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by Pam

Only product I have found to make any difference in my hot flashes.

by Maureen B.

I'm going on 70 with occasional hot flashes. I've used Soy Balance for at least 3 years. Only product I've found that really works. Now, I'm having difficulty finding any stores that carry it.

seems good
by Sally

I have just started taking these a couple of weeks ago, but I feel like I am seeing some benefits. I am just starting menopause and cannot take estrogen, so my Dr. recommended something like this to try. This is my first try, but I feel better and haven't had night sweats for a couple of nights. I am going to continue with this and hope it can help as it seems to be so far. Keeping my fingers crossed!

A nice soy alternative
by AR

My mom really is a big proponent of soy products, so needless to say when she was going through menopause she was happy to find a soy supplement aimed at supporting the body through these major changes. Soy Menopause Supplement by Nature Made is a great product for her. The decrease in hormones made her suffer pretty badly from symptoms like hot flashes, insomnia, and unpredictable mood swings. After taking this supplement for a couple days you could really see improvements and she was much happier. It is not a miracle drug, but it a great more natural solution to hampering menopause woes. She loves them, and continues to use it on a regular basis.

One bottle lasts a little less than a month (depending on severity and usage), but for under $10 - it's a great supplement for maturing women.

by christiana

This is another good product from Nature Made. It has helped my mother-in-law a great deal. She always has hot flashes and night sweats which are very difficult for her to manage, but since she started taking this product, those symptoms have greatly reduced and she is comfortable and living a happy life once again. I recommend it.

Soy works for me
by KH

I found this product to be one of the most easily digestible soy supplements available. When combined with a few other supplements, it relieved my night sweats with no problem.

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hot flash
by Jacklyn Bonvillain

Hi i have tried so many products for menopause and i havent found the right one yet i talk to my dr and she told me to try soy products i have read these reviews about soy menopause and it looks like i found the product i will try it thanks to the women that post a review on this product