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Medical Assistant
by Lisa

I used this product for 1 month and did not experience anything except for a bloating feeling.

by Shaaron

I tried this pill and did not see any weight loss from it. I quit taking it for a while and tried something else, then recently came back and tried this again, it made me deathly ill, stomach cramps, intestinal problems, headache, the works.

Sorry, I can't recommend it.

by M. Louis

I did this for about two weeks and it was most ineffective. Folowed the directions and what it turns out is that when you read the box it actually doesnt directly cause any weight loss at all and is supposed to stimulate some hormone that might make you lose weight. It didnt work for me so I recommend it to no one.

Great for me!
by Cortney

I lost 55 pounds in 6 months with this product. I started drinking only water. Tried to slow the fast food down. I feel great now. Also a lady I worked with had lost 105 pounds on this. It took her a year to do so. I only took one pill in the morning and one at lunch. Didn't really have the jitters like everyone else. The most important thing was drinking NOTHING but water. No soda, milk, tea, coffee, or juices. With food just smaller portions.

So Far So Good
by Sara

I start the plan 12/11 at 205lbs... Today is 12/20 and my weight is 190. I decided to take the pill based on the claim that they assist with significant weight loss needs. I make sure to take the final pill with lunch and eat a light dinner and I have been sleeping just the same as before I started taking the supplement 7-9 hours of rest each night. If I continue to see weight loss resulsts I will definaltely buy this product again.

Try my idea for size.
by Brett

Look, from the looks of it, this gives you an extra dose of caffeine, and that's what they expect you to have. You can't just sit around all day waiting for the pill to work. It seems it's just a caffeine pill that keeps you moving and only that. It doesn't help you lose weight, it just gives you that idea so you'll keep using it, and just get hyped up on caffeine. I don't like the idea, cuz they're taking the dreams of overweight people and just giving them false hope. It will work, but you've gotta follow the directions precisely, and still exercise. They're giving you the energy to exercise, and that's all the pill does. So unless you're constantly moving around, DON'T USE IT.

Didn't Work for Me
by M B

I tried to use this for weight loss. I did not’t have any success with it. I was really disappointed because I had heard so many positive things about it. I used it as directed. The only thing that I got from taking it was the jitters. I felt as though I drank a pot of coffee. I do not recommend Leptropril.

What a Waste
by Kristie Wright

I ordered this online after reviewing it at a lot of different sites. Most all the reviews were positive, so I forked out the money. I used as directed and never shed a pound. I felt nauseated about 30 minutes after taking it. I also got real jittery. Was very disappointed in the product.

no difference and too expensive
by Mari

I didn't notice the slightest difference with this product - except that it made me nauseated. It's so expensive, so I used the entire bottle as directed. I ate according to my diet plan and exercised 4 times a week - there was absolutely no noticeable effect - except the nausea. My blood sugar actually felt more out of control and I was jittery all the time. What a waste.

no results
by Mary

I watch what I eat and I exercise. I experiment with all different diet pills because somehow after all these years I am still trying to find the perfect one. Keep looking, I say, because this isn't it. I felt absolutely no difference in energy levels and there was no appetite suppression going on for me either. I kept taking them and taking them thinking eventually I would feel less hungry. Amazingly, my own will power worked better than these pills!

WOW this product works
by dreama

I am a huge fan of this product.
I LOVE the results I have gotten.
I have lost over 30 pounds so far.
You have to use it just as it says, stay active and follow the directions.
I found if I didn't stay moving it didn't work as well. But if I stayed busy I had tons of energy and complete control of my appetite. I recommend this to everyone. My heart didn't race either. I find most diet supplements make me feel jittery and this one didn't do that to me.

Not worth it...
by Mindy

With all the publicity on TV about this product, I thought it would be worth it for me to try. However, that was not the case. I tried taking this along with a reasonable diet and exercise, but it didn't do a thing for me. I feel like I could get the same results by doing the diet and exercise without the product. I also wouldn't have the fast heart rate to go along with taking it.

Not for me
by JoDean Roberts

I did get a short energy boost but nothing that I would say was significant. It did not curb my appetite like I was hoping it would after watching the claims on the television. If you change your diet and way of eating you will lose weight without the aid. I don't recommend wasting your money.

Don't waste the dough
by R. Todd Woodstock

I used this during a period of a month, and continued to follow a sensible diet--lean proteins, low-carbs, and low-fat. My energy was down from less fats or carbs for energy and I was hoping that an appetite suppressor would help boost my energy as well as my metabolism, this wasn't the answer. Don't waste the dough.

Doesn't work.
by Sherry Ward

Waste of money.

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