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Cleopatra vitamin
by Dee

THIS STUFF WORKS!! I started using cleopatra to improve my post-babies sex drive. I feel 19 again ( I was 19 in 1994)! Thanks cleopatra, I finally got my sexy back!

Love it!
by Laura

I initially took it for PMS symptoms. My cycle had extended from 4 weeks to 6 weeks and unfortunately, my PMS was unbearable-bloated tummy for a week! I got on Cleopatra and it has brought my cycle back to 4 weeks. On this last cycle, I didn't even know I was about to start. My OB-GYN read the ingredients and was surprised to see so many beneficial herbs in one bottle. It has helped me a lot and my sex drive is right on target as well.

Reduces hot flashes
by Mimi

I heard about this product from a friend who takes it for hot flashes; she said it was effective for her, and I'm in my late 40's suffering with hot flashes esp at work where it is really inconvenient, to say the least. So I've been taking it for a month and it works well for me. It worked right away to reduce hot flashes. I'm also finding a gradual increase in my libido, which has been nil post-surgery 5 months ago, up until now. I only have to take it every other day and it cuts the hot flashes off to a minor heating of the face instead of a major sweating episode lasting 10 minutes, and has also greatly reduced the night sweats and helped my energy levels. Maybe that's due to getting better rest. I think it's a great product at a great price.

Different Reasons
by Loni

I actually didn't buy this product for Libido help... but I am in my 20's and get hot flashes and felt as though my hormones were a little off. I saw it in the women's section, and for 8 bucks thought I would give it a shot! I have been taking it for a week now, and I have not had nearly as many hot flashes. Also, I take it first thing in the morning, and I find that the Ginseng and Guarana in it give me a little boost in the morning! I see that three others don't care for it on here, but for me- it was a nice surprise for the 8 bucks!

by Jessica Elmore

I took this product every day for two months, starting about five months ago. I originally purchased it because it was cheap and I was curious as to whether it would work or not. Unfortunately, I cannot say that I noticed any difference in my sex drive. Sure, there were times when I felt more interested than others, which I very much wanted to attribute to the pills. Looking back, I realize that these times were no more or less frequent than any other time frames in my adult life. I did the calculations, and at fifteen cents per pill, you get what you pay for. I would not recommend Cleopatra - you should probably spend the extra money on a product that actually works.

Don't Recommend
by melissa

The product did nothing at all. I would not recommend it to anyone. It was a complete waste of my money. It does have an exciting name, but that is all it is, just a name. Skip this one.

waste of money
by Karen

Picked it up intrigued by the name and thought it couldn't hurt to give it a try. Unfortunately it did not bring out the Cleopatra or any other exciting side of me.

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