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by Anonymous

i have read up on estroven black cohosh is the main herb for hormone balance i am taking this product right now it is wonderful no more hot flashes and sweats i sleep all night my moodness is better i recommend this product i also heard estroven maximum works wonders too thanks

by tammy hiatt

I have tried this product with much succes. It helps with the night sweats and helps me to stay asleep at night

by gautam

i liked the product. very efficient

Good choice
by David

I took this product for a month after receiving a sample in the mail. It seemed to help some but not as much as another product that I have tried and stuck with, but it might work better for other women. It just didn't seem to relieve many of my menopausal systems.

by julia

My aunt took this supplement years ago, and it does help a great lot with hot flashes and sleepless nights. She took this for a while and passed the word down to the family. She told everyone it would work like a charm. Now, my mom takes it, and I do for my post menopausal hot flashes, sweating, and sleepless nights. It works well, and I'm going to start buying it more often. I really like this product.

by Laura Bailey

I have used this product for menopausal symptoms but did not notice a significant difference in hot flashes or mood swings. I probably needed to take it for a longer period of time but switched to another product with better results.

Pretty good for perimenopausal ladies too
by Megan

I am 19 years old with post-menopausal estrogen levels. My local pharmacist recommended Estroven as a remedy for my night sweats, hot flashes, insomnia, etc. While I have not experienced a complete turnaround, the symptoms have definitely diminished since I started taking it regularly. There are still flare-ups, but on the whole it's a lot more manageable. I would definitely recommend this product.

Stop the Hot Flashes
by Cindy B

I really really wanted to go through menopause naturally. But hot flash after hot flash drove me CRAZY. I never thought they would last all day and night. I found these Estroven Caplets and they have helped so much. A girlfriend of mine told me about them and I am so glad. This is one product I would pay double for. They are worth every last cent.

Life is so much cooler now!
by Crystal Neal

I have taken this product for about 3 months now and it has been a godsend for my hot flashes. Seldom do I wake up in the middle of the night any more, burning up with sweat, and my moods seem to be much better. I started to take this particular brand after I received a month supply sample in the mail. I like the fact that it is all natural. I reccommend this product to my female family and friends.

Wonderful stuff but be patient
by Becky Davis

I have taken Estroven for a few years now and love the relief from night sweats, anxiety and irritability. The hardest part is taking it consistently until the symptoms slowly dissipate which can take up to one month.

The Nicer Me
by Donna Murray

As menopause rears it's ugly head, so do I. I have become irritable and frustrated with the fact that everyday life is so difficult to tackle. I started with regular strength Estroven Caplets and seem to have more patience with my family and myself. I take one caplet daily and a noticeable difference was seen by all. My kids are not afraid to approach me and my husband is attracted to me again. As far as price goes, it's inexpensive for the results it provides.

sleeping soundly
by Alma

These caplets are a godsend. Ever since the onset of menopause I have been experiencing hot flashes, night sweats, insomnia and mood swings. With all the controversy surrounding estrogen therapy that was not an alternative for me. I have been on Estroven now for 2 months and I sleep through the night , the sweats are less severe and my mood swings have diminished. I wish I has taken these sooner.

It really works!
by Angel

My sister is a firm believer in this product.
She recently had a hysterectomy. She has to take something because, with the surgery, it put her into menopause at an early age.
She no longer has hot-flashes and #1 she is not irritable.
Yes...this is a great product!!

Glad I had this during Menopause
by bkhall

I took Extroven at the beginning of my menopause. I am most delighted in it's ability to control hot flashes, mood swings, and sleep disorders that accompany this phase in a woman's life. I was determined to find something natural. My friend's mother suggested I try this, as she had been taking it and was really pleased in it's ability to do what it promised to do. I am so glad I did. I just wish I had know about it sooner. The caplets are easy to swallow.

Great supplement
by theepa

During the rough patches of menopause, my mom started taking this supplement as suggested by her friend. It kept her hormones under control, making her less moody and dealing with menopause with comfort.

by sue

This product is excellent. I just wish it was cheaper. I would stock up on it if it was. I start taking it a week or so before anything important comes up because it makes me feel so sharp and aware.

