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great mix
by rlw

I love this shake mix. It has no sugar so I can control the sweetness based on what I add to it. My fave is for breakfast, I add a cup of coffee, chocolate milk and a little flax seed yummy and really keeps me full until lunch. Also great to get through the afternoon until dinner.

It really tastes pretty good!
by CW

I just started drinking the shake yesterday and it really kept me full. It helped me not crave sweets after dinner and I had it at lunch. The high protein helps with that and it really keeps you content. So far so good. I count calories and this really helps me stay on track with that.

great product
by anna

Tastes great and I love this stuff. I would say give it a try and you will love it too.

Works great for Atkins
by David

The low carb diet fad worked for me- I dropped 20 pounds over the span of two months. I mainly used the shake for lunch, when it was hard to find low carb foods in the cafeteria.
This product tasted better than many other low carb protein shakes I had tried. Although I do not support a low carb diet personally, this product delivers what it advertises- a great tasting low carb protein shake.

Great Tasting!
by Jeremy

I love protein shakes, especially those that are for people watching their carbohydrate intake. These shakes by Carb Solutions do both. They make me feel fuller longer, and taste delicious. They're easy to make and versatile enough that I can add fruit or whatever else I choose in combination to change it up a bit. Highly recommended for those looking to supplement their protein intake as well.

Taste Great
by Dustin

I was on the Atkins diet for a few months and would start every day with one of these shakes. It was a filling breakfast and gave me the energy to make it to lunch. If you are watching your carbs to lose weight then give this a try.

Great Taste, and a lot in container!
by Bryan

This shake actually tastes pretty good, as opposed to many other shakes I've tried over the years. I've actually enjoyed my breakfast shake a lot, and it really is a great way to start my day. There's also a lot of the powder in the container, and it ends up lasting a while. I'm still on my first can after a month, so that's pretty impressive!

Great flavor.
by brosfam

This product gives you a lot of bang for your buck. There's a lot of powder here to use for a very nice price, and it tastes pretty good. It is much better than other similar products I have tried.

Tastes Great!
by J

My husband and I have found that the Atkins diet is a great way for us to drop a few pounds when we need to. We also found Carb Solutions shakes to be a great treat when we were craving something sweet. The best results are definitely achieved using a blender and ice. It tastes just like a 'real' milkshake! I love the creamy rich flavor of the vanilla (although my husband is more of a chocolate fan!).

by Laura

This is probably one of the best shakes I've tried yet. If I'm in a hurry, I'll drink it as is, but usually I try to make it into a treat. It goes well with just about anything you mix it with. I use my Magic Bullet and crush ice cubes and frozen strawberries to make a nice thick shake that takes an incredibly long time to drink/eat, so you feel more satisfied. I've also mixed it with a little bit of chocolate fat free/sugar free instant pudding mix.

Surprisingly good
by Tiffany

I was weary of this, since most low carb items can taste off, especially if you are not used to it. I went on Atkins to lose weight fast and needed to mix it up a bit. I like drinking protein shakes so I gave it a try. Adding ice helps for some reason, I think it's the colder the better. It filled me up and staved off hunger for a good amount of time. Mission accomplished.

whip em up
by krissy

Recently I had the job of providing assistance to a middle aged woman who had recently undergone gastric bypass surgery. For anyone who is familiar with this surgery or any abdominal surgery that requires a post operative liquid diet, one of the biggest challenges is finding a tasty high protein mix. For those people, I don’t need to tell you about the shelves full of barely (or sometimes just plain impossible) tolerable tastes available. When I whipped up shakes for my “patient” I tasted it since I figured if I hated so would she. I LOVED it! I am not kidding when I say it tasted as good, just not as sweet, as a fast food milkshake. My a blender, throw in about 2 cups of ice cubes, I would suggest ice cubes, not crushed, then throw in the amount of water or skim milk as called for on the can, and then the amount of powder as called for. Then, add 1 teaspoon (not more or it tasted funny) of sugar-free syrup (made with splenda). Blend on low for about 20 seconds, medium for about 20 seconds and high until the drink is smooth and the ice is completely blended in.

Yummy Shake
by Jill S.

I have been an Atkins low carb dieter for over a year now. I have tried MANY different low carb products over the year. This shake really has the taste and texture that all milkshakes should have. It is so easy to mix and dissolves fast without any chunky lumps. Really a great low carb shake!!

High Protein Shake Mix
by Dorene

This makes very good tasting shakes that are low carb and completely filling. I like the idea of a low carb shake that can be used as a meal replacement!

Great Tasting!
by Ellisha

I really really liked the flavor of this product. I like to drink it for breakfast! It makes me feel full until lunch! It is great to use when you are on the carb diet!

Pretty good shake
by cjthedog64

This shake powder makes a nice, thick, filling shake. The taste is pretty good as long as you mix it thoroughly. It makes a good meal replacement on it's own, and you can always add fresh fruits to it to vary the flavors.

Another alternative
by Mindy

I saw this product in the store, and thought I would give it a try. I had tried Slim Fast in the past, and wanted to see how this compared. I am really picky on tastes, and this didn't taste too bad for me. I noticed if I just used a spoon to stir, it had some lumps, but if I used a blender, it was a lot better. I would drink one for breakfast and one for lunch with an occasional snack, and be fine until dinner.

by Angel C.

This shake powder is yummy and filling. I can drink one for breakfast and be completely satisfied until lunch. It doesn't taste horrible like most low-carb shake mixes, and it actually makes you feel stuffed like you've eaten a big breakfast. It's an excellent meal replacement and I recommend this to everyone who's trying to cut their carbs or just dieting in general.

Not too bad...
by JoDean Roberts

Flavor for me is everything and this was not bad at all. I did use a blender to whip my things up and there weren't any clumps of powder live I've had with other things. I would recommend this to anyone with a sweet tooth that is trying to keep carbs to a minimum.

A good way to get taste without Carbs
by Michele Fair

I love protein shakes, especially those that are for people watching their carbohydrate intake. These shakes by Carb Solutions do both. They make me feel fuller longer, and taste delicious. They're easy to make and versatile enough that I can add fruit or whatever else I choose in combination to change it up a bit. Highly recommended for those looking to supplement their protein intake as well.

A good shake
by L. S.

The shake is pretty good. I didn't think it was as good as SlimFast, but the taste was fine. It is nutritious and does fill you up almost as well as a full meal. If you are in a hurry, making a shake might be a good alternative to cooking a meal.

Carb Protein Shakes
by Patty

I have several friends who are quite pleased with the weight loss results they have seen while using this product. In addition, it can be used in baking recipes with good success.

As an additive
by R. Todd Woodstock

Carb Solutions is a nice additive to my protein shakes when I'm trying to keep my carbs down. The taste is not chalky like many others. It provides a sufficient amount of protein with a great taste. I believe this is worth the addition to any low-carbohydrate diet.

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by Rhonda Bruno

I enjoy the shakes. I mix the vanilla with diet orange soda- yummy dreamsicle!