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New to produact and very excited
by Kay

Hi, well I am on my very first day, and have followed the advice of others who said to take with food, so day 1 soft gel, with breakfast, going to see how my day goes :) and I will report back ...I don't need to loose alot of weight, but have a few spots I dont want to get bigger, I have also began walking 30 mins in the morning before I take Hoodia and eat.

10 Day Hoodia Diet
by sunbeamgirl

I have tried Phentermine, and every other diet pill I have ever seen. Nothing, and I mean nothing, works as good as the 10 Day Hoodia Diet! It is the only product I have ever tried that actually curbed my appetite. It is the only product that helped me lose weight...and to date I have lost a total of 84 pounds! I take the product for 10 days, and wait the rest of the month before taking it again. I have done this on and off again for the past 4 years. I have never gained back any of the weight I have lost when I am not taking the product, either!
I reccomend this product to anyone that has the desire to lose weight and keep it off.

hoodia pill
by tyler

the first day I tried it I felt like I was on a ton of coffee, the remaining ones worked. I tried not eating and just exercising, big mistake, I got sick and lost muscle mass. Then I tried eating with it, that worked much better. I think the dosage varies per pill and it isn't all that reliable but I did lose weight.

future Mrs.
by C.J.

I have been trying it just a couple of days now but I really think its working. I am a binge eater and always thinking about food especially sweets. Well ,last night I went out to eat and in the middle of my meal... I just got full! That NEVER happens to me. And then to add to that, my fiancee ordered key lime pie and I didn't even want one single bite. Unbelievable! Oh and I didn't even take one at dinner just breakfast and lunch. I am so excited about this product!

by Danielle

I am on day 4 and I have lost 3 pounds. I definitely feel a difference in my appetite and would recommend it to others to try!

pretty good
by Claudia L.

Ok, so without even knowing what this stuff was supposed to do I started this diet, and I noticed by the second day my appetite was supressed. That is why I came to this web site, to see if that's what most people noticed. I tried a variety of diets and nothing has helped like this product has. I also know all our body types and organisms are different so this might not work for all. Just like other products didn't work for me.

by kathy torstenson

I tried this product and did not really feel any different with no appetite change.

What i heard from searching
by lulu

i didnt try this product yet i was researching it and as for what i heard its not worth it

losing weight
by lilspiceangel

I am on day 3 and have noticed an increase in energy and a lacking of food on the brain. I think the main reason for this is I AM GOING TO LOSE WEIGHT! You have to have a positive out look and know the product will work with your newly changed eatting and excerise habits. If you are just taking the supplement and not changing any of your habits, you can't expect the same results. When you are ready and motivated to lose weight you can do it without any supplements. In most cases, its a placebo effect anyways. Good luck to all of you though. Weight loss is not easy and is hard to maintain without the appropriate knowledge.

so far, so good
by Anonymous

I'm on day 3 and definitely notice the appetite suppresion. Lost 1 lb, but that happens sometimes without effort for me. I definitely have a psychological addiction to food, so for some people, there's some mind over matter that has to kick in as well. When I am not on this, I can be full and still eat and eat so I still have to fight some of this while taking Hoodia. My guess is that I'll lose about 5-10 lbs with this since I won't hoard like I usually do.

by desireep

Great product after the first pill I noticed how much less i was thinking about food and I usually want to eat 24/7. I have been exercising and eating properly they are really helping I think I will get another box.

Seems to be helping
by Asya

I brought these tablets a while back after reading about them in Grazia magazine, I never got around to taking them so last night when I got in from work I took 2 with a glass of orange juice, I had a late lunch yesterday and usually get hungry after about 4 hours, I went to bed gone 12 and was still full up, I did snack on some dried pineapple while I watched nip tuck but couldnt manage the small packet so gave the remaining few to my dog. Today I had a late breakfast and have taken another 2 as its coming up until lunch time, I have had a glass of orange juice with it. So far I am not hungry - usually I am starving within a few hours of breakfast. I think as long as you still eat these can work if you listen to your body and eat when your hungry these will work.

I'm not eating as much!
by floridagirl

I started this 3 days ago and from day 1, I noticed I wasn't eating as much! I don't think about food as often as i used to and I'm already noticing the pounds melting off! Definitely worth a try although I'm not sure what'll happen when I stop taking it after the 10th day.

it does work...
by hootersgirl19

Wow! it truly does work. I noticed a change immediately. For the "mommy228419" have to exercise AND not munch on food all of the time. Diet pills aren't going to work if you don't even try to eat right or exercise. Its your fault then. But I have noticed a change in my weight...and I have tons of extra energy. I don't find myself eating all of the time.

