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Rice'n Shine

If you’re looking to maintain a healthy weight, eat more fiber or just have a heart-healthy diet, our most popular three month package of Rice ‘n Shine™ is for you.

Rice ‘n Shine™ is a great tasting, all-natural, heart-healthy meal replacement drink made from stabilized rice bran.

Try Rice ‘n Shine™ and start your day with this healthy and great tasting drink.

It is a specially designed nutritional formula which delivers high quality protein, is low in active carbohydrates, high in good quality fiber and vital fats, including the omega 3 and omega 6 essential fatty acids along with phytosterols, which support heart health.

Maintain Healthy Weight
More Fiber
Heart-Healthy Diet
Great Tasting, All-Natural
Made from Stabilized Rice Bran.

High Quality Protein
Omega 3 and Omega 6 Essential Fatty Acids

Available in Original, Dutch Chocolate or Vanilla flavor.

Rice N Shine contains whey protein isolate.
Product: Rice'n Shine
Brand: Danny Vierra and ITV Ventures (More Products)
Size: 21 day supply
Dosage: Take before eating breakfast or in place of breakfast
Retail: $44.95
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7 Customer Reviews

rice shine shit customer service
by caditout

You call the customer service and no body return the call they charge with an extra $80.00 and no confirmation no product i dont know why they charge this on my credit card 1 month ago and you can not leave message the mail box is always full since the last 2 week they change the anwerring message and never return my call i think is a big scam they just want sel there shit and screw the customer alway somebody to take your order but is just an idiot repeat same thing all the time and said call back but i call each day since the last 3 week and send email and nobody answer to you.

scam or what
by caditout

I buy rice and shine the 3 bag package did'nt fell any better, give me cramp in my stomac after 2½ bag i stop to take it and the cramp get aways. when i place my order they offer me the autoship and i said no she insist and i reapet no autoship i want to try it first. But a month ago they charge an additionnel $80.00 on my credit card and they ship nothing with no confirmation i send lot email and call often the customer service but no body there no body return your call i send lot email and no answer at all i call the the order phone and they are a bunch of idiot, they just tell me to keep going to call but i call about 25 time and more and there mail box is always full look to me that is a big scam i m gonna have to change my credit card number because of this scam. By the way for the star i give zero minus for the scammer.

Rice & Shine is a Genuinely Excellent Product!
by Lee Alderman

Over the years I have tried a few different products that claim to do something for one's energy, health.... I have always been skeptical, and realize, and have actually experienced, that many products either give slight results, or none at all.

This I know, not expecting much, due to past tries with products, after taking this Rice & Shine for two days, I realized absolute strengthening of my joints, a whole higher level of energy and stamina.
Starting at about 43, I noticed that I needed to take sizeable naps after working, and running around with the kids outside, began to take its toll on me.

By 46, walking to pick up my 5 yr old daughter from school was a slumping experience.
So, after the Rice & Shine, and Choc. flavor is great, I noticed genuine substantial strengthening, and I started running up the steps to the school, and physically working long hours without naps, invigorated. I believe it's been at least a year, and the effect of R&Shine has continued, as I drink it almost every day.

Try it first thing in the morning, for at least a week. Notice your knee & ankle joints, energy & stamina, and a feeling first thing in the morning to wake up and get going. Other people have found many other results; these are what I found, so try it for yourself.

Rice n Shine and my cholesterol
by Jody

I began taking Rice n Shine Daily in July of 2007. My cholesterol at that time was 230. My Dr. wanted to put me on medication...no way!! I asked her to give me some time to get it down without drugs. After being on Rice n Shine for 7 months, my number fell 33 points down to 197!!! I changed nothing else...I wanted to truly test what one product could do for me. I didn't change my eating habits and I did not change my physical routine. Just added the Rice n Shine.

Smashed Cholesterol
by DR

The reason for not giving this product a 5 is that the description on this site says "predigested" rice bran... Maybe a typo but predigested anything is shit... yes feces, crap, human waste... I hope the manufacturer is not selling shit!

Anyway with rice n shine my LDL fell through the floor and my doctor is most interested in this as rice n shine has done what dangerous statins can't do.

There is as always a disagreement as to what causes artery clogging. Some researchers now are saying it has nothing to do with Cholesterol and everything to do with Calcium poisoning charging the dairy industry with programed murder in much the same way as the tobacco industry... apparently a small sprig of broccoli has all the Calcium that an adult needs for the day and anymore sticks to the arteries. I am on prescription mega doses of Vitamin K1 and K2 which removes the calcium from soft tissue and returns it to the bones. And instructed to stay away from dairy.

Anyway, if anyone is interested I can sweeten, box and mail you any of my predigested mega nutrients for only $50.00 for half a pound....

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