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Herbalife Skin Activator
by Kris

After a month of use and noticing little results in the way of smoothing out my lines, I just gave up. There are other products out there with better and quicker results.

Very Rich
by Mary

This cream goes on rich and thick. It leaves your skin smooth and soft. It won't take your wrinkles away, but it will lessen their appearance.

by Joseph Thomas

After using this cream for about 3 weeks, I started noticing some differences. My skin felt smoother but I kept using it and nothing really changed after that. Don't expect really drastic changes. Really expensive for the results I got. I'm going to go with a different type of cream next time.

Don't Waste Your Money!
by Stephanie

I usually love Herbalife products but must admit I was not too pleased with this one. My Herbalife Dealer thought I would love this product and I was VERY VERY hesitant to give up my normal eye cream that I have been using for 2 years. I decided to give this a try. After several months of using this product I noticed NO difference in the small lines near my eyes. I was also not very crazy about the feel of this cream. It felt a bit heavy to me. It also did not help with the puffiness under my eyes! It was not worth the money and I will not be buying this product again. I will go back to using my favorite. It was worth a try but a waste of time and money.

Not worth the cost
by Lorri

Skin Activator Eye Cream did not live up to the hype on the packaging. I expected to see results in a few months but instead my eye areas looked the same. If there was any improvement I nor my husband or sisters couldn't see any. I applied it as directed and even though it moisturized the area the lines were still noticeable. I suggest saving your money and buying L'Oreal Regenerist products instead. I think they work better for me.

Eye Sore
by Dee

This product was a big NO for me. As I get older I see more and more fine lines around my eyes. I feel it looks awful and even worse with make-up. I really needed something to improve my look and hoped, for the price, that this was the answer. Instead of helping, it created dry red patches at the corners of my eyes, not to mention that the wrinkles were still there. No hydrating on my end.

Not the best
by Anna

My mother had given me this because she said that I was looking a little bit tired. I decided to try this since my eyes did look like they were not very well-rested. I applied it for a week when I went to sleep, but didn't feel I got the best results from them. The bags under my eyes didn't change very much and my skin didn't feel any firmer. I don't think this was a good product to use.

Not very effective
by Margi L

After turning 40 last year, I am so aware of all the fine lines around my eyes. I purchased this product and applied to one of my eyes. I had my husband look to see if he could tell to which eye I had applied it. He got the wrong one! I tried product for a couple of nights but really felt like there were no results for me. It just ended up in the product graveyard in my bathroom.

by pat

While this product is thick and rich and went on smoothly in the eye area I wasn't able to discern any visible improvements in that area. It felt nice but left my under eye wrinkles and didn't plump them up at all. I think I had much better results with Avon Renew products for under the eye area. I gave it a medium rating since it did moisturize and feel nice.

Not the Best!
by Jane M.

I did not see any marked improvement with this cream. My boyfriend even tried it at the same time I started, and we both didn't see any visible, marked improvements in our fine lines. I wouldn't recommend this to anyone.

Skin Activator Eye Cream
by Sandy

I did not notice any visible difference in my eyes using this product. It does moisturize which is part of the advertisement but it does not help with wrinkles or dark circles. You do get more product than most eye creams but not worth the price for me. Lotion would do the same as this product.

Healthy Ingredients
by Ruth

I like Skin Activator Eye Cream because it's chock-full of natural ingredients with antioxidants, proven to improve the skin--Ginkgo Biloba, White Tea and Green Tea Water. The circles under my eyes have lightened and wrinkles aren't as visible. It's great to put a little on before bed and see the effects later!

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too expensive for not getting the results you want!
by Christine

I have been using this product for over 6 months. In the beginning when I started using this product it felt like the skin under my eyes got a little firmer. I still have not seen any results around my eyes for fine lines and wrinkles....they are still their.