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by maria loya

Estraval is wonderful it changed the way i felt within a week all my symptoms were gone.This was life changing.i feel so much better i dont even remember how bad i felt before.

by Jenny P. Mom and Grandmom

Estraval has really changed my life.Within 3 days of taking this product my Hot flashes were gone 100%.My energy level is much better and my overall concentration and focus have improved.I am sleeping much better as well.
I'm 54 years old, and wish I would have know about this great Product 2 years ago when this ( Change of Life ) was taking a toll on my Family as well as myself. I have taking this Dietary Supplement for about 6 weeks with no side effects.I have recommended EstrAval to my Friends. Thanks, J.P.

by sunci

I have been taking estraval for about one week I am 76 and still having hot flushes at night. Hoping it will take effect soon. I have great confidence in this product since my daughter ordered it for me. Wish me luck, not fun at my age to have hot flushes at night.

by Donna

This product has changed my life! I am not in menopause but at 41 nearing it. Since having my child at 32 I have had rages I finally realized were due to some deficiency or homone imbalance. Within 24 hours of taking this all my anger/rage was gone! I am even keeled ALL the time - it has changed my life, my relationship with son and husband. FANTASTIC...except I CANNOT lose weight! It is somehow preventing me from losing a recent weight gain - so this is very frustrating.

by Lynne

Estraval from Melaleuca is amazing. I have been taking another natural product for the past 2 1/2 years.
I can't believe the change in my Menopausal symptoms since starting with Estraval just 2 months ago. Or I should say menopausal symptoms...what menopausal symptoms...I don't have any, anymore. I am 47 years old.

by Barbara Davis

Estraval has cut down on my HOT flashes and Night sweats at least 80%. I only have a hot flash maybe once a month instead of several times a week, same with night sweats. I have NO side effects at all from taking estraval.

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