for hours. Very uncomfortable. I couldn't leave the house; it was quite terrible.

Lost 54 Pounds
by Linda

I have been taking this for about 5 months and I have lost 54 pounds so far. My waist is so slim and I am barely hungry. I need to lose another 15 pounds to get back to my normal weight that I should be. This stuff really works!

Hoodia takes the hunger away
by Amber

Of all "appetite suppressants", I think, from personal, use that when I took the Hoodia I wasn't as hungry all the time. It works as a nicotine patch does smoking. Reduces food cravings and when you do eat, you eat less. Obfiously this will help you loose weight and/or manage it. It's natural and works very well, in my opinion. I recommend this product to anyone from those who have strong food cravings to the occasional dieter!

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