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by LaChica

I just love the way my husband has changed his ways. He can't keep up with me anymore.

Gotta Have It!
by Lori

I started using Avlimil 7 years ago to help with my extremely low sexual enjoyment. It gave me a little help, but it's the only product that give me any help at all, and I've tried everything. But, I stopped using it 4 months ago because we needed to trim our budget. I now know that it gave me more help with sexual pleasure that I thought. But the biggest help I get from Avlimil is with my chronic depression and perimenopause symptoms. I have gone back to the emotional mess I was 7 years ago and have realized that it was the Avlimil that gave me my life back after years of depression. I won't take anti-depressants drugs because of the harmful side effects and addiction I see in other family members. I love that Avlimil is made from natural herbs that balance by body instead of taking it over like drugs do. I'm ordering it again today because I gotta have it.

It works!
by wil599

These are just magic! Try asking my live in girlfriend of three years.. ;)

Thank Goodness for Avlimil Complete!!!
by Paula

I have tried many different things for mood swings night sweats and PMS symptoms .This is the only thing i have found that help control all of my symptoms.I cant thank you enough.

by Donna Arrington

I have been taking Avlimil for over 4 years now. I can't live without it. I had PMS so bad I couldn't stand myself. Avlimil has taken that away and helped in so many other ways. When I run out it only takes days for me to get back into that mood where everything irritates me, even the simply things. The best thing is it is all natural. I had my doctor check it out and he couldn't find any reason for me not to use it. I have recommended it over and over to family and friends and they are amazed at how it works. I will use it for the rest of my life.

best for me
by Stephen

I have been taking this product for 2 weeks now and the results are fascinating. The otherwise dumb sexual life of mine has taken a new turn. Really blessed to have such a nice product on the market. Tried many products but this is the best of all. Everyone should try this to enjoy the benefits.

Avimil Complete
by Arvinder

Awesome product. Using this product for about 1 month. This has improved my sex life a lot. I was tense that I would not be able to continue my marriage because of low sex drive but this awesome product has been a boost to my married life. I feel more complete now. There are no side effects at all and all I know now is that I am living life to the fullest now. I will definitely continue this in the future.

No Effect
by Brandy

I tried out this after seeing all the hype about it. I took it for about a month. During that time I did not see a improvement. I started taking this because I have low hormone levels and low libido. I can say that this is very expensive, and the pills have a funny taste smell. It may work for some but not everyone.

Hormone Help
by Jennifer

I saw an ad for this on television and had to try it. I have been taking it for a year now and love it. It has helped better than any prescription the doctor gave me. My hormones were all messed and I am getting older so I tried this and it really helped me. I am more calm and feel better.

Frustration is now gone.
by William Duong

My wife suffered from a loss of a sex drive after the death of her father. It wasn't that she did not want to, but it was that she couldn't get excited enough. It took almost 3 years before she found Avlimil Complete. Once she started using it she found that she was finally able to get over her frustrations of her sex drive.

welll worth it
by Lr

when I had a hysterectomy, I did not know it would really change my sex life. Well it did, and not for the good either. I thought that I would not enjoy things like before. To my surprise, once I tried Avlimil Complete, I found that it helped my whole life, not just my sex life. thanks

Didn't work for me
by ljcm

I tried this around the same time my husband tried the Enzyte. It just didn't work, I still had very little libido. I am still searching for something that will hopefully give me that spark back in my life. The price on this was quite expensive and I just didn't find it worth the money.

Great Stuff
by Kristina Richardson

Myself and my husband are very, very thankful I decided it was time to try something. I've had 3 kids not to mention all the stress that goes along with running a house, kids and work.. Things went downhill after our 2nd child but once our 3rd arrived it was non-existent. This helped so very much. My interest peaked tremendously, not to mention the sensations skyrocketed. I will remain on this for a very, very long time!

Regained sex drive
by D

After giving birth my sex drive was very low and even though my man was supportive, I wanted the libido back in my life. I saw an advertisement for this I decided to try it. After a few weeks taking this product I noticed my sex drive coming back a little a time. It has really helped and my husband was very pleased. It was a little pricey but he said it was worth the money.

by sherry

After having a baby, I had postpartum depression. I had no sexual drive and rarely enjoyed intimacy. A friend recommended this product to me. The price seemed real high but then I had to try something. So I gave it a go and I was so impressed with this product. It is worth every penny. My libido shot up and my relationship with my husband has regained that spark that we had when we first got married 16 years ago. I have never been more satisfied, if you know what I mean. I definitely recommend this product. It is not a high price considering how it saved my relationship.

Buy This
by Jeff

Wow, my wife used to have a very low sex drive. Now that she has started to take Avlimil Complete, that has really changed. She has increased her libido and drive tremendousley and with no adverse side effects. The price is pretty steep, but in the long run you will not regret it!!!

Feel Like Myself Again
by Annalisa

After going through a period of depression, I felt like I had lost that "lovin' feeling" a little bit. This product helped me regain it and feel like myself again. What a small price to pay for a healthier marriage!

Avlimil Complete
by Kathy

After a hysterectomy "wrecked" my love life, I thought I was doomed to be an old crone. I left my desire for sex at the hospital as well as my diseased reproductive organs. I was depressed and just plain out MAD that I no longer wanted or enjoyed sex. My hubby was very understanding but I felt I was letting him down, and the chance he might stray was always there in the back of my mind.
Sitting in my gynecologist's office I became engaged in a conversation with another woman. Low and behold, she had been thru the same experience I was now going thru. But she had her sex drive back thanks to Avlimil Complete so I got some and now so do I. Nevermind the high price you cannot put a price on happiness.

Avlimil Complete
by Sandra Blake

I used this product after going through a divorce and not having a great deal of libido. It doesn't work overnight. However, once it is in your system it really increases your sex drive. I had no other side effects and the only downside would be the price.

great for us both
by Patty

My wife is several years older than me and we found our sex drives to be very different. She spoke to a close friend of ours who suggested Avlimil Complete. We gave it a shot and after about a month, my wife found that she was experiencing both increased desire and performance. The price is a little high, but we both think it's worth it.

Big Big Change
by Angie M

I went through an early change of life and lost interest in sex- while my husband surely didn't. A friend turned me onto this and after about a month and a half I noticed my desire as well as my experience improved tremendously. Pricey but who can put a price on great sex.

Better Sex Life
by Stacy

Ok, I tried this product and it actually helped. It does take awhile to get into your system but once it does, it surely helps you. If you can afford to buy them and stay on these pills, then be prepared for a better sex life.

by Janet Higdon

This stuff works great when taken on a regular basis. It usually takes a couple of months for it to reach it's full potential. I find the price to be somewhat of a draw-back for if you can afford it, prepare to be WOWed.

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