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by Kandie

We both took two capsules about two hours before getting frisky. We didn't know exactly what to expect from this supplement. We got it on, and neither of us are sure it did anything special to enhance out mating session fun. We will take two a day for a month and take two more a couple of hours before getting physical and see what happens. He's 55 and in great physical shape from bicycle and I am the one who needs rejuvenated.

by wil599

It just does not work at all. Don't even waste your money on this.

by Kr

Don't waste your money. It didn't do a thing for me.

my husband bought this for me
by mroyer1459

My husband bought this for me awhile ago thinking that maybe it would improve our sex life but to be completely honest with you it didn't change a thing.

It worked for me!
by Pattie

I had tried another product, with no real results, so I was hesitant to buy another brand. I am SO glad I did! I was feeling SO stressed from work and was not in the mood, but a few days after taking these, that all changed! I was relaxed and ready to be 'normal' again, and I thank this product for bringing back my sex drive!

Horny Goat Weed
by Wendy Collins

This does not work. Not for me personally. I hope it does work for someone.. But this is NOT for me. I have taken it several times with no results. I have still not found anything really that works for women other than a couple of creams. I haven't talked about this product because it didn't work for me. I will not be buying this product again.. unless it is an ingredient in a product, then I might. For me it didn't live up to what it says it will do.

Best for me
by Arvinder

Taking this product for 2 weeks now and the results are fascinating. My sex life has taken a new turn. Really blessed to have such a nice product on the market. Tried many products but this is the best of all. Everyone should try this to enjoy the benefits.

All In Your Head
by Rhonda

I tried this and I believe it is all in your head. As far as any results, I'd have to chalk them up to the power of positive thinking. Very few of these libido enhancers have any etiology or sensible theory to build upon anyway. I wouldn't try it to cure any extinct sex drive, but if you are just adding it for fun, I'd believe that it makes you think it had somehow effected you, which that alone will help the situation. It wouldn't change or cure a frigid woman in my opinion, but then again little would.

by Jarmelia Ladson

It did nothing for me. I actually took more than required and it still did nothing for me. I did feel a little relaxed though but that was about it. My sister on the other hand used it and she was wild! She said it improved her "life".

What a surprise!
by Corri

I bought this for my best friend as a gag gift for her bachelorette party. Who knew an item with such a funny name would work so well! Every time I talk to her, she thanks for me introducing this item into her and her new husband's life. After all of her raving, I had to try it for myself, and she knew what she was talking about. I'd recommend this for any women who wants to wake up her sex life.

Didn't Work
by Stacy

Horny Goat Weed really doesn’t increase libido, despite its name. I took this product for months without any results. It didn’t not have any side effects that I experienced, but it failed to have a positive effect on my libido.

Great Wedding Shower gift!
by Candice

Yes I got this in a gift basket during my wedding shower, and all the laughing aside at being called a horny goat for my honeymoon, my husband and I highly enjoyed the effects this supplement provides!

Not for everyone
by Kim

I have heard great reviews from a couple of people who have used this. I had a decrease in libido for about three years and my marriage was on the brink. I tried this product for a while and had no effect. I also had trouble swallowing which is normal for me. I consulted with my doctor who pinpointed that my birth control was having an effect on my libido. He was right. Its better to pinpoint your problem and fix it than rely on pills.

Nothing special
by stacy myers

My husband actually found this for me, I have warned him in the past that these things are usually bogus. I really didn't feel a thing, yes we have a great time, but I didn't turn into a sexual dynamo or anything! I say save your money and come up with more creative ways of having fun in bed!

by Judith

I had always assumed that this product was only for men........WRONG! Wow, I noticed quite a difference not only in desire but level of pleasure obtained. This is a definite addition to my medicine cabinet.....

Great name even better product!
by dee

I was skeptical at first considering the name and the low price as to how effective the product would be. Boy was I surprised. This product really works for increasing sex drive and pleasure. I give it an A+.

It does work!
by Sassyswt

I recently gave this a shot, and it does work! My husband noticed a big change in my libido and in our sex life. I highly recommend this item. I gave it a shot, and got results!

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by john

I use Horny Goat Weed to get me going. It really does work for me. I get erections during the day just looking at woman or thinking about them. I actually start cumming while I'm still on the limp side as well. I'm serious.