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Extremely happy with results
by Toni

I was having hot flashes once every hour lasting about one minute each for a year. I was so extremely uncomfortable. I felt as though I had the flu all the time. Sweat would be dripping down my neck and would completely ruin my hair style. Now I will have an occasional very mild hot flash once a day without the sweating just a little warm. I did a test and went off the cream for three weeks and the hot flashes returned. It also has appeared to help improve my skin tone. This cream works great I don't know what I would do without it.

by Jess

It was just alright

by Lorena

Its very good better than any other ive tried. No more hot-flashes. Very useful.

by Gio Pie

Hot Flashes! I hated it and now I tried this and I am telling you that my hot flashes are gone and I do not have any worries. After using this product I know that I cannot change to any other product. If you have hot flashes, use this product! It worked for me and it should work for you.

by Lorri

Going through the menopause has it's ups and downs. Hot flashes are one of the downs and Estro-All Natural Estrogen Cream has been a big help to me. While it doesn't stop the hot flashes it does make them more bearable and they happen less often. My worst problem was the vaginal dryness and if you are a woman you know what that is like when being intimate with your husband. This cream has relieved the dryness and even increased my natural lubrication. It also doesn't have any bad side effects like prescription estrogen pills. You need to use it everyday to keep the benefits and I feel that relief of these symptoms is well worth the price.

Hot Flashes
by Eric Forbes

Estro-All is great. My wife has been suffering through hot flashes during her days at work until I went and bought this off the Internet. After using is just once we have seen significant changes. She has not had major hot flashes since. But we wanted to see what would happen if she didn't take it. Within 24 hours of no Estro-All she had a hot flash. This product works if you want to always use it!

So so
by sindy

This product cut my hot flashes by about 60%. Though it didn't completely eliminate them, I can now wear long sleeve shirts. It took about 2 months of using this product daily for it to finally work.

good for dryness
by ndy

I have used this estrogen for sometime, and I must say it works really good in relieving dryness. However, I noticed that any day I do not take it, I always have hot flashes,otherwise it is good.

It worked for me
by Jessica

After being pregnant I suffered from dryness that was uncomfortable. My doctor recommended using something like this to solve that. So I used this for a couple of weeks and it worked for me. It helped with the dryness I was feeling.

Estro-all natural estrogen cream
by C. Morris

I recently had a hysterectomy, instead of going on the estrogen patch. I asked my Dr about an alternative. The dr recommended using this product. The product doesn't carry all the side effects the patch carries. Since I'm a breast cancer survivor I would be at greater risk. I've been using the cream for a couple months and I haven't had any ill side effects, the hot flashes, etc. are at a minimal.

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