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by Sharon Mazzarella

I love this product!!! Strawberry Kiwi is the best and I use to use it all the time and a couple of times a day in my Diet Cokes or added it to my Crystal light drinks. Even in a plain bottle of water. Suddenly, I could not find it anywhere. I shop at WalMart and can not find it. No one carries it and I haven't had any of it in over a year. I was told to look this up online and thats why I'm here. I want my Dexatrim Max 2o in Strawberry Kiwi back on the market. I tried the Lemon splash - it was ok but preferred the other. If the Lemon Splash is available - I'll take it.....but please keep it on the market. I lost weight and I am 60 yrs. old - its hard to keep weight off. Without it the past year I gained weight......its the only thing that helped me. Thank you!!!!

Having hard time finding it
by kris

I love the taste of this. Love the fizzyness. Having a very hard time finding in stores or on-line. I drink this through out the day instead of diet coke (I don't drink coffee). Have tried several other brands, but they taste like medicine.

Dexztrim M ax 20
by sue brewer

I have tried this product and it really helps you to lose weight immediately after you begin taking it.

Does what it says it will do!
by Chanel

I just started it and already not feeling like eating as much. Pretty much had to force myself to eat dinner and mostly protein bars so my blood sugar didnt get low and I end up passing out. The only down side is that it made me fairly moody (probably b/c I wasnt eating) and now I have headaches and feel sleepy for 20 minutes then energized.

by SJones13

So far so good, only been on it for a few days but it dosnt taste bad and wakes me up in the morning...... noticed not eating as much, im a big eater by the way..... hope i see results

by beps1980

I took Dexatrim (the red pill) about three years ago after my first child and I didn't really seem to have any side effects and it did help me lose weight, however, I just bought the pills again (beige color) after my second child and now I am having horrible side effects. My eyes dilate, my heart beat is rapid, I feel sick to my stomach all the time and although I am dead tired at the end of the day because it's done so much to my body I can't sleep. I have the same issues with cold medicine such as Nyquil. I don't know if I am having an allergic reaction to something in the pills. At first I thought maybe it could have been pseudophedrine but I don't seem to see this ingredient in Dexatrim so I give up. I don't know what is in Nyquil and Dexatrim that gives me the same excrustiating side effects, but it makes me deathly afraid to try a different diet pill.

The Perfect Supplement
by Jonny Casino

I am a diet & exercise fatanic, and before I start my review let me just make this clear: diet pills/drinks are only supplement to your everyday diet and exercise. They, alone, cannot provide a healthy outlet to your healthy goal.

My personal health crisis in recent years came about when I started a career. It took away motivation to exercise and eventually increased my appetite [and this is where most people have problem in their diet, the hunger factor].

Fastfoward to recent weeks, I started Dexatrim Max2O and it helped me curbed appetite and I have been eating healthy with relatively low calories, carb and fat. But I am making sure i'm hitting all parts of the food pyramid [one bit of advice, if you are not taking a daily multi-vitamin during your regiment i suggest you do so as many dieters avoid eating thus depriving their system the necessary nutrients]. As a result of my aerobic and strength training and my prescribed meals, I've managed to lose 15 pounds in two weeks. This is a lot, and I don't recommend anyone to jump start so drastically. My routines consist of exercising 3 times a day, alternating muscle groups every other day for strength traing, and only eating 900 calories a day.

What i suggest is you consult a professional on a suitable meal plan, or use the food pyramid to calculate your recommended daily intake of each food. And, if are a novice to aerobic training, i suggest a light walk 3 times a week for 30 minutes... and eventually work up to a light-jog for at least the same amount of days.

Anway, this is a great supplement to help you with hunger, but I hope it also motivates you to start a healthy diet and exercise.

best of luck!

Update #2: Noticing Some Differences
by Eileen

By now, I have been taking Dexatrim Max 2o for almost two weeks. I have joined Curves, and I am drinking the Kiwi-Strawberry flavor drink about once or twice a day. Somewhere between the exercise and the drink, I have lost five pounds, and I notice that I have lost the terrible love-handles on my waistline. I still need to make a considerable effort to change my eating habits, but this seems to help. It isn't a magic-potion, though; you still have to do your part. I guess I expected more immediate results, but that just isn't feasible. Take it one day at a time, and keep exercising! You'll be pleased with the results.

Update #1: Still Waiting on Results
by Eileen

I started using Dexatrim Max 2o last week, so of course I haven't seen any results yet. My first piece of advice for those of you considering the product is to do your research. If you are here, then you've already begun this process. Excellent. Let me first address the issue of the taste of the product: honestly, the first time you drink it, it isn't all that great. I have the Strawberry-Kiwi isn't terrible, but it isn't particularly good, either. If this bothers you, try putting it into a bottle of Sobe LifeWater (in the Strawberry-Kiwi flavor); this masks some of the unpleasantness. Now, almost a week into my usage, I'm used to the taste. In fact, now I find that I look forward to the aftertaste (sounds strange, I know -- but I like it!). Although I (obviously) haven't seen any changes in my weight in the past week, I have (unfortunately) noticed that I am a little more gassy than usual. Having said this, I'll add that it isn't particularly detrimental to my daily life. I'm going to keep using this product, and see what happens. Keep looking for future updates from me!

