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by Ashley

I took these for a couple of months and without a very strict diet and moderate exercise plan, the results are halted

by Kim

After seeing all the advertising for this product and all the get up and excitement, I jumped on this product. It was a waste of my money. It promises big results and I saw no difference. I had better luck taking vitamins from the grocery store for weight loss help.

Waste of money
by Mary

This stuff doesn't work at all. It is a waste of money. The original trimspa with ephedra was great and I wish it wasn't banned.

by christina irene jerro

This product does not work as well as xenadrine although it curbs appetite but does not assist in energy effectively.

by David

When I tried TrimSpa x32, I did not experience a decrease in appetite. I actually ate more, but at the time I took this supplement, I really put in effort to go to the gym to workout and swim. I've done similiar workouts previously and they had made me lose only around 6 lbs. in a month, where as I did this the same workout with Trimspa x32 and lost 10 lbs. in a month. I guess Trim Spa x32 did assist me in some way, but would not recommend this product because better working products (Hydroxycut Hardcore) exist in the market.

trim spa
by jilly

I bought this product with doubts but I decided to go ahead and buy it. The price is about the same as other diet pills over the counter .. I have heard good and bad about Trimspa. I took it this product for about 2 months. The first month I took it I lost 5lbs. The last month I didn't lose any weight on it. I really think it is overpriced since it didn't work very well.. My personal option its really not worth it.

Fair Enough
by cooldan

Cut the company some slack for their good product with all those legal issues their facing. I've taken many weight loss supplements, and this one by far is the most effective. A lot of other reviewers say they've changed in other ways once they quit, but that is under your own control. If you stop taking it, you still have to exercise to maintain your stature. It lives up to its expected job, and I would definitely recommend it to people who are tired of all the other pills their taking and not working.

by heink

Sympathies to Anna Nicole Smith, but my relatives have begun to shy away from this product ever since news of her passing. I have heard pros and negs about this product.

Anna Nicole Smith made Trimspa
by Stacy

I've always been a huge fan of women who can lose weight regardless of the method they used. I had never heard of Trimspa before Anna Nicole Smith began working with them. Looking at her one couldn't help but try. I love Kirstie but Weight Watchers just couldn't get my attention. I've only tried Trimspa for a few months now and I've been taking the pills intermittently as well and still shed a few pounds. Funny I'm here right now and Anna Nicole Smith has just passed today and I'm sad to see her go. I'm sure it wasn't the Trimspa :) they do work great!


I was on this product for 3 months, and I must say that I saw results. I lost about 30 pounds in three and a half months. It kept my metabolism up and going. The only downside is as soon as I quit taking it, I gained all my weight back.

by Karen

I tried this product with my friend and my boyfriend ended up taking my pills. He said it does help suppress your appetite, but he did not lose any weight taking these pills. Overall I think it is just a waste of money.

This is AWESOME!!
by Angel

Trimspa overall has been the most amazing over the counter diet product that I have taken.
I lost 12 pounds in 2 1/2 weeks!
The only downside that I found with this product was it alters your peronalisty somewhat.
I got very ill for the first few weeks, which I believe my body was just adjusting to it. After the few weeks I went back to myself and everything was good.

Not the Best
by Joshua

I did not like the way TrimSpa made me feel. It made me really jittery and I did not lose weight. I felt so bad that I did not even finish the pills I had gotten. It is not worth the price to feel that bad.

Don't Waste Your Money
by Kyle

My girlfriend is someone who always is trying these fad diet pills. Just like all other diet pills, this one promised quick results, but left her losing nothing but the money for this very expensive problem. She was constantly complaining of feeling tired and grumpy. She also complained of having problems getting to sleep.

Not worth it
by ljmc

This is so not worth the cost. Makes you feel ill and jittery. I thought after seeing the commercials and how much weight their "spokesperson" took off that it would be a good fit. I was about as crazy as she is to even attempt to try this product.

by Tami

Trimspa is a good product. I'm overweight and I know I needed to lose weight. I saw Anna Nicole on T.V. and I was, wow she lost weight! So I went to buy it and I tried it for 6 weeks. I lost 20 pounds. My appetite went down, I excerise alot (just walking) and drink a lot of water. Plus the price is good. Works good.

by Ali

I have tried MANY diet aides, and this by far has done the job the BEST. I don't get jittery at all, I have more energy, just not too much. I think you have to make sure you stay hydrated as with any diet aides and eat small meals through the day ( that worked the best for me) and excerise. I LOVE my results!

Made my friend a grouch
by Tiffany

One of my best friends worships Anna Nicole Smith, so she ran out and bought this. I really don't know if the product itself worked because she started going to the gym with me 5 days a week. What I DO know is that she became the grouchiest woman alive when she started taking it. In the month she took it, she didn't lose anymore weight than the month after she stopped. She's also normally a very laid back person and she was not only grouchy but very jumpy while on this product.

Thumbs Down
by Judith

A costly promise in a bottle. There are no miracles out there, just false hope. This product left me jittery and crampy. I think the recent fines that Trim Spa has had to pay for misleading claims should be a clue.

Not Worth the Price
by Beckngar

After gaining weight during my pregnancies, I was eager to lose it as quickly as possible. I tried Trimspa as a supplement to my weight loss. It did not seem to help out. It more or less gave me abdominal pain, lessening my appetite, and after a few days worth of Trimspa, I had some constipation problems. This product does not work the way they claim it does, and is far too expensive.

Weight loss?
by Mandy

Sorry but this just worked as a diuretic for me. I did not lose any actual weight but water weight. I had no energy and felt very blah. Once I stopped taking these I felt much better. I would not invest.

