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Helped my Aunt
by Wendy B.

My Aunt had been having trouble with her hips and she was told by her doctor to start using a calcium supplement pill, as she is up there in age, and it’s very important especially for women to keep their bones strong. Her doctor recommended a couple, one of which was Calcium Citrate Plus. She tried it for six months now and she says that she actually feels better. Her hips aren’t bothering her as much. It’s good to know something works.

Build those bones up
by Lorri

I have a thin bone frame so my doctor said I'm at risk of osteoporosis. I don't want to lose any bone loss and since I walk everyday to build my bones up I have been taking Calcium Citrate Plus for over 6 months now. I trust the GNC brand and take several other of their supplements plus the price is affordable. I like the way this product doesn't upset my stomach at all like one other brand I once tried. I take 2 tablets with my breakfast and 2 with my supper so there is a steady supply of calcium going through my system. It's a brand I will stick with.

This really works
by Brenda

My mother was having problems with her bones. She fell getting out of the shower and broke her hip. She started to use this product and it has helped her with her healing. She has told several of her friends about this product.

Helps The Healing
by Annalisa

My mother broke her ankle a while ago and it just never seemed to heal, she kept injuring it again. Her doctor recommended this product to help strengthen her bones, and her ankle has much improved over the last 4 months. I would recommend this product for building bone strength.

Calcium Citrate is a Plus
by Jody H

My grandmother takes this Calcium Citrate plus everyday and lives by it. She says her bones are in better shape now then when she started. She has taken several falls and nothing broke yet. She says that is because Calcium Citrate works the best.

Them Bones..
by krissy

As our population ages, so do our organs and bones. With this age many people, more women than men, develop weakening bones that frequently end in fractures. I was one of the unlucky ones to suffer a hip fracture and I am not at an age that I consider “old”. With the recommendation from my orthopedic physician, I have been taking Calcium Citrate for years now. With so many brands in every single pharmacy or mass merchandiser it was tough to choose one that I knew I could trust. GNC won hands down. There may be cheaper formulas and we’ve all heard that “generics” are exactly the same. My independent research revealed that they are not the same. Generics have different fillers, different processing and do not even come close to the health benefit of this trusted brand. As an added bonus, the GNC Calcium Citrate has the added Vitamin D which is essential for the absorption of the calcium. one else cares as much as you should about yourself.

Not a Fan of Milk???
by Beth

If not - like me - I recommend GNC's Calcium Citrate Plus. I am a middle aged woman concerned about osteoporosis - especially since I do not like milk. I supplement my diet with these tablets to prevent problems later down the road!

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