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by Deb
by Wondrful

I started my menopause early and this has helped me so much. Now I can sleep and no more hot flashes. I'm not irritable and have so much more energy.

a new life
by Rehna

I started taking Menopol and I have NO hot flashes anymore! My life has changed!

Menopol has been a HUGE help!
by Rachelle

Taking this product has helped me tremendously. Hot flashes are much better. Before, I was unable to sleep because of hip discomfort, hot flashes, and twitching in my legs. I hate to take synthetic chemicals, so when I read about this, I decided to try it.

I am so glad that I did. I sleep better, feel less discomfort in my legs and hips, and hot flashes are so much better. I believe that I will make it through this stage of my life now. Thanks again for making this product.

glad I found this product!
by Yvonne

I have been taking Menopol for about five months. When I first started taking it, I was truly amazed at how it took all my hot flashes away, I started to sleep through the night again and was way more calm. I sure am glad I found out about Menopol.

relief after 27 years
by Marie

I am 61 years old and have been in menopause for 27 years. I have tried all kinds of natural supplements and have removed myself from chemicals.

I placed my first order of Menopol. I got relief within two weeks. I always have them on hand.

Natural, Safe, Works!
by Heather

I started to have menopause symptoms at 45. They were 24/7, every two to three minutes a day. I couldn't get a night's sleep.

I was adamant about not taking anything unsafe. I tried lots of different alternative products with no joy.

It was one night I was up with the hot flushes and found Menopol. I gave it a go and YES it works. I got a new life, back to normal. I sing off the roof tops about Menopol.

Menopol has helped me feel fabulous again...
by Lynette

For most of my adult years I have lived an active and extremely healthful life. But after three years of hot flashes and trying every over-the-counter supplement I was at my breaking point.

My husband found your website and shared with me the write-up of your Menopol product. He eagerly ordered four bottles and had them rush delivered.

I feel fabulous - less stressed, no hot flashes, no night sweats, better all around. And yes, my husband is happier now, too. I would recommend this product to all menopausal women. Menopol has saved my and my husband's sanity.

Menopol worked wonders in three days!
by Gill

Menopol made a difference in my life in just a matter of days. After three days, I realized I had not had a hot flash one evening. I thought it was coincidence, but then I had no hot flashes the next day and the next . . . Then the night sweats stopped, I would say within a week.

Menopol has worked wonders for me, and I would be devastated if it were no longer available. For two months before I started Menopol, I took black cohosh, but saw no change in my symptoms. Not only is the product good, but the staff at MicroNutra Health have been great and very helpful.

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