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by Anonymous

Hi i have tried this product for menopause it works great i recommend this product

by Shannon Kimsey

My mom uses this product, and she says it makes a really big difference in her menopausal symptoms.

by missynall

I'm now doing hormone replacement therapy and that was just not preventing the night sweats after my hysterrectomy. I added this product and finally have relief. I would say that it did not completely eliminate my hot flashes during the day, but those were never bothering me that much. Waking up sopping wet from sweat was really interrupting my sleep and this helped.

by Pam

I tried this via the real hormone replacement therapy and really didn't notice any difference. Not sure it helped me still on a search. However, I would not rate it bad, I believe we all react differently to various supplements.

This product is great!! As long as I take it everyday I have no more night sweats and fewer hot flashes. This also helps regulate my mood around my period since I am peri-menopausal. I love this product and the fact that I no longer wake up and feel like I wet the bed is a very big plus!! I would recommend it to any woman who is entering menopause.

by Wendy Collins

I first got this as a sample and this is another product you must take for up to 2 weeks to start seeing results but you WILL see results before the 12 weeks they allow. My night sweats have ceased, hot flashes are lessing, I sleep better and do not wake up burning up. My feet were the worst about being HOT HOT but not anymore. Thanks Remifemin! I will buy this again and I have told people about it. I hope they did try it.. It works, but you MUST give it time to get into your system.

by JJ

I got a sample of this for my mother when she was going through menopause, because she was really having a tough time. I told her to start taking it, and within 3 days she told me that it worked pretty good and she felt better. She could sleep better and she said she wasn't having as many hot flashes. She is still moody at times, but this product is a winner.

Good choice
by Crystal Neal

I took this product for a month after receiving a sample in the mail. It seemed to help some but not as much as another product that I have tried and stuck with, but it might work better for other women. It just didn't seem to relieve many of my menopausal systems.

works for some
by diane post

This product has not worked for me although I have given it a chance. I like it because it is all natural and there are no side effects. On the other hand my sister in law is taking the product and it is working very well for her. She no longer suffers from night sweats or irritability, and I think this is a big plus for women that do not want to start taking risky hormone therapy. I am only guessing that this product, remifemin, will work for a lot of women that need to use it, and maybe not work for others. I think it would be well worth the chance to take, to buy remifemin and see for yourself. I do personally know women friends that it is working for.
I think it must be a fine product if the majority find it useful.

by Amanda Rhoads

I have been using Remifemin for over six months and it is great. I think it is more affective than taking hormone replacement therapy. It relieved the night sweats and sleep disturbances as well as my mood swings. I also recommended this to several women in my family and they take it as well. Definitely well worth the money!

A Safe and Effective Alternative
by jud655

This products DOES all it claims to do. It DOES reduce the symptoms of menopause and it is hormone free, which is such a concern. It is all natural, safe and easy on the system. I recommend it for all stages of menopause. Wonderful product!

I like it
by zheng

This product worked great. Night sweats and mood swings are gone. I feel like a "normal" person again. So much better then the estrogen the doctor had me on. Recommend very strongly, especially for those who do not like prescription medications.

by Maysie

I received a sample of this product and decided to try it and see how it worked. I am so grateful, it helped tremendously for me; my hot flashes, night sweats, and mood swings have greatly decreased. Since my hot flashes started when I was 37 (early menopause runs in my family), I figured I would have problems for years, but this product has really helped.

Great Choice!
by Jennifer H.

I totally recommend Remifemin for women who are experiencing menopausal symptoms such as mood swings, hot flashes, and night sweats. It's a great alternative to prescription hormone replacement therapy and it really works! I am hooked on this and am thankful that I finally found an alternative that actually does what its supposed to! I'm living the good life now!!

