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Great gentle feminine product
by Marie

I love this product. please let the public get it without having to contact a member. I paid much more money using a third person to obtain it. The product works great after my period ends. It keeps me clean and fresh and avoids vaginal infections.
Please let me know if I can buy it straight from you guys without having to contact a member.

Nature's Cleanse
by Steve

This may seem a bit odd, but I borrowed my wife's bottle of Nature's Cleanse. Being adventurous I decided to use this product to clean out my Edlebrock carb and fuel system on my old 4x4. To my surprise it works great! My wife now orders extra Nature's Cleanse foe me and my 4x4.

Thanks Melaleuka!

Fresh Scent
by Anne

I suffer from a mild case of stress incontinence when I cough or sneeze and hate wondering if I smell slightly of urine, so I was pleased to discover Nature's Cleanse. While it's not fun carrying this in your purse, what I do is use a clean empty trial size pump bottle of hair spray. I refill the clean bottle so it fits easily and discreetly in my purse, and then when I need to use it I just spray a little on a clean tissue and wipe the area to stay fresh and clean smelling. It really goes a long way when you use it this way, as it is a bit expensive. Disposable, pre-moisted cloths in a purse size pack would be wonderful if they would make them.

it's okay
by Sarah

This is a nice product, and it is easy to use. It has a nice soft scent. However, it is a bit expensive, but not bad.

Gentle Cleanser
by Jr

I usually hesitate purchasing a product that I am unfamilar with. This product I recommend. It has a very clean smell to it, non irritating, gentle and refreshing. The only flaw that I find with it, is that it isn't convenient to carry with you. I only use it at home, but it would be wonderful if they were to come out with disposable cloths for those in-between freshen-ups.

Gentle, safe and natural feminine cleansing
by Jenny

Nature's Cleanse is an excellent natural product for use to gently cleanse the tender peri-anal area for the elderly who wear disposeable pads or underwear all day and night, or may just be occasionally incontinent, as I have a freind who prefers it for her elderly mother who is 94. She says that her Mom experiences some perianal irritation and also inflamed skin of the outer female area as well, as her urine is very acidic. I have used this product myself to cleanse the pubic area after urination or to gently cleanse after irritation, rawness, or itching from sometimes failing to properly rinse out harsh laundry detergent from my underwear before wearing, or after using "linty" brands of soft toilet tissue that stick to and irritate a woman's tender vaginal area. A little expensive but very nice all natural product and extremely gentle for the skin from the Melaleuca brand, which is known for strict standards for highest quality.

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