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It's not what it looks like
by cooldan

As you can see, it says that it contains a wide range of beneficial compounds TYPICALLY found in fresh grapefruit. You are not getting the same compounds that are natural, these are artificial. The real thing is the real deal. This? I've taken it for about a year now, and personally it's not the same as having a real grapefruit which actually makes a difference.

Waste of Money
by shirley

I bought this product a few months ago while dieting. I am not a big fan of grapefruit and thought this would be a good alternative because grapefruit is supposed to help burn fat. I tried this for over a month and did not see any significant results. It is a waste of money. Save the dollars and put them towards a treadmill.

Didn't do a thing for me
by Jill S.

Before I started my low carb diet, the Grapefruit diet was all the craze. I tried the Body Answers Grapefruit Diet after a clerk at the GNC store talked me into it. As with any diet, there is no magic pill, but there was no change at all with my weight. I would rather have spent my money on a bag of fresh ruby red grapefruit than this pill.

by Lana

I love this product, It says to put two tabs per bottle of water. I found that to be too strong-tasting, so I only put one tab in my water, and it makes it taste much better. I have been using this product for just under three weeks, and I have lost 6 1/2 lbs, it has helped me with cravings, and it also makes me drink more water! I really think it is a great product. I have had no side effects, which makes really makes it great!

Save your money
by Melissa

Grapefruit are known for burning fat when eaten. These pills have no effect on weight loss. I noticed no increase in weight loss while on these diet pills at all.

Not very Good!
by Ellisha

I didnt not find this product helpful. It had no effect and I could not tell a difference. I enjoy grapefruit and would rather eat one then use this product!

Mostly placebo
by Brenda

I actually tried this product once while on a diet because someone had told me that grapefruit helps you metabolize faster, and I certainly wasn't in the mood to eat grapefruit every day. Interestingly enough, that part of it did help, but I think it was all mental. By swallowing a pill that I felt might help me metabolize faster, I felt more inclined to stay on my diet and exercise program. I could have technically been swallowing sugar pills and had the same effect, but that's why I'm giving it 1.5 stars. Also, because I suppose if you really hated fruit, you could still squeeze some of its benefits into your diet with something like this product.
Aside from that? I have no idea what health or weight loss benefits I was supposed to feel, but the only ones I did feel were as a result of the diet, not the grapefruit stuff.

Grapefruit Diet
by Patty

I enjoy grapefruit juice, but did not find any help with weight loss from using Grapefruit Diet; thus I much prefer fresh grapefruit and grapefruit juice to this product. The package itself instructs consumers to eat nutritious meals and this, alone, would aid in weight loss.

Eat the Fruit Instead
by Yvonne Werda-Woodstock, C.Ht.

A friend got this on sale and showed it to me for my opinion. I give it 1 star for it's health benefits from grapefruit, not for any alleged weight loss potential. I give it 0 for that.

As for her weight loss results, it didn't surprise me that my friend lost no more taking these than she had in previous months without them. The key words are even in the product's own copywriting that 'eating nutrious foods' along with the grapefruit diet pills would help in weight loss. The fact is, if you are eating nutrious foods in moderate portions and exercising, even without the pills, you will lose the same amount of weight.

My verdict is: Save your money and buy some grapefruit.

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