Works Fast!
by Lana

Trimspa has really curbed my appetite a lot. I don't snack all day long anymore, and think of food like I used to. Also, I am never really that hungry. It's a great product that's worth trying for everyone. No side effects, and so far I've lost 6 pounds in 5 days by dieting and walking (no other exercise). My stomach has gotten smaller, and I have lots more energy. I am now 5'2" and used to be 136 lbs, but now 129 lbs- 130 lbs, and it's only been the 5th day!!! WOW! It works FAST!

Not my taste
by Sam

I have been trying to lose weight after giving birth to my toddler, been two years since I have given birth and I thought maybe pills might help me out a bit. I have been seeing the Trimspa commercial lately and I thought, maybe this is a good idea. So I wasted some money to try this. I didn't like it at all, made me feel dizzy and icky the first day I tried it. This isn't something I want to feel when taking weight loss pills. I'll pass on this one, and I'll start working out again.

No Way
by S. Murphy

Definitely not worth the money it costs. Made me jittery and cranky. Had stomach aches and was very dehydrated to the point I passed out one night. I stopped taking it and was back to normal. Didn't even lose weight it was just water it makes to urinate a lot.

Trimspa = Great the 1st Week
by Beth

After having a baby, I was ready to start the process of getting back into shape. I started taking Trimspa and the 1st week felt an increase in energy levels and decreased appetite. After the first week - I found my body getting used to the product, therfore wearing off the effectiveness!

DID help or Hurt...
by DAv92683

I got this as a Christmas present from a so called friend. I tried it and took the normal dosage. After 3 weeks, I did not notice any difference. I did not gain or lose any weight. So far I feel light headed sometimes. I do notice a decrease in my appetite.

Didn't work
by Wendy C

Anna Nicole Smith did not lose weight on Trimspa alone, contrary to what her popular commercials will lead you to believe. Trimspa had absolutely no effect on my energy level, my calorie cravings, or my ability to burn them off. Any effect from these pills could be obtained with two cups of coffee instead.

Not Worth It
by LT

This product is very overrated. After gaining 30 pounds from being pregnant, I wanted something to help lose the weight. This was the first product I tried, and I was very disappointed. I used this for a month and only lost 2 pounds. For the first week it left me nauseous for the majority of the day. I don't recommend this product.

Not what it's made out to be
by cjthedog64

I took this hoping that it would help me lose some weight. I think the only thing it gave me was bathroom problems. I couldn't even keep taking it for a week. I was so happy that we'd only bought one bottle.

Started Great and faded
by Ali

I bought this at Wal Mart after seeing what an amazing job it supposedly did for Anna Nicole Smith. I never felt constipated, or had any stomach problems from this product. I thought in the very beginning that it was the product I had been looking for as it did initially curb my appetite, but after the first couple of days I had my hunger creep back in. I think it worked more because I expected it to than because of any of the ingredients.

Trying to Lose Weight
by Mindy

I saw this advertised on TV, so thought I would give it a try to get my weight loss going. It helped me curb my appetite, but I noticed it made feel jittery and sick to my stomach at times. I didn't feel it was worth it to me.

by stacy

I wasn't too impressed with TrimSpa. Yes, it did make me thirsty, but that was about it. I did lose the weigh, but I think it was just water weight. I wouldn't recommend this product.

Trim Spa
by Melissa

This product wasn't too bad. I took it for 3 weeks but I got painfully constipated. I took vitamins with it thinking it was depleting some vitamin I needed. I didn't lose weight with it, but I didn't gain any either.

Doesn't work
by Kim

I only took this for a week since I couldn't handle how it made me feel sick to my stomach. I lost only one pound that week but still wasn't worth feeling sick all day.

Not what it claims to be
by JM

I have tried TrimSpa X32 because I was looking for something to jump start my weight loss. One of the ingredients, Polyethylene Glycol, is used as a laxative, but can also cause severe constipation (which this product did to me). It took a couple of weeks for my system to return to normal after I stopped taking TrimSpa.

It's Alright
by may

I also tried it when it first came out. It was actually doing something for me. I started to see that I was losing weight but then after a couple of days, I started to feel very tired. I think it was because my metabolism had gone down. Then I started to feel my heart skipping too much. I recommend that you try it out first, don't stock up. Only buy one bottle and see how it goes.

Strong Start-Then Just So/So
by Yvonne Werda-Woodstock, C.Ht.

I tried these when they first came out. I actually did have to remind myself to eat sometimes and even make myself eat something so I wouldn't slow down my metabolism. I began to notice some modest but reasonable results the first month; enough to buy a second bottle.

Then, to my disappointment, it seemed as though my body had become accustomed and immune to it. I didn't have the same degree of suppressed appetite, and eventually it felt like I was taking nothing at all. I took it a short while longer after that until I figured that with no effect and that price, I might as well NOT take anything at all.

I have known of some REAL LIFE people who were really pleased with this product and some REAL LIFE people who had experiences more like mine.

I guess that would leave this one as a toss up?

Not worth it
by April Smith

I was very disappointed with this product, especially after all the hype I saw on TV with Anna Nicole Smith. I received this product, and I started taking the recommended dose. The pills were kind of hard to get down. Immediately after taking it, I felt a warmth spread through my body. I never lost any weight at all, but I did notice that after a few days, my heart started skipping beats. I would not recommend this product to anyone.

by Andrew

My girlfriend took this and didn't seem to notice any results. She likes some of the other weight loss pills. It is kind of pricey for what you get.

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