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waste of money

I took this and it did absolutely nothing to help me lose weight or control my appetite. In fact I contacted the manufacturer and demanded my money back. They gave me a hard time and I persisted but they relented and gave me a full refund. I would not waste my money on this product if i were you.

Just make sure you get it down quick.
by leo lee

Smartburn made me not feel hungry at all. I only took it once a day in the morning because I realize that to lose weight the smart way I need to eat something. The only flaw I saw was that if you don't swallow it quick enough it leaves this gross sweet taste that made me gag. I lost 15 pounds in 2 w.

by aileen zhang

There's some small evidence that calcium may be useful for weight loss, but in this compilation, it's mostly window dressing. SmartBurn™ is a great addition to any weight loss formula for its positive effects on insulin function.

by Stanimir Yordanov

First, I just want to say that this product is great. The price I would say is affordable since all of these products are pretty costly. I have had huge success with this product.

Good but so expensive
by Mari

This worked pretty well, but I was most of the way through the bottle before I noticed the difference. It didn't make me jittery, but it kept my appetite low and gave me a sustained energy. It just didn't make enough of a difference to justify the price, especially when the Dexatrim worked just as well, and was so much cheaper. This is a good product and has some side benefits like curbing stress - if you can afford the price tag.

by pamela

Wonderful product! I lost 27 pounds in one month and it really helped with my stress and arthritis too! Highly recommend this great product!!

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