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by Christine Wrobel

I love these when I am traveling. They are so rich and creamy. Nice to keep in the cooler for a snack or to get in my protein without having to stop for fast food or gas station food. Just need to make sure it's tipped upside down and shaken well. Best chilled.


I don't like the taste of Eas Edge bcause it has an after taste like all fake sugar. I got dehydrated and my doc IV'd me up with 3 bags of something so that my veins didn't collapse. I was give some G3 Recovery. That stuff rocks! So, tomorrrow off to GNC for more G3. Be careful out in the cold. Dehydration comes on so quickly!!! I am still not up and around after 2 weeks. I hope this Eas gets me through the night!

by Kim

Once I started the labels on meal replacement drinks, I gave them up, and the excess sugar they contained.
I discovered this and think it's amazing. I am picky, but the cafe caramel, the chocolate and the vanilla are all in my rotating lunch substitute list.
If this doesn't taste sweet enough for you, please consider that you MIGHT be ingesting too many sweets and/or artificial sweets, and need to be cutting back. Personally, I'd rather drink orange soda than eat an orange... so I eat the orange.

Long Time Fan
by Heather

I LOVE this drink. I've been using it as an on-the-go breakfast for many years now. I'm a huge chocolate fan, and I also have been living a low-carb lifestyle for about 6 or 7 years now. That's why this drink is perfect for me. I put it over ice and start drinking it on my commute to work. By 10 or 11 in the morning, I'm usually finishing it up and am happy and full until lunchtime. (Drinking one right now, in fact!) I mean, who wouldn't like a chocolate milkshake every morning?

Love the products, but....
by Happy

I absolutely love this product. But every so often, I'll get a shake with white things floating in it. Does anybody else have this issue or know what is going on? My shakes are months away from expiration.

delicious, high-protein, low fat and lower cal than most
by Katie

This tastes great, has almost no fat and is lower in calories than most protein shakes. Refrigerate first for better taste and shake well.

Mediocre, but works
by Kelly Hughes

I had to add two packets of splenda to the vanilla flavor to simply make this drink tolerable, but it is the lowest calorie, highest protein drink I have found, so a little artificial sweetener is worth it. Also, I don't recommend freezing the drink. Definitely doesn't taste anything like icecream!

advant edge carb control ready to drinl
by patti spear

I love this product. I have lost some weight on this product. It is best when used over time.

by Tammeria S. Lewis

I am always looking for any ideas with carb control. I have tried this product a few times, & I really like it.

by Kyle

I have used this product frequently, over the last few years. These shakes are definitely smooth and taste fairly good. They're better than the Slim Fast brand which is comparable as far as the number of carbs they contain, but this brand is much better as far as I'm concerned.

Good for diabetics
by rachel anderson

I am an active person. I don't really have time to eat when I'm on the go. I also have diabetes, which limits me even more. I tried AdvantEdge Carb Control drink and loved it. I can grab it and go and not worry about skipping a meal. It really does fill me up. Plus it doesn't raise my sugar. It comes in several flavors. Strawberry is my favorite. I would recommend this to anyone wanting to lose weight.

Carb control that tastes good
by Green

I like these AdvantEdge bars. They do their work, but eventually everyone gets a craving for something else. I have tried these for about two days and it did help me eat less for a while, but it was too expensive for me to continue it. I replaced these bars for lunch. The only downfall to these bars are the price, a little too expensive for me. It's quite expensive for food. I'll stick with the exercise for now, 'till a sales goes on.

Surprisingly good
by toddm

The first time I tried this drink I was skeptical. I had tried others in the past and the taste was horrible. Chocolate is my favorite flavor. These are not grainy and make a great meal on the go.

As good as it gets for a drink
by Ali

I'm not a fan of the diet shake supplement, but these are about as good as it gets. They come in vanilla, coffee, chocolate and I think strawberry. I personally like the vanilla one the best. They are easy to bring along with you as the container is small enough to carry with you and the straw is attached. I did find that the colder they are when you drink them, the better they taste. There is not a horrible aftertaste like there is with a lot of diet drinks. Like I said, this is about as good as it gets for diet drinks...

by Shauna

I tried this product after trying SlimFast low carb shakes. These taste more like a real chocolate shake. They are not grainy and have a great taste. I use these as a meal supplement when I am on the run.

Great Shake!
by ambreen

Its hard to believe that a shake that tastes so chocolatey and rich can be so good for you. After my last baby, I used these drinks to really get back into shape. I had one for breakfast and then one for lunch. Amazingly, a can of this shake was super filling and also very tasty. And because of its great taste, I was able to stick to it and actually loose all my baby weight.
The only gripe I really had with this shake was that it was really expensive! But for the difference it made for me - it was well worth it!

Just like a chocolate shake
by Lisa

This shake is very yummy. Not at all grainy like most shakes of this type. It is easy to carry with you for when you are busy and don't have time to sit down and have a meal. Keep 'em in the fridge for a yummy cold drink anytime.

Works Great and Tastes Great
by Angela

I absolutely love these! I have been living a healthy, active lifesyle since having my baby and these have really helped whip me back into shape. I like to use them in replace of breakfast or lunch. They are very filling and they also satisfy my sweet craving. They are well worth the money and I also like the fact that I take these on the go, they have a very convenient packaging. A+++ all the way.

doesn't taste low carb!
by Jill S.

