f Tahitian Noni International Tahiti Trim Plan 40 Basics Pack Reviews and Information

Tahiti Trim Plan 40 Basics Pack

The Basics Pack also comes with the Plan 40 Getting Started Guide, your step-by-step companion to success. Women who are serious about weight loss and weight management will love all the Basics Pack has to offer.

Includes a 30-day supply of elemental components of the Tahiti Trim® Plan 40™ weight management program. This program includes a healthy diet, regular excercise, and proper supplementation.

Product: Tahiti Trim Plan 40 Basics Pack
Brand: Tahitian Noni International (More Products)
Size: 30 day supply
Dosage: Refer to specific product directions
Retail: $170.00
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5 Customer Reviews

by Andre

My brother used this system and he lost just over 20lbs in 4 months. He was very happy with the outcome of this program that he recommends all of his overweight friends to this system. He absolutely loves himself now and I can even say that he weighs less than I do right now.

A++ Product here.

Too expensive, not efficient!
by Frank

I tried this product right after the Thanksgiving holiday, for about a month. In my opinion I felt that this product was way overpriced and did not do what the product was supposed to do. Stay clear of this product, do not belive in what it tells you it can do for you! I have better things to spend $170 on besides a product that fails! If you want a product that works, try herbalife!

by Silvio Chiba

My mom bought this on a whim right after the holidays this year. She followed the directions, and she eventually lost some weight. She said that it was a very easy plan to follow and it was well worth her money.


I have been trying to lose weight for about a year now. Nothing else had worked for me until I tried Tahiti Trim plan. The drinks taste very good and the diet plan fit my schedule great. This plan gave me the food I wanted but also helped me lose weight. It is a little expensive but well worth it. I would definitely buy the pack again.

by Julia Adams

Besides myself, my mother is dieting. She has been saying she will go on her diet 'tomorrow' for 18 years, but of course, her food temptation would overpower her mind and she'd just keep saying tomorrow and eat everything in sight. So we decided to find something that would help her out more, and help her become better with her problem. She bought the Tahiti Trim Plan. She wasn't too happy about the price, but whatever looked good to her ,she had to try. The diet, the exercise, the supplements, she was not sure about, but once we looked everything over, and a couple of days of her trying it out, she now loves it, and said it is the best product she has ever used.