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Climaxol™ is a nutritional matrix formulated to supplement the female orgasm enhancing nutrients you don't find in your everyday diet. As part of a healthy lifestyle, the natural nutrition in Climaxol™ can help you revitalize your sex life . . . without negative side effects.

Climaxol™ contains a proprietary blend of natural herbs designed for maximum results.
With Climaxol™ as your female sexual enhancement, you can enjoy:

Delight in the warm waves of Climaxol™ bliss!
Enhanced pleasure during sex
Natural support for your orgasmic pleasure
Boosted mood and confidence
Physical and emotional benefits of orgasm-released endorphins
Better overall health
Forget the stress of working yourself into an unreachable orgasm. Your simple answer waits within each tablet of all-natural Climaxol™!

Call 800-875-0850 now to try Climaxol™ risk-free!
Product: Climaxol
Brand: MicroNutra (More Products)
Size: 30 Tablets
Dosage: Use as needed.
Retail: $57.00
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3 Customer Reviews

by Michele Wadley

I have had no libido for a while now and it's been frustrating in my relationship and causing problems. I have tried several things even going through a doctor and nothing seems to work. This works. It's fantastic. My relationship is saved.

Great Product!!
by Dan

My girlfriend and I have found success with Climaxol. We struggled through our first year of the relationship with sex, she could not orgasm without a vibrator. Now with her taking Climaxol she reaches orgasm every time we have intercourse. It has helped our relationship all around. Now we are both satisfied and it is all because of Climaxol.

Climaxol changed everything for me
by Bethanee

I started taking Climaxol because I had absolutely no sex drive after I had my son. I started fighting terribly with my fiancé because it would be weeks, sometimes months before we would have sex. Now I have my sex drive back and I am less stressed. I am so much happier and I know it's because of Climaxol. Every women with this problem should try Climaxol.