This is by far my favorite low carb shake! I crave chocolate and this shake really gives me what I love. It is thick, rich and has a great chocolate taste! It tastes best when it is chilled although it is a great treat when you are are on the run. I would not let it sit to long after you take it from the fridge.

by cheryl

I have yet to find a ready to drink as great tasting as these. When cold they taste just like a milk shake. They are filling and really helped me stick to my low carb diet. I have continue using long after reaching my goal.

Great flavor
by R

My mother-in-law is a diabetic (as am I), and swears by these shakes. One day while doing some odd jobs at her house she offered me one, and I expected to taste a gag-inducing muck, but this shake tastes great, with no aftertaste. Will definitely drink again.

AdvantEdge Carb Control Ready-to-Drink
by Dorene

I drink these as a meal replacement. They are pretty tasty and guilt free. They are convenient. I can drink one on my way to work or to drop the kids off at school. They help me feel full and are great for low carb dieting.

Great Tasting
by Michelle

Not only are these shakes easy to carry with you, they taste great. I have tried other brands of low carb shakes and they leave a horrible aftertaste, but EAS really have it down for great taste and great consistency. I would suggest drinking them when they are really cold, they taste so much better then.

Pretty good
by Kelly

These drinks are great if your on a low carb diet. You get sick of just water, and these taste pretty good. One of the better tasting low carb drinks out there and easy to use when your on the run. Its nice to have a chocolate drink without the guilt, and they do help you lose weight. I lost 50 lbs on a low carb diet, and drank these all the time.

Great for Low Carb Dieters
by Gio Pie

When I was on a low-carb diet, I had used this drink as a meal replacement. I lost weight using this becuase I did not always like to go out and buy food. I used this drink. I lost 23 pounds on my low-carb diet and by replacing my lunch and sometimes breakfast using this drink. I loved it and it's a great item.

by diane post

Anybody doing a weight management program can benefit from these drinks, they are very refreshing and the vitamins and nutrition are exceptional. I have restricted my carb intake and we know that when we are not allowing ourselves chocolate and sweets treats, we find it hard to cope. well, these have helped satisfy my cravings for those items as well as supplement my body when working out, the flavors are all very good, and they do not taste chalky or medicine like. Please try these if you are serious about losing or maintaining weight.

Pretty Good Shakes
by Ellisha

I like these because they are easy to use on the go. I like them because the taste it pretty good and they satisfy my chocolate cravings! They actually make me feel full too!

Taste pretty good, but not super filling
by cjthedog64

I like the taste of these shakes, especially when served very cold. They help satisfy my cravings for sweets, and give me something good to drink other than water or soda. I do wish that they had more than 1% fat. I need higher fat to satisfy my appetite, and usually end up mixing the shake with heavy cream in order to add some oomph to it. Fine for drinking at home, but not very convenient for on the go use.

delicious chocolate shakes!
by Tim Tufenkjian

I have used this product frequently, over the last few years. I have found the chocolate shake to be handy to carry with me since it comes in a lightweight container. It satisfies that craving for something sweet at a incredibly low carb count.. I use it to make low carb pudding and Hot chocolate also. It tastes very good and is low in carbs! very good product!

Delicious Shake for Atkins Dieters
by Michele Fair

These shakes are definitely smooth and taste fairly good. They're better than the Slim Fast brand which is comparable as far as the number of carbs they contain, but this brand is much better as far as I'm concerned. I like the chocolate flavor and the way they taste. I recommend keeping them as cold as possible though, because they taste much better and also be sure to shake the container thoroughly before drinking one.

These Do Have Advantages!
by Yvonne Werda-Woodstock, C.Ht.

I like these and think they do have MORE advantages than others, including many other ready to drink meal replacement products. The taste is good, not the best, but not bad at all either. I think they are thin and watery, but as I said, that is a minor thing compared to the negatives of many other drinks.
I LOVE that these do NOT have hydrogenated or partially hydrogenated oils in them, which are dangerous fats! I LOVE that they actually ARE low carb as they say. I find many products claiming to be low carb that I don't feel really are. I LOVE that they are low fat, especially because often times, low carb products are higher in fat, but these are an exception, and the calories aren't high either. I think of these as a healthy and quick alternative to getting fast food or such when in a hurry. Any of the flavors are fine. I don't use the Advant Edge drinks that aren't low carb, and if you care about that, be careful not to grab the wrong version by accident. The packaging looks a bit alike if you are in a rush and not paying attention. If they weren't watery, I would give them a 5.

Get the job done
by Andrew

I wouldn't say these are the best shakes I've had, but they are not the worse either. The are packed with the right nutrients and are a great way to get your protein without carbs. Pretty watery.

by Lori Strehle

These ready to drink carb control shakes are delicious. When I am low carbing, sometimes I just need something sweet and these really hit the spot. I love the fact that they are convenient too. They make a great lunch on the go...something that isn't always easy to prepare when you are on a low carb diet.

Simply Delicious
by Chris

I froze these for a tasty treat drunk with a straw. The containers aren’t metal, and are easy to mash even if left in the freezer too long. Another plus – they didn’t kick me out of ketosis.

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