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it's good for my type of skin
by eneida

I bought this product because my skin breaks out from time to time due to stress and the environment. I like the way that it's not harsh or leaves my skin dry after washing it

Very Gentle
by Mary

This bar is extremely gentle on the skin. Perfect for the face!

by kimberlee

I bought this at an organic grocery store in ashville, nc. what a nice soap. My face did not sting or feel dry after using this soap. The silky texture of the lather really sold me on this product. I didn't want to rinse it off, it felt so smooth on my skin. After using, my skin felt just as smooth, almost creamy. Hardly any fragrance, just enough of an aroma to lift your spirits but not to irritate your skin. I would definitely purchase again.

Example: John Doe, N.D.
Certified Naturopath

by Princess

Shea is an amazing product. Shea butter is also another good product to use. So, adding that this is a facial cleansing bar, you know that the results will be amazing!


I pick this soap up at my local krogers store. I love that this is an all natural product and it leaves my face feeling fresh and it doesn't dry it out.

Worth the price
by me

Since I began using Kiss My Face Shea Aloe Soy Facial Cleansing Bar my facial skin has never felt so velvety smooth and fresh smelling. It truly moisturizes my skin so that my makeup goes on smoothly. Sometime I use it on my whole body as a special treat. It may seem like it cost a lot but it really lasts a long time. It's well worth the price.

Kiss My Face!
by Lynne

Go ahead. Kiss my face. It is soft and smooth thanks to the Shea Soy Facial Cleansing Bar. This product keeps my skin clean and moisturized especially during the drying brutal winter months. It has a light pleasant smell and is very effective. I like many of this company's products and I would highly recommend this one!

Fantastic soap!
by Amy

I purchased this soap in the hopes that it would ease some of my dry winter skin and I was not disappointed. It's got a pleasant scent and leaves the skin feeling very soft and hydrated. Unfortunately, it is expensive but, that would be the only downside to this otherwise wonderful soap!

Nice smell
by Lorri

In the summer my facial skin is usually oily but when the colder weather arrives my facial skin looks like a dry, flaky road map. It looks even worse when I apply makeup. Then I discovered Shea Soy Facial Cleansing Bar from Kiss My Face. It was the best thing I ever washed with. It smells so fresh and clean and keeps my face moist in the winter so when I apply makeup all you see is smooth skin, no flakes, no dryness. It's well worth the price of this soap and it really does last a long time.

Love it!
by An

Everything from this brand works wonders for me. I use this soap mostly during the winter months, when my skin is horribly dry. The feeling after a shower with this product leaves me a nice fresh, comfortable feeling unlike the dry, irritating feeling I used to get after a hot shower, when the skin feels even more itchy than before the shower. The smell is really calming and it is definitely worth the price it sells for.

Not as great as liquid, but still good
by Ashley

I love all of the Kiss My Face products. They're inexpensive, and are very soothing. I decided to try the bar soap in place of the liquid facial, and I don't have any big complaints. The only difference I see is that it's not as thick and creamy. Since you need water to active this soap, it can get quite watery, thus, you'll end up having to reapply more and more. Liquid will last much longer and is easier to apply. Stick with Kiss My Face though. They're the best facial cleansing products out right now.

Love it!
by herm

Oh my gosh! I love this soap! I have been trying skin products with Shea butter in them lately because they leave my skin feeling so good. This soap is one of the best. It has a really nice lather, rinses off easily and leaves my skin feeling soft and smooth.

Feels great
by Ann

Even though this soap costs a lot, it is well worth it if you have dry skin. It makes my facial skin feel very smooth and silky and clean feeling. I use it in the shower also to make my whole body feel like I am giving it a special treat. This soap does seem to last forever, therefore making the cost well worth it.

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