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by sarah williams

my mother made me take these wheen i was in my teens, haven't stopped and have never broken a bone. Great source of calcium, and vitamin d. DO NOT GET THE CHEWABLES. THEY ARE DISGUSTING.

by E. Clarke

We have recommended Caltrate 600 D to our family and fnd it excellent source of calcium and Vitamin D

by Christine Dyvig

I am taking Caltrate 600 + D because I have osteoporosis. I like Caltrate and highly recommend it!

Caltrate Chewables
by Christine Broussard

This product is a great calcium supplement, but with only a few bottom teeth, it was hard for me to chew this product. Advice to those with bad teeth, minimal teeth, or have problems chewing pills: use the tablets to swallow.

Caltrate 600 +d
by carol1560

I am nearing the age where I will start to show bone loss. I tried the chewy calcium supplements but did not like. I like taking these and that is the end of it. They are inexpensive and easy to find. I have bone spurs on my feet and I think these have helped me with that. I would buy again.

Help your bones!
by Carol Covello

My Mom was diagnosed with osteoporosis - putting me in a higher risk category. I am not a fan of milk, so I looked into supplements. Before trying Caltrate-D I experimented with several others, and am now sticking with Caltrate-D.
Unlike Viactiv (which pulled out a filling) and the multivitamins with calcium (so large I needed to concentrate and gulp really hard to swallow them) these are easy to take (and no risk to dental work!). They do have a slight taste if you don't swallow quickly enough, but are easy to swallow overall.
They also have vitamin D - which I appreciate given that I don't get any sun in the winter. Definitely recommend!

Great way to avoid risk.
by Steve

As a man who does a vast amount of work with my hands (a professional luthier), osteoporosis is one thing that I fear every day with my line of work. After searching online and reading reviews for this, I now have a bottle of Caltrate on my medicine shelf because I really do believe this product does indeed do what it says. I have been using it for a month and my hands have never felt better.

Caltrate 600+D
by Brenda B

My mother started taking this product just a few months ago, after she found out she was at risk of Osteoporosis. She was told about this product from her doctor, and have talked to several other people that take it and love the product.

by Amie

I don't get enough calcium in my daily diet. My doctor recommended taking a calcium supplement to avoid future bone density problems. She specifically recommended this brand. I know I am meeting my daily calcium requirements and avoiding future problems.

by Brooke

We give this product to our patients that come into our clinics. We encourage most of them to take a calcium supplement, and this is our preferred supplement. After taking it for a year or two, their results on their Bone Mineral Density exams have improved.

A Healthy Future That's Easy to Swallow
by Lisa

When I was in my early 30s, my nurse practitioner impressed upon me the need for adequate levels of calcium to prevent osteoporosis. Although I assumed my multivitamin provided me with enough calcium--and the vitamin D necessary to absorb it--a helpful vitamin store clerk told me that once-daily pills rarely have adequate levels of calcium. He recommended Caltrate 600+D, and I now feel comfortable that my vitamin and mineral needs are being met. I'm pleased that this simple action taken now may prevent the pain of osteoporosis later.

It must work
by G. Stevenson

My mother-in-law will be 95 years of age soon. She has been taking Caltrate+D for a long time now. She has fallen a few times but no broken bones. Now I take it also.

Great if your at risk for Osteoporosis
by Julie

I have a high risk for Osteoporosis and the doctor recommended I take a calcium supplement with vitamin D. I have been taking Caltrate 600 +D and it's really helped keep me on track. I like the fact that the pills are a 600mg dose and I take it twice a day, every day. Now that I'm taking it, I feel better about the fact that I'm working to avoid osteoporosis.

Who Needs a Pricey Prescription?
by Kathy

I have used Caltrate 600+D since 1997. It does work as I went into early menopause due to a hysterectomy. At my last bone density test, I showed absolutely no bone loss whatsoever. The little once a month pill is $80 plus. Caltrate 660+D is around $8 dollars at your discount store. You do the math. Plus we don't know the long-term effects of these new drugs that are out now.

Osteoporosis is bad if its in the family.
by Shreyas Patel

My sister was having trouble after gymnastics and the doctor said it might have been early signs of osteoporosis which ran in the family. After using Caltrate for a couple weeks she realized the pain was going away, she couldn't even remember how it had felt in the first place.

Effective choice
by Mary C.

I am in the health care profession, and many of my patients are geriatrics. This is the product that is recommended by most of the doctors that I deal with. It has been shown to be quite an effective supplement. I have recently started taking this product twice a day and look forward to the benefits it will provide.

Good for the YOUNG too!
by Yvonne Werda-Woodstock, C.Ht.

I have been using this for years and am really sold on it. (Well, I eventually found an offbrand copycat that I buy to save money, but it's a replica of this one.)

Not only do I use it and I am still in my 30's, but I give it to my kids/teens as well for numerous reasons and we can all tell NOTICABLE results, we believe.

Most of us, including me, have never had a cavity. I am not saying this will be your experience. Just sharing ours. When I was blessed to have my husbands' daughter become MY daughter too, and live with us as a preteen, she started taking this and quickly went into a major growth spurt in height she was thrilled about. Could be a coincidence, but she's convinced it's from the Calcium + D, which is a healthy thing for teens going through a major growing stage of their life to take anyway. Another VERY helpful use especially for our youngest that many don't know about, is when they go to a birthday party or such, where they are overstimulated and sure to get too much sugar, we give them some vit. C and 600mg Calcium+D and it helps them stay calmer and in control. Same thing if they have trouble settling down at night.

I like that this comes in the 600 mg dose too with the D. D works together WITH the calcium for better absorption and effectiveness. If you see a calcium brand with a higher calcium dosage it is a WASTE! You SHOULD take at least 1200 mg a day, BUT only 600 mg at a time, each dose, (I take 1 dose in the am and the other at bedtime) because your body is only able to absorb up to 600mg at one time! If you take higher mgs than that at one time, you will just flush it out of your system and it will be wasted.

Calcium does a body good in more ways than ONE and for the YOUNG as well as the more aged.


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