Menopause relief
by mar438

This is the most effective product I have found for menopause.I started getting hot flashes at 45 and the hot flashes were unbearable, until I found Remifemin. I am now 51 and I can honestly say that this product works like it says.

by Lori R

My Doctor gave me a free sample of Remifemin Menopause Tablets and it worked great. My hot flashes and night sweats were gone. I was concerned with using a hormone therapy, but with Remifemin I was assured, because it is a natural replacement.

by gshort

A wonderful alternative to HRT. Being a nurse and researching alternative treatments, I was able to get a month supply directly from the company and loved the product. It worked great for relieving the hot flashes and mood swings. I highly recommend this to others and send them directly to the company's website to request a free month supply.

Really helps!
by Angel C.

My mom got a sample of Remifemin in the mail a while ago and loved it so she decided to buy a box. It really helped her with her mood swings, hot flashes, and irritability. Let me tell you this woman was quite crabby before she started taking Remifemin. Now she seems to be back to normal and says the pills help her tremendously with the effects of menopause. I know for one my dad is extremely grateful for these pills. Thank God for Remifemin, haha.

Great alternative to hormone replacement therapy
by cheryl

I chose not to go through hormone replacement therapy and had heard good things about Remifemin. I tried this great alternative to HRT, and it has greatly helped the hot flashes and mood swings.

Healthy HRT Alternative
by Roxane Martindale

Along with estroven and progesterone cream, I have used Remifemin to alleviate hot flashes and night sweats. Remifemin black cohosh is formulated in a special way so that you are always getting the correct amount. It costs more than bottles of black cohosh herbs, but I tried those and they did not help at all.

by Laura Bailey

This product gives almost immediate relief from hot flashes. I have also noticed that my mood swings have diminished immensely. I have tried other over-the-counter products for menopause but this is the ONLY one that has actually give me results. I started using the product through a free sample.

by sherry

Well I don't have night sweats or hot flashes, but I do have mood swings and irritability, and the occasional sleeplessness. I didn't really want to do the hormones and I was looking for a more natural way to deal with the mood and irritability factor. This product proved to be both effective and natural.

by barbara

when I reached menapause my doctor suggested harmone therapy but with all the "could be's I decided against it. About the time when my hot flashes were at its worst I began to look on line for information on alternative treatment. Fortunately for me I found there website and they sent me a months supply to try free.
After using the product by the end of the month my flashes became far and few between. I still use this product and flashes for me are now very rare.

This works great
by Gblack

I am writing this for my mom who went through menopause. She used this a lot and she didn't seem too bugged out. She told me that she really likes it and gave some to her friends.

by Betty D.

Although I had no idea what was causing it at the time, I started having really weird "hot flashes" that just suddenly appeared at the "drop of a hat". It gave me a really panicky feeling & I didn't know what to do. A friend recommended trying Remifemin & I tried it. After a month's trial, I am virtually "flash-free".

Great Product
by Victoria Jarrett

After finding out I had a bad reaction to HRT I didn't know where to turn. I found a sample of Remifemin on the web and tried the product. Wow, no hot flashes, no night sweats, no nausea!!! Can you say impressed?!!!

Love this Product
by Cathy Weaver

I had problems after my hysterectomy, 6 years ago, with taking prescription HRT. My mother-in-law sent me a box of Remifemin and I have used it ever since. This has been a wonderful product. The night sweats are gone, the breast tenderness I used to experience with prescription HRT is gone and I haven't had a hot "flash" in over 4 years. Thank you for this life saver.

Has made a positive difference
by Orla

I stopped taking prescription estrogen after all the studies showed it could have bad side-effects, and thought I was stuck when my menopause symptoms returned. Remifenin has been a god-send, since it's elminated most of my hot flashes and night sweats, and I know it's safe and natural.

I am Alive!
by Sherry Ward

I had a hysterectomy so automatically I went through an early menopause. Since, I tried estrogen therapy for 6 months but it didn't work and it wasn't for me. I tried Remifemin and my menopausal problems went away. My husband just loves the new me.

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by Jackie

Hi i have tried this product its great and i sleep better and dont wake up sweating i recommend this product to all the women thanks

soy balance menopause
by Jackie Bonvillain

Hi i have tried this product for a month its a great porduct for menopause solutions i never felt so better i recommened this product to all the women thats gone thur menopause thanks Jackie