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Not for PMS Water Weight
by Candice

Just my luck, as if planning for my wedding wasn't stressful enough, I realized the day of my wedding I would be smack dab in the middle of my period! I had been recommended these pills by a friend who swore by them. Unfortunately for me, I saw/felt no difference. Wedding day came and went and I was still puffy bloated, retaining water.

Works fair
by Kathy

I really didn't see a dramatic difference using this diruetic. It worked ok during the first couple of days, and then it was like it quit. I actually had better results using a generic brand. May work well for some, if you don't need it on a constant basis.

Very Cheap & Doesn't Work
by dee

Swansons water pills do not work. I purchased these pills and they were very inexpensive so I was not out hardly any money at all. On the flip side of that they did not do what they promised to do. No weight was lost and they caused loose bowels that lasted a whole day! I do not recommend them. If you are looking to lose weight just drink more water and exercise!

These are not worth buying
by Krisztian

Well, I have constantly excessive water levels and wondered if there is a solution for that. I tried this Water Pill and should say I was not impressed at all. They could not solve the right balance of the water level in my body.
I know it for sure, because I sweat a lot during the night and thought it would disappear but unfortunately for me these "water pills"are not a solution.

Don't waste your money
by l

I wouldn't waste the money on this product again. Sure it is cheap but not even worth that. There are much safer ways to cut your water retention than this product.

not too sold on this product
by tinkerboooo

I really still have not figured out if these have worked or not, so my answer here, must be "NOT". I did not notice any dramatic water loss. I have tried no other ones, so I don't have a comparison product, so maybe they work at best, like the rest.

Water Pills
by Patty Inglish

I found the results obtained from the use of this product inconsistent at best. They seemed to work initially for the first two weeks, and then no longer had any affect. However, they did help remove some of the swelling from a sprained knee. This is likely a product subject to the individual differences of the consumer.

Save a Tree
by sheila franklin

Swanson claims that their pills can keep your water weight at a “healthy comfortable level.” They contain uva ursi (bear berry bark), parsley, juniper, and buchu leaf, all of which are mild diuretics. A better route might be just cutting your salt consumption and chewing some dandelion root.

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