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AMAZING for migraines!
by Anonymous

I had menstrual migraines for many years thinking it was just "period" symptoms (blind spots in vision/auras, nausea, vomitting, waves of achyness). Through a lot of reading and investigation I finally discovered that my symptoms were actually migraines (caused by the sudden hormone changes that come with periods). Estrobalance stopped my migraines for six months when I started taking it! They started coming back on and off so over time I added Vitex (Chaste Berry Extract), Iron (to aid oxygen to the brain) and eliminated soy from my diet (because the body can address it as though it were estrogen). Since then, I've been completely migraine free and have NO symptoms with my periods - no pain, no cramps etc!! I recommend this to EVERY WOMAN because DIM is actually extremely healthy for us whether we "need" it to address specific symptoms or not. Take a look at the research and you'll see!

by Stephanie

Since I was a teen I have suffered mood swings when PMSng. Here I am pushing 40 and still have unbalanced hormones. Doctors say "Oh, its just PMS". I know my body and it is just not on track. A friend of mine told me she uses EstroBalance and it has helped her in so many ways. I have been taking EstroBalance for almost 3 weeks and I can see a HUGE difference in my moods and my PMS. I wish I would have discovered this product sooner! I love EstroBalance and for once in my life I feel calm and more at ease.

by Kirsten

I started taking Estrobalance nearly two months ago for peri-menopause craziness...I am SO relieved I discovered this product just by chance on the shelves at a natural food store. My energy is better, moodiness is gone, erratic, heavy periods normalized, thought process improved and I am finally and easily dropping the extra pounds I put on over the last two years. I hope I never read of any potential hazards of this product because it has returned my life to normal!

by Smit

I suffered from menstrual migraines for I started taking the Estrobalance along with bupropion and no more migraines...YES!! This is amazing.I just wish I would have found it earlier.

by Jessica M.

This past October I went off of the Depo Provera shot (birth control) after being on it for four years. After about 5-6 months of being off of it I began having really unpredictable "periods." It got to the point where I was spotting every other day for a few months straight. My skin went crazy and I was experiencing break-outs all of the time. My friend recommended EstroBalance to me and after about ten or so days of taking it I realized that I wasn't spotting anymore! My skin and my period are back to normal now and I have also noticed an improvement in my daily mood and energy. I would recommend this to anyone experiencing hormone related problems. I can hardly believe the difference this pill made!!!

It Works for Me!
by Anonymous

I have been using this product for six months to help my menopausal symptoms. I was having intense hot flashes several times per hour during the onset of menopause. I don't want to do HRT and so I first tried phyto-cream. It worked for a couple of months and the symptoms returned with a vengence. Then I read about DIM and heard about Estrobalance with DIM. It has worked for me! I did have to up my dosage to two tablets- one every 12 hours. No more hot flashes!

Great for pregnant women with discomfort
by Jack

When my wife became pregnant with our 2nd child 2 years ago, she started to complain about cramps she felt routinely at her lower belly and overwhelming stress at around 3rd month of pregnancy. Her OBGYN doctor recommended that she take EstroBalance to address this problem without affecting the baby. She said it was perfectly safe for the pregnancy.
After taking a tablet each morning for 2 weeks, my wife's cramps and her grudgy mood swings were all gone! She truly believes that this product created a direct impact on her comfort level; she had to cope with other pregnancy complications but they did not stop my wife from feeling good overall throughout the remainder of her pregnancy. She strongly recommends this product to all pregnant women who has similar discomfort problems!

by Alma

I don't know if these capsules where made for menopausal symptoms but they sure work for them. I started them three months ago for my memory fuzziness, moodiness and anxiety, due to my fluctuating hormones. Needless to say that if I knew it was going to be this helpful I would have tried them long ago. I am sleeping better and my moods are not all over the place like they used to be. One pill a day is all it takes. I would recommend them to my friends and my daughter is now taking them for her monthly discomfort.

works wonders
by Ashley

Like many women, the worst few days of the month are the days right before I get my period. I get the worst cramps and feel like I gain 10 pounds. My pants are tight, my breasts are tender, and I'm in an all-around bad mood. My doctor recommended that I take EstroBalance to ease the pain and effects. At first, I didn't really notice a difference until my fiancé mentioned that we hadn't fought in over 1 month! For us, that is a HUGE miracle. We generally bicker and have small fights over everything. Now, after three months of taking EstroBalance my cramps are less severe and my mood swings have vanished. This product has made my life much easier and more enjoyable. I'll definitely be buying more when I run out.

by michelle

Before I used this product I was like the PMS queen. I get really moody before my period comes. Ever since my cousin introduced this to me half a year ago, I have noticed a huge difference. I'm so much happier, and no more mood swings. So if you know anyone like me, this will be a great gift for both of you.

by Sandra

I have long heard that Estrogen helps everything from cramping to libido. I have tried this product for the benefits of ridding myself from all the PMS symptoms, and with a little added pleasure in the bedroom. It has helped with the bloating and mood swings. It also has the added bonus of helping with vaginal dryness. The only downside would be that it is a little pricey for my taste.

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by Brooke Jonsson

I've suffered from fibrocystic breast disease for the past year. After one week of being on estrobalance the soreness and tenderness went away. I'm so thank ful for this product. Anybody with this condition should give this product a try!!!!