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What a waste or "bust" of money
by A. Rush

I did not personally use this product. A close friend of mine did and boy was she disappointed. She saw no increase in growth whatsoever. She felt that the capsules made her hungry which in turn caused her to gain weight (unfortunately not in the bust). This is definitely not a product I would try or recommend.

Wish it worked
by Lynne

If it were only that easy---just take a capsule and watch them grow. Unfortunately after using this product I noticed little or no difference in my bust size. I took the product for 2 months and after finishing one bottle, I decided not to waste my money on another. I really wish it worked but I can't recommend this one. It didn't work for me!

Bust FX just makes your wallet shrink, not your bust grow.
by pianogoosie

This is a definite waste of money. This does as much for you as if you sat in an office making money for yourself. Instead you're losing it. This is a huge and gruesome hoax. It is ridiculous telling women that there bust will grow when this product does nothing except steal your money. I would never buy it again.

I think it works (somewhat).
by Jana

After reading the other reviews, I am a bit shocked. My bust size increased by about an inch (and half a cup) after a few weeks. I didn't change my diet or exercise plan, and made sure I wasn't working out my chest at all. It does what is promised-a fuller bust-but not by much.

Doesn't make You Grow
by Jody H

I tried the Bust fx as I was hoping to increase my bust size because I am so flat. I took it for 3 months and nothing happened. All that grew was the bloating in my stomach. Don't buy this product unless you have a good imagination and you think you'll grow, as you won't.

Doesn't work
by D

I felt I needed to increase my chest size and was hoping to find a way of doing so without surgery. I heard about these pills and decided to try them. My chest size is still the same and it was only a waste of time and money in the end! They suggest using it with their other products for best results, which I didn't, but I don't think it would have made any difference.

doesn't work
by Annie

I started using this about two months ago and Ii have not seen any change in my breast size (I use a tape measure around my bust to compare the sizes). I have however experienced bloating from taking this product. Its not worth the money and there are no results.

Don't bother!
by Jody

Don't know exactly what I was thinking when I gave these a try - nothing is going to change that area of your body except for surgery and exercise! Save your money ladies, and don't be lured by a magazine ad (like I was).

Bust fx
by Sandra Blake

Women, do not waste your money on a breast enhancement supplement. This does nothing to increase breast size or help with breast health. Regular monthly checks and mammograms is your best bet for breast health and if you want enhancement see a surgeon!

A joke!
by Debrina

These pills are an absolute joke. I ordered them from a magazine and they did not work. I should have known better than to spend my $$ on these pills.
Not recommended.

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