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PMS Support®

PMS Support provides nutritional support for women that may experience symptoms of PMS. PMS Support contains a combination of Vitamins, Minerals, Herbs, and Acidophilus.

Todays' fast-paced, high-stress, lifestyle has contributed to a dramatic increase in digestive disorders, fatigue and premenstrual syndrome (PMS). Years ago women felt the effects of PMS and passed it off as a normal state of being. Today the symptoms of PMS are more severe than ever. The most common symptom of PMS include: headaches, low backaches, abdominal bloating, constipation, swelling and tenderness in the breasts, and swollen hands and feet. A woman with PMS may feel fatigued, depressed, irritable, and have an increased appetite or feeling of thirst. Food cravings and outbreaks of acne are also common. Some women may crave sugar right before their periods because their calcium and B vitamin supplies are depleted, a natural result in hormonal changes. Eating foods high in sugar, that further deplete the vitamin supply, result in more severe symptoms of PMS and digestive problems.
Product: PMS Support®
Brand: Nutrition Now Inc (More Products)
Size: 60 Capsules
Dosage: 2 capsules daily
Retail: $5.99
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6 Customer Reviews

Not my favorite
by Joyce Dales

I tried this product to get some relief during the post ovulation phase of my cycle. I was having mood swings, headaches and really tender breasts. It helped with the mood swings, but the headaches remained the same as well as the breast tenderness. It didn't actually stop me from taking the product, because I figured any relief is better than none and my mood swings were pretty miserable. I would say that for just mood issues, sadness or crying...that this was pretty effective. Made my tolerance of others (my students, my husband) increase enough that I was bearable to be around. :)

Say No to PMS
by Jody H

This product is wonderful. I used to hate that time of the month but no more. If you are getting headaches, bloating or getting really tired, just take several of these capsules and you'll feel like yourself again. They work great.

A good support
by christiana

Just like the name says, it really helps with the bloating. I always feel fatigued, crampy and bloated whenever I have PMS but since I started taking this product, the cramping and bloating has been drastically reduced. I do not feel fatigued during PMS. What a relief!

PMS support indeed
by ndy

I highly recommend this product because it works great. Since I started taking it, I do not have anymore mood swings, bloating or cramping. They reduced the pains for me so I am not afraid of PMS because I know I've got a support.

You get what you pay for.
by Jessica

The price is pretty nice and the product is too. It's not as strong as other PMS pills I've tried, but it does work. I've noticed I've had to take a little more than prescribed in order to get the effects to work to a degree I can deal with, but it's a pretty good product. I keep a bottle of these around in case I run out of the regular stuff I buy.

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