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Hoodoba Potent Hoodia Elixir

Contains no caffeine, ephedra or synthetic agents. Neither does it produce jittery or shaky feelings. Hoodoba Potent Hoodia High-Potency Elixir will not affect sleep, so it is perfect for curbing those difficult late afternoon and nighttime cravings. Liquid preparations are not only easier to absorb and digest, they also allow for speed and versatility. Hoodoba® Potent Hoodia Elixir takes just 5-10 minutes to tell the neurons in the brain to start firing the "feel full" signals necessary to reduce your appetite and apply the brakes. A few tiny drops is all you need. Simply, place a few drops of the great tasting liquid beneath the tongue and hold it there for 30-60 seconds. Then, follow with a large glass of water. It may also be taken in a glass of water, sugar-free juice or apple sauce, or in a smoothie.
Product: Hoodoba Potent Hoodia Elixir
Brand: SHC (More Products)
Size: 30 Droppers
Dosage: 1 Dropper
Retail: $54.00
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6 Customer Reviews

Overweight Mom
by Aje

I tried this product a couple of months after I started working out. I thought it might be a good compliment to the fittness program I was doing...to be honest...I kept losing the same amount..so I don't think it aided in my quest for weight loss....

by Doris Knox

I lost a little weight with this product. It did seem to curb my appetite. I would probably try again.

First Timer
by Mikayla

I have to disagree with the 3 previous reviews. You can definately think your way through the effects of the hoodia, but you're dumb if you do since this product isn't cheap. However, I used it for the first time today (30 drops under the tongue, as advised) and had just enough time to drink an 8 oz. glass of water and put in a movie before I felt my hunger (and my desire to snack) melt away.
I even tried eating to see how it would affect me. Now, you can eat as much as you want, but that's a choice, not a necessity. Make a small portion of food and this product will help you be content with that portion. I felt stuffed for hours after eating a cup of spaghetti and a breadstick!
If you're dedicated to losing weight, this product will work. If you live to eat, then nothing is going to stop your addiction. It's not a miracle drug. It's just there to help.
And it definately does NOT taste great. All the better to kill your appetite.

If Hoodia Pills don't work, this won't either
by David

When I tried Hoodia pills, they did not work for my family. I truly believed in the product, so I thought maybe the pills weren't potent enough so I decided to try the elixir. I was wrong. It looks like Hoodia but just does not do the trick for my family. Note: the liquid does not taste "great" in my opinion.

Bad review based off buddy
by heink

A buddy of mine decided to try hoodia. He saw this product on my computer and began to whine. He said there are so much more effective hoodia products compared to this one. He felt no difference, and even still had food-cravings after taking for 2 weeks.

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