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Tiger Balm Ultra

With more pain-relieving menthol than Extra-Strength Tiger Balm®, "New" non-staining Ultra-Strength Tiger Balm® provides deep penetrating "ultra relief" to "Work where it hurts."

Tiger Balm Ultra Sports Rub Ointment relieves pain caused by:

Stiffness and Sprains

Tiger Balm has successfully been used to relieve sore and achy muscles, ease back pain, soothe headaches, clear sinuses, refresh lost energy, and is even good on mosquito bites. The active ingredients are camphor and menthol, however, the cajuput, clove, cassia, and peppermint oils are what give this ointment its unique scent. This item helps increase blood circulation and helps to carry away lactic acid, which is the main cause of sore muscles. This product is non staining. Ultra Strength Tiger Balm contains more pain relieving menthol than the extra strength versions for deep penetrating relief. Stop pain where it hurts.

Tiger Balm Ultra-Strength contains more pain-relieving menthol than Extra-Strength Tiger Balm. This non-staining formula provides deep penetrating relief.

Product: Tiger Balm Ultra
Brand: Tiger Balm (More Products)
Size: 1.7 oz
Dosage: Apply to affected area 3-4 times daily
Retail: $8.39
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3 Customer Reviews

tiger balm
by julie parker

my husband uses this a lot. it gets rid of the pain he has from work(tire builder). i have used it a few times myself. it has a pretty strong smell(not bad though) just smells like spices. works very well

by Von

I love tiger balm!! It has a spicy scent and works great! My husband is on his knees a lot for work, and really likes to use this after a long day.

tiger balm
by earlkeffer@cox.net

I have used this for years, it is fantastic to rub on the temples for a sever headache.