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A comprehensive diet and exercise program to help you achieve the body youdesire. This 60 day program has been scientifically designed to assist you in reaching your weight management goals. Features three premium supplements and includes an easy-to-follow total wellness booklet that provides a sample meal plan, exercise tips, advice on maintaining a healthy outlook and a journal tohelp you stay on your weight loss plan.

Clinically shown to reduce food intake and control calories at the beginning of your diet.† Control ACS also includesingredients to boost energy and metabolism.* Enhanced with B-vitamins that are essential for carbohydrate metabolism and energy production and chromium that supports your metabolism by assisting insulin.*

One of the best-selling supplements among dieters.Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA) is a naturally occurring healthy fatty acid that is present in foods often excluded when restricting dietary intake. Each capsule supplies 1,000mg of CLA made from clinically studied Tonalin®, one of the highest quality conjugated linoleic acids available.

Each daily two capsule serving supplies approximately 1000mg of dietary fiber from psyllium seed husks. Daily consumption of dietaryfiber provides bulk, eases passage and helps to speed transit time through the digestive tract.* Increasing your daily fiber intake can also help you feel full, so you eat less andwait longer between meals.* In addition, fiber helps to gently flush away unwanted debris and accumulated toxins from the digestive system.*

Please note, this product has been discontinued by the manufacturer and may not be available for retail purchase.

Product: Weight Loss System
Brand: GNC (More Products)
Size: 60 day program
Dosage: 1 serving per day
Retail: $89.99
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6 Customer Reviews

Lost weight and still losing.
by theepa

I took up this program, right after I delivered my first baby. Being 50 pounds overweight, I needed the right exercise program to get my weight back to normal. The comprehensive diet and exercise plan helped me achieve this goal in three months without giving up much.

by Tami

I want to lose 20 pounds and I bought Weight Loss System. Very expensive, but I have lost 10 pounds and you have to stay on track. You need that will power to lose weight. So I think this product is somewhat good, but too expensive

Actually Lost Weight
by Jody

This product does actually work. I lost 12 pounds in 2 weeks. You just have to read what you actually have to do and stick to it. I am planning on losing 20 more lbs. using this product. I should reach that point within another month.

What a waste!
by christiana

I gained some pounds during pregnancy and after that, I needed to shed most of them, so I knew I needed something to help me out so I bought it, but I must say it was a total waste of my $90. Throughout the first three weeks I used it, I had a good diet and exercised but in the end I gained another five pounds. My sister bought it when I did, and also gained extra 3 pounds. It is too complicated to follow and even when you do figure it out, it does nothing in helping you to loose the weight. There are other programs that are better than this and even costs less.

$90 can buy a lot of healthy food
by Zandra

Complicated, expensive, and doesn't work. Ninety dollars is way too expensive for CLA. In any case, there's no magic bullet, and CLA will not help you lose weight. A healthy diet and exercise is the only way. GNC seems to sell a lot of questionable products. Don't fall for this!

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