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Dexatrim Max 2o

Dietary supplement. Maximum weight loss power. Natural and artificial flavor. Fast acting effervescent tablets. Ephedra free. Vitamin B complex converts food to fuel, boosts metabolism & reduces stress.

Chromium supports carbohydrates & fat metabolism. EGCG from green tea enhances metabolism. (These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.

This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease). Tastes great too! Puts you in control. Fight hunger & cravings. Fight fatigue. Fight metabolism slowdown. Contains real green tea.
Product: Dexatrim Max 2o
Brand: Dexatrim (More Products)
Size: 20 Tablets
Dosage: 2 tablets per day
Retail: $12.99
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21 Customer Reviews

by Sharon Mazzarella

I love this product!!! Strawberry Kiwi is the best and I use to use it all the time and a couple of times a day in my Diet Cokes or added it to my Crystal light drinks. Even in a plain bottle of water. Suddenly, I could not find it anywhere. I shop at WalMart and can not find it. No one carries it and I haven't had any of it in over a year. I was told to look this up online and thats why I'm here. I want my Dexatrim Max 2o in Strawberry Kiwi back on the market. I tried the Lemon splash - it was ok but preferred the other. If the Lemon Splash is available - I'll take it.....but please keep it on the market. I lost weight and I am 60 yrs. old - its hard to keep weight off. Without it the past year I gained weight......its the only thing that helped me. Thank you!!!!

Having hard time finding it
by kris

I love the taste of this. Love the fizzyness. Having a very hard time finding in stores or on-line. I drink this through out the day instead of diet coke (I don't drink coffee). Have tried several other brands, but they taste like medicine.

Dexztrim M ax 20
by sue brewer

I have tried this product and it really helps you to lose weight immediately after you begin taking it.

Does what it says it will do!
by Chanel

I just started it and already not feeling like eating as much. Pretty much had to force myself to eat dinner and mostly protein bars so my blood sugar didnt get low and I end up passing out. The only down side is that it made me fairly moody (probably b/c I wasnt eating) and now I have headaches and feel sleepy for 20 minutes then energized.

by SJones13

So far so good, only been on it for a few days but it dosnt taste bad and wakes me up in the morning...... noticed not eating as much, im a big eater by the way..... hope i see results

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1 Customer Opinions

Dexatrim Max 2o
by Mia

From all the reviews and comments I've read/heard, I'm surely to try this product because it sounds fantastic. Can't wait!

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