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weight loss
by ew

i suffer from hypothyriod.and i take synthriod pills.went online to fine a pill to go with my meds. tried thyro-slim was 335 before taking thyro-slim less than 4months went from 335 to 290!!! 45 pounds WOW! with NO exercise!!!would recommend thyro-slim it really works!! the key to the pills really working right is WATER!!!! you have to drink lots and lots of water!!!

I Swear by this Product!!!
by Elizabeth

I have been taking this product along with my prescription thyriod medicine. I go 10 days on and 10 days off. With the combination I have lost 25lbs, along with excersize and eating right! I feel great and I look better. Also, my thyriod levels are stable. Love it!

Only supplement I'll use
by ejmed

I use this from time to time when I hit a plateau. NO diet pill works unless you combine it with eating healthy foods and working out. I take the ten-day formula once in a while when I need to lose a few extra pounds.

I'm surprised so many people said this makes them feel jittery. I cannot tolerate coffee--one cup makes me jittery and upsets my stomach. This doesn't have that effect on me at all. The evening formula helps me sleep.

I like this product so much that I'd take it all the time if I didn't think it's a bad idea to supplement regularly with anything but vitamins.

Not a weight loss product
by Matt H

Not exactly a weight loss product. Should be more of an energy boosting product. 1 star for minimal energy boost

by stef

It gives you great energy, but I have not lost any weight. If you need an energy boost this is the one! I don't know what the PM does though. It didn't really do anything. I haven't gain any weight though. I would not drink any caffeine though (coffee). That is what will make you jittery.

Thyro-slim is a wonderful weight loss aid.
by Lea

its just been a week of taking this product. I Picked this product becuase I was told it work and give you a big energy boost. IT DOES, I love it. It gave me the energy I was lacking and it actually in prove my mood. I feel much more productive and much less bloated. Everything about this product it wonderful. I will remain taking it and working out 6 day a week until I meet my weight-loss goals. I been having trouble with the diet guidelines tho I been trying my best to not slip up in the no carb days. There is nothing I dont like about this product. I will buy it again and tell all my friends alot it.

waste of money
by sumathi

I also tried this product for more than a month and also followed all the instructions given. But it did not make any difference to me according to my expectation. Rather I wasted my time and energy. It does not cost too high, but what is the use if it does not work at all. So in my experience it did not work for me at all. So you guys don’t waste your money and time.

Waste of time and money!
by Frank

This product did not work for me what-so-ever! I followed the exact guidelines and everything that it told me to do, and did not shed one single pound. Don't be fooled by the attractive packaging and the catchy slogan, it is all a diversion for you to be tricked into buying a product that is junk! You would be better off with the Slim Fat diet than this garbage!

No noticeable effect
by Jen

My mother tried this product because of the fancy packaging and all the "scientific research" backing it up. She was convinced it had to work. She was disappointed when this pill did not help her lose weight at all. It did nothing for her. At least it isn't that expensive so she didn't waste much money on it.

Not so good
by Stanimir Yordanov

Yes, the product itself looks good, but doesn't work for me. The price is not high, but I didn't see any effects. It did not control my appetite at all. Do not get disappointed if it does not work for you.

by Sandy

Fancy packaging and lots of "government patent" type advertising leads one to believe this will really work. It made me very nervous and jittery and did nothing to help control appetite. I did not lose any weight because I was trying to eat to combat the side effects. Would not recommend.

best on the market for the price
by shannon

I have tried everything on the market from the cheap to the costly weight loss supplements. To me Thyro-slim works great for the price. I lost a great deal of weight and I had lots of energy all day unlike most weight loss supplements I've tried. Some weight supplements make you feel weak all day. Everyone should try this supplement. It is great.

Husband tried this because it sounded so great
by cjthedog64

My husband fell for the advertising on this one. It made so much sense how it would work and be wonderful for weight loss. The AM formula ended up making him very jittery, and the PM formula kept him in the bathroom all night. Up all night and hyper all day. That's not a very happy combination to lose weight.

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