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I know it Works!
by Wendy

The smallest that I have been in the past 5 years was when I was taking Glucofast. The inches just seemed to disappear. I could wear all of my "skinny clothes", and looked good in them. That is why I ordered Glucofast again. I know Glucofast works.

This is the Best Thing Yet
by Sue

I noticed results within a week of using Glucofast. I had more energy, I was feeling better, and my appetite was less. Within a month, I had lost several pounds and over time, the weight kept coming off and so did the inches.

In total I lost 27 pounds. Glucofast is the best weight loss product that I have tried. It also helped to stabilize my blood sugar.

Glucofast helped me lose 13 pounds
by Lucinda

I received Glucofast and am enjoying the results to date. I have lost 13 pounds and am doing well. Thank you.

Losing inches and pounds!
by Natasha

After two weeks I began noticing that I was losing inches off my thighs and around my midsection. Within a couple of months I have lost 15 pounds.

works great!
by Kristy

I have lost 50 lbs and three pants sizes. Having a ton more energy, I can do a lot more with my daughter not to mention I am sleeping better. I feel like a new person.

I Highly Recommend Glucofast
by Dr. E. Quan

I use Glucofast to assist with my blood sugar control and I highly recommend it to my patients for weight loss. Thank you.

I am 101 pounds Lighter...
by Nick

In October 2007 my weight was 136 kilograms [299.2 lbs]. Now it's June 2008 and I am 46 kilograms [101.2 lbs] lighter - 90 kilograms [198 lbs] currently. I would suggest Glucofast to everyone I meet who has this problem. I am a perfect example of what this product CAN do.

effective product
by Arvinder

This product is effective it has dropped my blood sugar levels. I am using it for a month now and this has huge benefits. We all know the problem of diabetes, it brings with it a lot of other problems. But if one uses this product the problems are gone, blood sugar levels come to normal. there is nothing else a diabetic wants.

by Curtis

I would give this product a 0 but that's not available. My grandfather used this product for a significant amount of time. Even though it did increase blood sugar level, it greatly increased his heartrate to where he had to constantly keep track. Because of the "weight loss" ingredients, the product almost negates itself because of the energy it causes.

works good for pcos
by k tabassum

My daughter has polycystic ovarian disease, which is due to insulin resistance. she is overweight. She used Glucofast capsules twice a day for two months religiously. She has lost 10 pounds with the same diet and exercise. She's been feeling great, less mood fluctuations and more energy. I think the credit goes to Glucofast. Seventy-five dollars for a months supply is worth trying.

it does not work
by renuka

This product is not good for the price it costs. My father-in-law used this medicine first. His sugar level started to increase after taking this. I won't recommend this to anyone.

Take It For What It Is
by Matt Bentley

This product is okay but it certainly does not validate all of it's claims. I will agree that it does contain a quality blend of substances that help to control blood sugar. Use it for that purpose with the help of your doctor, and only that. As to the claim that it activates your metabolism, I don't believe it. The only thing that activates your metabolism is increased energy need - exercise. I would recommend this probably, but only to a person who has an extremely consistently high blood sugar level.

Expensive alternative
by Denise

My father was using Glucofast for a few months and he reported an improvement in energy and even lost a few pounds (along with diet and exercise). While this is great, a months supply was $70 and not covered by insurance. My father got the same results with Glucophage (prescription) at a much more affordable $5 copay.

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