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The magic bullet hypothesis
by Ginger

I was looking for a high quality protein, most proteins that I've tried had given me gas, bloating, nausea, and discomfort when going to the bathroom. I have tried nutri-burn, and it worked perfectly, it is very easy to the stomach, there are no side effects, and I surely learned a lot about protein quality. If you really, really want to loose weight, do not wait for a magic bullet girls, I mean honestly, you can not have a body that's been feeding on sweets and simple carbs, pastas, red meat high in saturated fats, and junk food, loose weight with anything. I tried this for 5 months and now I just take it ocassionally as a supplement, especially when I am on a rush. I have to say I did not like the taste too much and that's why I've given it a 4 and not a 5. But the less sugar the less fat you get, one of the reason the doctor will ask you to fast for 12 hours before a blood test, not because of the protein you ate the previous day but because sugars become triglyceries or fat in your body.

You can try going to the doctor and get him to give you some drugs that will affect your liver, or some combination of diuretics to leave you with the "feeling" that you've lost a lot of pounds when you have actually lost water. I'd tried many diets that were not only so imbalanced, but were not healthy in the long run, say some would take about a month to see the effects, other about 3 and you would start feeling sick. As it is we are all estrogen, and after 30 our bodies start getting the extra pounds, or even before if we have children and have bad eating habits.

Just a reality check here. Nutrition is about what we put in our bodies, we can not expect a trim body that gets no water, no exercise, and that is feeding more than the pigs in a pig-pen, and chewing more than the happy cows in California. I had to put my feet back on the ground and start taking some classes, doing some extra reading, understanding why my body would not respond as I wanted from diets, and products, and I finally understand. As a protein I would give it almost the highest mark, it is what it says, "a protein", it is not the magic bullet. If you want to trim down with a high quality protein that will not produce uric acid, and increment the carbonic acid in your body, as well as promote calcium loss and precipitation (all that I learned), and certainly give you arthritis, and kidney problems, then this is the protein for you. Increment your water intake, cut down on sugars, saturated rich delicious fat foods, simple carbs, snacking, munching, and junk foods. If Garcinia in this protein did not help you fool your brain to feel full, then you have a glandular problem and a serious eating disorder. Oh!, and don't forget to exercise as you will have no fat burning effects without it, stop being cows girls. Take care.

good vitamin product
by Stanimir Yordanov

This is a terrible product that I will never try again. It is more of a vitamin mix rather than a weight loss product. If you are looking to drop couple of pounds, you will be better not take it at all. The only good thing about this product is that it is full of vitamins.

Not for me
by Kami

I don't have a big weight problem, but like most women, I wouldn't mind dropping 5 pounds before swimsuit season. I did some research on Nutri Burn, and decided to try it. I liked the fact that it has lots of calcium in it, as well as loads of vitamins. But beyond that, this product is terrible! I was quite disappointed. It tastes disgusting, and there is no way I could ever consume enough of it to help make a difference in my diet and exercise plan! Nutri Burn also touts itself as a meal supplement, so I could maybe understand holding your nose and gulping it if you are looking for a product that delivers quickly on nutrition. But I think I would much rather get my vitamins through a supplemental pill or through *real* foods than from Nutri Burn. And as for weight loss....well, put it this way, I lost about a pound just by throwing the can into the trash!

100 % satisfied
by Arvinder

I am fully satisfied with Nutri-Burn. My wedding day was coming near and I was horrified to see the weight gain in those days. Then I tried nutri burn. It brought down my weight in a very short time. Everyone was surprised to see the change in me on my big day as I was looking very slim. Full credit goes to nutri burn.

Not worth the money!
by Alex

I used Nutri-Burn for about a month to help burn fat, and I didn't notice any affects at all. It doesn't energize you and it certainly doesn't help burn fat. It doesn't taste like "chocolate-fudge" like it claims, either.
It's extremely expensive for something with no visible benefits, I'd much rather take a multi-vitamin to get my nutrients. I don't have to deal with the taste, and it's much cheaper.

Dont go for it...
by Lolly

I weigh around 175 pounds and have been using all different types of medications to lose weight since I am lazy to go to Gym and excercise. I heard about Nutri-Burn and wanted to give it a try.
After 2 days of using it, I feel nauseated early in the morning and quit using it. I suggest anyone to go for better products for this price.

Not bad, but not great either!
by Gordy

I was trying everything and anything to lose weight over the summer. I changed my routines, used energy enhancers, power shakes, and even tried natural supplements. During this trial and error, I gave Nutri-Burn a try.

Like another reviewer, I found the taste to be rather blah and the smell to be pretty much awful (which I'm sure attributed to not-so-great taste!). I used it as a meal replacement during a span of 1 month. Although it is loaded with a bunch of vitamins, minerals, carbs, and whey protein - I didn't feel it gave me enough of a boost to warrant any real praise. I did lose weight during the period of usage - but I can't safely say how much of that can be attributed to this product. As I have continued to lose weight since stopping my usage.

The price is not too stellar, but you can always find it cheaper. I can't say that I fully endorse it, but I do think it provided me with some positive effects over the course of my trial. Some workout sessions lasted longer than normal, and my appetite decreased slightly. I would look at other products before this one, but make sure you include it for consideration.

Not an energizer
by S. Grevious

This is supposed to be a caffeine free drink to replace your meal. I bought the vanilla flavor, because vanilla is my favorite flavor of taste. The powder has an awful smell. Every time I drunk it, I had to hold my nose because of the smell. The taste is okay, but, I didn't feel that boost from it. I was always tired and just basically the same. I didn't feel energized at all, so some days I wasn't able to complete my exercises. I only took it for 2 weeks because it didn't give me any energy. If you like to take a product that doesn't give you any energy, then this is your winner.

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