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Desperate Diana
by Colleen Callaway

Let me just say that I was desperate. I'm 23 years old and have never been able to have an orgasm with a partner. IN ONE DAY!! I took Elexia before I saw my boyfriend and the sex and my first orgasm ever was out of this world. I have an herb and I'm deffinately sticking to it. Everyone's body is different and I was skeptical reading the reviews but it deffinately was worth giving it a try. I'm just getting off AD's and on birth control so achieving orgasm was always impossible for the past 5 years but Elexia worked it seriously worked. I'm NEVER telling my guy my secret I want him to think that that big O was all him.. it's good for the ego. Hope this helped.

Loved it!!
by Sassy sissy

Worked for me and I loved it.. Recommend this to anyone!!! Thanks Elexia!!!

bad results
by none

dont work

Didn't work for me
by Pattie

I was stressed and had no interest in sex when my hubby brought these home. We thought I just needed a little relaxation and (natural) enhancement. I stayed on this for a week with no results to show at all. The second week, I doubled the dose and still no change. It may work for others, but for me... it did nothing.

Didn't help me
by Jen

My boyfriend got this for me because I was on prozac which decreases sexual pleasure and energy. I tried it a few times and it didn't work at all. On prozac I could not reach orgasm and on this I was not able to reach orgasm either. I was hornier but that was about it. The fact I was hornier made it even worse because I was so horny but could not orgasm and thus very frustrating. But because I was on prozac the effects might be different if you are not on a SSRI. But personally I would not buy it again.

Kind of worked
by Patti

Going through the menopause and having the stress of caring for aging parents plus my own family my sex life seemed to nose dive. I am too young to not want to be intimate with my husband but just couldn't "get in the mood" for it. I was searching the internet for ideas and came across this product. It seemed reasonably priced, seemed to make sense to me and so I bought it. I was a little skeptical it would work and at first it didn't seem to work but after taking it for 3 weeks I did notice an improvement. My husband noticed it also and so I will continue to use it. I don't know if everyone will get the same results but it's well worth the price to try it.

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