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I love the moisturizing effects of the Olive Oil
by e_cologer

This reminds me of more expensive products, with the olive oil providing some many moisturizing benefits. The aloe is healing for dry skin. Since we are all washing our hands more to help prevent the spread of the flu it's nice to have something that does not dry out your skin.

olive and aloe
by klmiller12

Great basic moisturizing benefits. Very luxurious feeling.

by Juan Collazo

Me and my Wife love this product, we use it practicly every day!

by sharon malone

This product is great. It moistens my hands and my hands smell nice and are soft and smooth for hours.

by Deepali saini

This is a combination of Olive & Aloe, that makes it makes my skin soft & need not to use any moisturises.There is no harsh chemicals in it it smells nice as a deo. stick

wonderful product
by mary mcmenamy

Works wonders and makes my skin radiant.

by Princess

Aloe is good for dry skin. Or areas that need that extra moisture. And with a soap... your whole body will get that extra tender loving care that it needs every once in a while. Enjoy!

Olive & Aloe Moisture Soap is an EXCELLENT product
by Tiff

Olive & Aloe Moisture Soap is by far the best soap that I and my family members have ever used. This soap keeps your hands nice and soft, it smells very good. I highly recommend this product to everyone who is tired of using soap that is full of harsh chemicals. This soap is all natural and is also cheap!

Love this soap
by Lorri

I love Kiss My Face Olive & Aloe Moisture Soap and have been using it on my hands for months now. It isn't irritating at all and leaves them with a nice fresh clean scent. I am always washing my hands so I keep one of these at the kitchen sink. My guests always comment on how nice it smells when they use the bathroom. This stuff kills germs while being gentle on your hands.

Great product
by Anne

Having sensitive skin, Kiss My Face Olive & Aloe Moisturizing Soap is one of the best products to use. It keeps my hands soft and moisturized and doesn't leave them red and chapped looking. In fact it's so rich in lather you only need a little so the bottle last a long time. It smells fresh and clean also and is not tested on aminals which is important to me. Kiss My Face has many fine quality products with natural ingredients that are well worth the price.

Awesome soap!!!
by Sam Wagner

This by far is the best soap I have ever used in my home. About a year ago, I was at my friend's house, and I noticed that he was using a soap that I really liked. So I asked him what it was and he told me that it was a Kiss My Face soap. Then the next day I go out and buy some. I can say that I have been hooked to this product ever since. It keeps your hands nice and soft, and it also smells absolutely terrific. I recommend this product to anyone who is tired of using a soap that is full of harsh chemicals. This soap is all natural and is also a great bargain!!!

by An

Kiss My Face products are the best I've been using. This one is actually one of the less expensive ones they have but it still works great! It is suited for people with sensitive skin and the aloe leaves the skin smooth and soft. The smell is wonderful. I've been using this for a few months and my skin has never been better! Terrific product and really a must buy!

The Best In Natural Cleansing & Healing
by Brenda

Natural ingredients are my thing. I'm tired of not knowing what is in products. "Kiss My Face" is a product I trust because it is back to basics for me. They have been proven to be the most effective for centuries.
Olive & Aloe Soap delivers results in moisture. It relieves parched skin, along with the benefits of returning needed vitamins back to the skin, with the healing properties of aloe.
I love the soft and smooth feel I have after rinsing and drying.
I will continue to use this product because of it's purity and price.

by cecilia

I am a huge fan of Kiss My Face! I love all of their soaps. I love to use this on my body as a body wash, on my face as a face wash, and on my hands as a hand wash. I have these next to the kitchen sink because they are so moisturizing! I wash my hands quite a lot, and it never makes my skin feel dry. I can basically use just this soap for everything. I can't stress enough about how much it makes your skin feel pampered and clean, without any dryness involved. This product is affordable and natural!

I love this soap
by littlecat

I love this soap! It feels silky smooth and rinses away nicely, your hands feel so pampered after using this. The price is Great, inexpensive enough to always have on hand (no pun inteneded). The fact that animals are not harmed in the process is defianately a huge plus!

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by Yvonne

I have tried other Kiss My Face products and have loved them all. They're a little pricey. I love to use organic(all natural) products, so when I do buy Kiss My Face its a treat. This is definately next on my list!

by heather

I love it. I am big into skin care and careful what I use, this stuff smells great and isn't harsh.