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Hoodia didn't work for me
by Marilyn

Tried Hoodia for several months with little or no effect noted. Am presently trying something that will balance my pancreatic levels. Wish me luck.

Did NOT Work for Me
by Jaime C

I would not recommend this product to anyone. I took it for 2 months and did not notice a difference in my appetite. I stopped taking it and haven instead started drinking two cups of green tea a day and that does a better job of curbing my appetite than Hoodia-GL ever did! And it's cheaper!

by Shannon Kimsey

I have used this product, and it killed alot of my midday cravings. I also lost a substantial amount of weight while I was on it.

Lost my appetite
by James Kelly

I have been a skeptic of weight loss products like this for a while. However, my appetite has been really supressed to a large extent and the pounds are starting to come off (slowly).

Really effective
by Kane Holden

Helps suppress my appetite. I have tried a few brands, but keep coming back to this one.

Hoodia works well
by Rand Hume

I have used a few Hoodia products. The Vitabase brand works best. I love buying from Vitabase because their customer service is knowledgeable and friendly.

hoodia is teriffic!
by jenn wielk

I was skeptical at first, I've tried ALL the products known to man. This has helped me stay focused on something OTHER than hunger! its fantastic and I'm telling everyone i know!

Hoodia Works
by James

I have tried several weight loss pills. Some have worked and some have not. When I started Hoodia, I really saw a difference. I lost four pounds the first week! The weight just melts off little by little. My family has seen a difference too. When taking it, I don't get hungry. I take it as labeled. I would tell anyone who wants to lose some weight to try Hoodia, it works!

by Margi L

I am the perpetual dieter and have tried many different medications and OTC items for weight loss. I found that the Hoodia-GL only slightly curbed my appetite and did not increase my energy level. Just having a slightly curbed appetite did not make me want to skip meals because I felt tired which generally makes me want to eat. This particular product was weak for me and I would not purchase again.

It actually works
by Angel Ennis

I lost 3 pounds each week with this product!
As for myself, I don't like to take anything that causes a rapid heartbeat or the "tremmors", well this product does not do that.
You feel like you are normal, but the only difference you are dropping all the pounds.
Yay for Hoodia!

Hooray for Hoodia
by Karen Holloway

I love this! I have lost 12 pounds in 3 weeks yeah! I strongly recommend this to anyone who wants to lose weight. I don't get hungry and the weight is coming off pretty good. Just make sure that you take it as recommended.

by Lana

This product works and I don't even need to take the full dosage recommended. I take the first dose with breakfast and sometimes another with lunch and usually that does it for me; I am not as hungry as I used to be, even after working out. Taking Hoodia while working out and eating a little bit better has helped me lose weight. It has also helped my overall health. My blood pressure is not high like it used to be and I have more energy.

It's Works
by Jaime

This stuff really works. A friend of mine told me about it. It is a bit costly, but it's worth every penny. It did not give me the jitters, but I took it as the label read and was not hungry. I have lost 10 pounds since I started taking it, less than 3 months ago.

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