Seems Great to Me
by dani

I found the product to be true to its promise. It suppressed my appetite without all the side effects of the other stuff. My advice is to keep up with the dosage of an hour before breakfast and an hour before lunch (I stay clean around dinner time and have a normal meal then).

No weight loss for me!
by mommy228419

I took this product as directed for 20 days (I bought two boxes). Unfortunately, I noticed no decrease in appetite. I ate as I regularly did; did very little exercise and after 20 days of taking the pills, I lost no weight. I feel like I wasted my money. I do not recommend this product.

Don't bother
by Rachel

I bought this product because I have heard a huge hubbub about hoodia and how great it was. I took this and had NO appetite suppression at all, I lost zero weight, I had no extra energy not even a tad little bit. I wouldn't recommend anyone wasting their money on this product - it's a waste of money, time, and energy!

Didn't even notice it
by Shannon

This was the first Hoodia product I tried after hearing about how great it was. I didn't notice anything when I took it- no extra energy, no appetite suppression, nothing. I wouldn't recommend it.

by theepa

I used this product to lose some of my post pregnancy weight , but it did not work for me. I was hungry again after taking this diet and did lose much of weight.

helps shed a few extra pounds
by Cady

My husband tried these pills. He said his craving diminished, but he felt too "hyper". He did manage to lose 3 pounds in the 10 days he took the pills. He would not try them again.

by Melissa

Tried this about 8 months ago. At first I took it and thought I am not hungry on day one and two. Then I think my body adjusted because I felt as if I had not taken anything on day three and so on. I was starting to feel hungry again and was not noticing any major differences. I even exercised while taking this and loss the normal weight you would had you not taken anything.

Save your Money
by stacy

Hoodia did not suppress my appetite at all, as a matter of fact, I was hungrier after taking just one dose. I'm beginning a 1200 calorie a day diet and need something to suppress my hunger. So far, I've found no over-the-counter medication that works.

by Lana

I started it a week ago today. At first I thought is was over stimulating me like I was racing, but then I realized it was working and not to fight it. It has done just what it states. It does take away the over-indulging habit, and helped cut back probably at least 1000 plus calories a day. For the past few days I have kept track on how long its effect last so that I can time it correctly with my activities. The best time to take it is at the very start of your day with a drink. It lasted for me for exactly 5 to 5 1/2 hours at maximum effects. Then it will wind down. If you are not planning activities and want to relax or nap, I would say to skip the dose in the middle of the day or the evening. Figure the last one to 5 hours before you go to bed. It works. You will get sick or feel nauseous if you do not eat. Not eating is not the right way. Keep it balanced and light. You can eat lightly and feel great! It works guys.

Didn't work for me!
by TMCole

I tried this in an effort to lost some much needed weight after giving birth to my second son. Everything I read about the Hoodia Cactus was positive, so I thought I would give it a shot. This did absolutely nothing. It did not suppress my hunger, nor did it silence my growling tummy. Maybe I should have hunted down the actual cactus, it may have worked better.

I Agree..Doesn't Work at All
by Kimba Wiggins

I took every single pill, and it didn't work at all. I felt even HUNGRIER taking the pill than without. I stopped taking it after I was done. Do not buy this! It's not worth the money. I did not lose any weight nor inches.

Whole Group says "It's Garbage"
by Yvonne Werda-Woodstock, C.Ht.

There is a small group of women I know that gathers online daily to support one another in weight loss, share tips, etc.

Fairly recently, the majority of them decided to try Hoodia and specifically this brand, especially because it was on sale below retail price at a popular chain department store. Some said they never felt it worked at all. One said that she thought maybe it was at first, but it must have been her wishful thinking, because it certainly wasn't when she pigged out later the next day. One said she really did think it helped her for a time, but that it seemed to wear off after a while, like her body got used to it. The unanimous decision was that to spend money on this is to throw your money in the garbage.

Doesn't work.
by Sherry Ward

Cheap product. You don't lose weight; you lose your money instead.

1 Customer Opinions

Hoodia Diet
by Brandi

I haven't really tried this yet, but I really hope to get a chance to. Through research and my own opinions or something I've heard, I put together some positive and negative things about Hoodia Diet.

I've heard alone that Green tea is really good for you. I've had the Green tea drink several times before and I feel really good just after drinking it. Plus, 30 caplets and taking 3 a day for ten days, for only $10 is really cheap and worth a try if you're serious about losing weight and want something to try!

However, I'm pretty sure on any supplement, you will still have to diet and exercise to get the full usage and experience of the product. At the most, I'd exercise. Of course this goes back to being dedicated for exercising.

3 stars just because I haven't tried it yet. Hopefully I'll get a chance to write a review on my own experience, but just remember that it doesn't work for everyone. Everybody's body is made differently.