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wife, mom, grandma
by debbie cooper

Its ok. I didn't have such great success with this product. too many side effects, not a big enough benefit.

by Travis Pearce

This product will help you loose weight (primarily in fat), however, how this product works, is it blocks the lipid (fat) absorption in the intestines. However, in turn this fat has to go someplace, the only place for the unabsorbed fat to go is down the toilet. This being said, one of the prime side effects is diarrhea all the time. To me the product is not worth the side effects. I give this 3 stars because it is actually effective at what it is supposed to do.

Not so great a product
by sylvia

My stepmother has struggled for years with weight loss and so we decided to try Ali. My mother followed the Ali diet yet still suffered from severe stomach pains, diarrhea, and and oil leakage. On the upside she lost about sixteen pounds while using Ali.

by christina

My best friend is a dietitian and has had many patients come to her after taking this and gaining all their weight back after they stopped taking it. Most patients complained about having to run to the bathroom all the time. That was the biggest complaint. From a dietary perspective, it allows for a well rounded healthy diet, but of course once you stop any kind of diet and go back to your old habits the weight comes back. You cannot take Alli forever. But for a quick 1-2 month fix and to jump start weight loss she recommends it.

Worked for Me!
by Jill B

The product really helped me stay on track, since I knew what the result would be if I didn't. I also liked the website for Alli. It gave me good advice and helped me with the calorie counting and meal planning. I would recommend this product to others. The only drawback I see is that the price is rather steep.

works but with pain
by Matt H

This product did work however at the expense of cramps and I became sick a few days into taking it. I had dropped 12 pounds in a month though.

by Pat Smith

I have been using Alli and it has helped me a great deal to lose weight and learn to control my fat intake.
I would recommend it to anyone.

Overall Great Product
by Tammy

I took Alli for two months. I saw it on sale and figured I would give it a try. This product does work however, be extremely careful of what you eat and have a bathroom nearby! I followed the guidelines on how much fat I was allowed to have to the T but frequently found myself rushing to the bathroom. I had to adjust the amount of fat intake several times until I found one that didn't cause adverse affects. It also took some time for my body to adjust after discontinuing the pills. Overall, I lost 15 lbs while on Alli and would recommend to people without digestive problems.

Works, but with a price
by Katie

I used this product for a month, along with diet and exercise. I had problems a few times a week with stomach cramps and diarrhea, which I can only attribute to these pills. However, I did lose 10 pounds in that month. I cannot determine with certainty that my weight loss can be attributed to alli, but I also cannot be certain of the opposite. I found the price a bit high, but with my pants a size smaller, I am much too pleased to scoff at it entirely. I would conclude that although alli may cause cramping, my waistline thanks it!

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not so great
by Diania

My mother took this. It caused her severe cramps, and she didn't loose weight because she had to stop taking it due to the cramps.

by christy

I think it worked fairly well. I really watched what I ate and exercised obsessively. I lost weight, so it must have helped somewhat.

Heard it works
by Taylor

From what I have heard about Alli, it really does work. My friend used it and lost almost 15 pounds. I would recommend it.