I am impressed with this product!
by Tonya

I have just started using this product this week. My problem is I want to eat everything in sight in the evenings. So, Between 2pm and 3pm I take one tablet to a bottle of water and guzzle it down. This has helped me to curb my appetite and I am not craving or going crazy killing every food source in my house. I am averaging about a pond to two a day. Slow and steady wins the race. I will stay with the Dexatrim Max 2/O.

I like it
by Kisze P

This is my second week using the dexatrim H20 tablets and I like the results, I feel my waist trimming down with my exercise routine. Even though the taste isn't the best, I have no crazy reactions like other diet pills give me. I will keep taking the tablets intill I reach my goal.

I love it!
by Julie

I LOVE this product. I am usually very sensitive to pills, esp diet pills, but Dexatrim Max O2 show no side effects for me. I take 2 pills, drop them into a bottle of water every morning and gulp it down. Granted, it is not a very good flavor, but it works. The most important thing is that this product does NOT make my heart beat out of my chest like most other diet pills. This is in no way a miracle pill, but it sure is a helpful one. I only take 2 caplets around 7AM and don't get hungry until supper time, but not hungry enough to gorge myself. It is always important to control what you eat when you eat, but it does help increase my energy hour after hour without causing me to lose any sleep. I'd recommend anyone to try it. Good luck!!

I love them!!!
by Tammy

I have been using the tablets for a month or so, and I love them. The orange ones taste great!!! It gives me that extra boost at the end of day when it's time to hit the gym!!! Plus I can't drink just water and these also help me get my water intake for the day!! And I will continue to use this product!!

Not the Best
by Melissa

This product did help me a little with weight loss. The side effects were not worth the small amount I was able to lose, though. I was sick to my stomach and unable to sleep. I was moody and I just did not like the way I felt. I would have to pass on this product.

reliable product
by Mari

There's a reason Dexatrim has been around so long, and I really think it's because they make such reliable products. These fizzy tables are easy to use. Just drop in your water and even though they don't taste great, it is bearable. It keeps my appetite under control and really curbs my sugar cravings. Plus I don't jittery or nauseated like I do from other weight loss products. This is an especially easy product to tolerate, and fairly gentle compared to so many of the more stimulant-based competitors.

Not Worth It
by Ali

I tried this last year and I definately did NOT like the results at all, made me feel sick almost all the time. It did make me lose weight though, probably because it made everything taste BAD.

good for water weight
by Mary

Dexatrim to me is like the 'pleather' of diet pills. It has a name behind it, is good on the surface, but when you break it down, it just isn't that great. I use these pills mostly when I am menstruating or any other time I am bloated. It is a great diuretic, but that is the only credit I give it. It doesn't boost my energy, nor does it help ease stress. Plus side, they're pretty cheap. I will stick to these for my bloating only.

Max H2O is Min on results
by Sun

I bought the product since I liked the idea of drinking water v.s. taking a pill. However, putting the alka-seltzer like tablet in my water made the solution smell funny. But, I wanted to give it the old college try. I had to stop when this product made me jumpy, and I could not sleep at night. I think the product was OK at suppressing my appetite, since drinking all that water will surely help you fill up. However, between the odd smell and the sleepless nights, I could not recommend this to anyone.

Supressed Appetite
by Lana

I lost 5 pounds in a week, not doing anything special as far as exercise but changing my diet. My appetite was suppressed. When I ate I found I didn't want to consume my whole meal, it was great because I knew when to stop. I felt full before I even started eating. This was exactly what I needed. I exercise a lot and found that my appetite increased so I ate more before Dexatrim. Now I can exercise and eat less. That is the winning combo for me anyway.

Not Working
by Tami

This product doesn't seem to work well. I got headaches all the time and I got a weird taste in my mouth. I just didn't know about Dexatrim Max. I wouldn't buy this product.

Dexatrim Does not Deliver
by sheila franklin

Unfortunately, the only way I have found to lose weight is by eating less carbs and fat and limiting portions. After I was pregnant the last time, I still had almost 40 pounds to lose, which equaled about a quarter of my weight. I tried Dexatrim and although it suppressed my appetite a meagre amount, it mostly just numbed my tongue so that my taste buds were less sensitive and did not relieve stress as it claims. I would not recommend this product and as for the stress problem, try a natural green tea instead.

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Dexatrim Max 2o
by Mia

From all the reviews and comments I've read/heard, I'm surely to try this product because it sounds fantastic. Can't wait!