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Great calcium supplement
by Riana

My doctor suggested that I take a calcium supplement. I love this product for a calcium supplement because of the Vitamin D to help you absorb the calcium. I would recommend this product for women of all ages to help prevent osteoporosis.

Good Alternative
by Mary

Calcium is very important. And since so many people are not drinking milk anymore these days, you need to get it in other ways.

My Doctors Approves
by Susette

My calcium was way low, my doctor suggest these supplements. My calcium is now where it should be. Would recommend.

good product
by nicole

I used this for a while, the one I was taking also had zinc which made me feel really good! I really trust nature made brand!

Small Business Owner
by Lynne Newman

I have tried most every product on the market and I find this product to be the very best. It is pretty expensive; however, Rite-aid has buy one bottle get one free sales fairly frequently. That's when I stock up!!

Be sure to start your daughters on a calcium supplement
by Carrie Nikolai

Nature Made has economically priced calcium tablets which can be easily found in most stores. Considering the importance of a calcium supplement, I have used this brand for years, and now my teenage daughter does also. I would have given it five stars, but my daughter (who sometimes has trouble taking larger size tablets) finds these tablets a little difficult to get down. But, the health benefits are certainly worth the minimal effort. Especially since she's a gymnast and really gives her bones a workout.

Great source of Calcium for your bones
by Josh

Nature Made products are some of my favorites. I used to use Costco's Kirkland Signature brand of calcium supplements, but after comparing the ingredient lists I switched to Nature Made's calcium supplement (it has less fillers compared to Kirkland's 10+ ingredient list).

Contrary to what it seems to be portrayed in the media, calcium supplements are important to not just women, but men too! We're affected by bone loss as we age, and so it's important to take your calcium supplements even if you're male.

I'm in my early 20s and now is the time to take calcium. I take it twice a day with meals and while I don't have to worry about osteoperosis at the moment, I know I am investing in my healthy future.

Need more calcium for a young lady
by Sam

As I was taking my birth control, depro shot, my OB/GYN told me that I have a bigger chance of losing bone mass because of the medication I was on and that I am Asian. She recommended that I take calcium supplements. I really didn't know which calcium supplement to go with, so I took one off the shelf and started to read it. Naturemade was the first one I pulled off and I started taking it everyday for my health. It's an easy to take pill so it wasn't a bothersome to take it everyday, although I only take it once in the morning. So far I am happy with the results and my OB/GYN was happy to hear that I am taking in enough calcium.

Take it if you want stronger bones
by Melissa

My mother went to the doctor's a month ago, and she told him that she has pain on her knee joint. The doctor told her to eat calcium pills. He recommended something inexpensive--Nature Made Calcium. She took them and now she walks better and plus no pain. She has been taking it for about 4 weeks now and it's really good. I would highly recommend it for people with osteoporosis.

Inexpensive calcium supplement
by Glenda

This is a great calcium supplement at a low price for it's quality. Provides women with the right amount of calcium they need for keeping bones strong and helping to prevent osteoporosis due to aging. I've used these tablets many times and happy with results and price.

Glad they are smaller!
by Cindy

I know the importance of getting enough calcium in my diet, but I always dreaded taking calcium supplements, since they always were so huge I'd gag on them nearly every time! Calcium chews are too expensive, and taste chalky regardless of which flavor I tried. When I saw that Nature Made, a brand I've used often, made their pills smaller, I just had to try them. They are smaller, but not by much. I really wish someone would come up with a calcium pill that is easy to take.

great way to get your calcium
by S.Lee

Like most women, I don't get enough calcium from the food I eat. My mother has osteoporosis and I want to do everything I can to prevent getting it. These calcium supplements from Nature Made are relatively inexpensive and easy to take with meals.

Good way to go
by weegs

I started taking these earlier this year, precautionary and all. I am not the biggest fan of milk and I was worried that someday that was going to come back on me. So. I looked into taking some calcium supplements and these were the ones that I chose to take. It's a brand my family trusts and I trust too.

Great way to get Calcium
by Blueberry

Recently a friend of mine told about this product and how it helped her mother a lot. I suggested this to my mother too and now she is using this. It is always better to prevent something than to get a cure. This is a great product for middle aged people and people prone to osteoporosis.

It's good
by nivi

My mother in law was having severe bone problems. She started to fall while walking. She consulted the doctor and he told her that her bones are very weak and suggested taking calcium tablets and calcium rich food daily. So she started taking this medicine. Now she does not fall while walking. I recommend this to everybody

puts my mind at ease
by Patty

Several women in my family suffer from osteoporosis. When I voiced my concerns to my primary care physician, she immediately suggested taking calcium supplements of at least 500mg. I've been taking them for years now and I know that I won't suffer the fate of my elder female loved ones.

by sherry

Nature Made products have been trusted and used by my family ever since I can remember. I am lactose intolerant (can't handle milk and dairy stuff) so I need a calcium supplement if I have any chance of avoiding osteoporosis later in life. This is the brand I choose because I have yet to be disappointed by nature made products. Plus the price is affordable and you get 100 tablets that are easy to swallow and not some huge horse pill. I definitely recommend this product for its effectiveness, price and pill size.

Calcium Supplement 500 mg
by Dorene

About a year ago I started experience some of the symptoms of osteoporosis. I immediately began looking for a way to get the calcium I needed so that my symptoms did not worsen. I like these because they are easy to swallow and really do the job. They are relatively inexpensive and one bottle lasts a while.

Stronger Bones
by Victoria

I love Nature Made products! They are relatively inexpensive and offer the exact same supplements as many of the high end products. The calcium supplements are no different.

As someone with surgically induced menopause at a very young age, it is extremely important for me to protect myself from osteoporosis.

These tablets are relatively easy to swallow, and they contain no artificial colors or flavors, which is important to me. I tried another popular brand of calcium chews and could not stand them due to the taste and the artificial flavoring, so I was happy to switch to this tablet. I take it twice a day (once in the morning and once in the evening) with my meals and it washes down easy with no aftertaste and no tacky, tasteless mess stuck in my teeth. I get the protection I need for a fraction of the cost of more expensive brands, and 100 tabs usually last me a month and half or longer.

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