Great Natural product!
by Corri

I just started using this product within the last 3 weeks. Since I've started, I have not had one hot flash, which I used to get very frequently. I also love how this product is all natural. I get concerned with putting too many non-natural products in my body. Overall, I would highly recommend this product to all women going through their "change". A+

Great Product
by Tami

This Estroven is wonderful. What a great help it was for me. During the time of menopause, this product helped me with hot flashes and moodness that I would have all day if I hadn't taken this product. My hat goes off to this product .

Helps Some Symptoms
by Kasandra

While this product didn't stop all of the symptoms for the person I knew who took it, it did help her. It was a much better alternative to HRT and a lot less hard on the body. The nice thing was it could be purchased at the grocery store and was a lot less expensive than prescriptions. I would suggest women try this before trying HRT.

Good estrogen supplement.
by spb

My mother had a tough time during her menopause and she is very particular on natural kind of medicines. With Estroven she got good relief from hot flashes. She is comfortable with this product.

They Really Work
by Tonya

I used these for 10 months (I now take the extra strength). Estroven caplets are a great way to improve your mood, have less hot flashes, and improve your sleep ( if you are experiencing fluctuations in your hormone levels). They are also cheaper and safer then traditional hormone therapy.

two thumbs up
by Patty

While I have yet to hit menopause, my mother certainly has. She tried several estrogen supplements and has finally settled on Estroven. We both like that this is a natural product. While she says it takes longer to kick in than some other products she's tried, she says it's a fine trade off in her mind.

Less night sweats and dry skin itching
by Jenny

After having a hysterectomy, I was placed on standard HRT. I had some bloating problems from it as well as some worries about the recent controversy over it's safety. I switched to Estroven tablets about 7 months ago, which are soy based, preferring a more natural and safer plant based approach. I have noted that my night sweats, very similar to hot flashes, have lessened a great deal and the problems with dry skin leading to itching and discomfort is also much less. My short temper, irritability, and crying spells have abated somewhat and I am hopeful that long term use of the Estroven will eventually put me back to the more balanced person I was before the surgery.

Estroven Caplets
by Dorene R.

I have been using these Estroven Caplets since I started seeing the first signs of menopause. I can see a huge improvement in the way I feel since I started taking them. I no longer have night sweats and I am less moody. These caplets are wonderful!

Wonderful HRT for Prescription HRT
by Kathy

Okay, let's get real. Price price price! In these days of uninsured and no prescription plans, Estroven Caplets are a godsend. No side effects. I repeat, we all know the side effects of estrogen. After taking prescription estrogen for 6 years, due to reports linking it to breast cancer, I decided it was time to go exploring for a safe alternative that actually worked. Girlfriends this is it!!

by gshort

This is a nice product to use as an alternative to using HRT. It does work in relieving hot flashes, but takes longer. I have used it when I did not have the other alternative product that I have used.

Estroven vs HRT
by Jules D

I was on traditional HRT therapy for a bit of time when studies came out that raised some contoversy over whether this was wise. I panicked, because I knew first hand how hot flashes and insomnia affected me. I came upon Estroven, which is a natural alternative, with some skepticism. I decided to try it, and have never looked back- it immediately calmed me and relieved my hot flashes. Yes, I still get some, but this has been a great relief. I'm also sleeping much better, which is a gemuine relief.

Natural Reliefr
by Roxane Martindale

I use this in combination with progesterone cream and am essentially symptom free now. I used to have severe night sweats and never slept longer than an hour at a time. Estroven is a plant based supplement, so it is safe as well as effective.

by carol1560

I like this product. I have used it to calm my hot flashes. It is all natural and easy to obtain. Walmart carries it and I am in business. The big plus for me is that it is all natural and no doctor's appointments and such. I found though you must keep it in your system for it to work effectively. It is a great bargain as well. I take it every night.

by Sylvia Brewer

I tried estroven for 4 weeks for hot flashes and mood swings due to menopause, but this did not help me in any way, so I stopped taking them.

Great results
by Angie M

I went through an early change of life in my late 30's and have used this natural product for some time now with very good results. Because it is soy based and all natural I prefer this to the medicine I first was prescribed by my gynocologist.

Hormonal Balance
by Joanne B

I need only one Estroven Caplet a day to help control symptoms of menopause such as irritability and hot flashes. I'm not really sure how it works, but I can feel a real difference on the days I forget my capsule in the morning.

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