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by Amy

This is by far the best product for my PMS. None of the other over the counter products have ever done anything for me. This is the ONLY product that works. I'm SO happy to see that it is back!

Happy customer
by Barb

I love this product! It is the only thing I have found that gets me through the days before and during my period. It helps with irritability, cramps, headache and bloating, I know when I take this it will work and I don't have to take anything else. Best part is it is all natural and there are not side effects. I recommend it to any one that is complaining about "that time of the month".

Estroven PMS
by JavaMomma

This product works better for me than anything my doctor has prescribed for me over the past 5-6 years. My PMS irritability and weepiness has just been out of control since the birth of my final child when I was 37, which was 6 years ago. I have tried probably a dozen anti-depressants for PMS and have noticed no difference at all - many made it worse! This product made a huge difference in my life. I start taking it on day 16 of my 26 day cycle and I'm my normal self all the time! THANKS!

Well my husband says it works.
by Navy_Lady

He says this product deserves five stars; However i've never notice my irritability and moodiness. If it makes him happy it make me happy. My cramps were reduced greatly, but my bloating was still present.

Estroven PMS
by Wendy Collins

This is a really good product for people who like all natural products. I have tried this one, the pms, and I have also tried the PM and the regular Estroven. All of these products DO work but you have to give MOST of them time to get into your system. I like the all natural better, but most of it doesn't take care of the pain as well as other types like tylenol etc. I have gotten all of these products in the mail as samples and I really like them all, but I do not depend of them to work for pain, like headaches and body aches because it seems not to work for me personally.. but may work for others :).

Awsome Stuff!!
by Christine

I suffer from migraines and when I get my period it is even worse. I've tried the pill, but taking hormones everyday didn't work for me either. Estroven PMS calms my nerves and helps my headaches. I don't get them for as long and I don't have any nausea like before. It really works good for me.

Liked it!
by Sally

I live in a small town and bought this because it was the only thing in the store for PMS! I have continued to buy it, as I think it works as well as any pills I have tried, and I love the fact that its all natural. I am pre-menopausal, and this seems to take care of all the additional problems that brings, as well as the regular PMS symptoms.

The best PMS product on the market
by Roxanne Ranelli

YES, YES, YES...finally a product that helps with my irritability and hot flashes a week before my period starts!
I have to say that my husband is very grateful for this product. I have always been very emotional before my period comes. In fact, my husbands famous quote used to be "you're about start your period, aren't you?".
This product has taken away that nasty feeling of PMS and has provided me with more energy and less irritability. I now do not dread getting my period; in fact I don't even notice it coming!

Good herbal product
by babu

I read in some magazine about this product, and they said it will help in reducing the the pains during periods. So, I bought this for my wife and she is very happy with the product. With this, her pains are under control. In my opinion this is good product and, moreover, it is herbal, so no side effects.

Estroven PMS
by Stephanie

I tried Estroven PMS because I used to have terrible PMS symptoms. I liked that it is all natural and caffeine free. However, it really did not work for me. I get pretty much the same results by taking a few Ibuprofen. My sister in law is the one who introduced me to Estroven PMS and she says it works wonders for her. I think it just depends on the individual person as to how this product works. That's why I give it a 3.0 , even though the results I personally had would probably be a 1.0. It's just not for me.

Estoven PMS
by BusyMommy

I cannot rave enough about this product. I have tried countless products to ease my PMS and nothing worked until I started taking Estoven PMS. If you are looking for a great product to get rid of cramps, this is it.

Just great!
by Corri

I recommended this product to my daughter after I started taking the Estoven product for menopause. She absolutely loves it! The pain of her periods are now a thing of the past. She no longer experiences all of the side affects of PMS as she used to. She will never stop taking this product. Highly recommended.

Helps me with my PMS symptoms!
by momof2

I take this monthly for my PMS. I was experiencing extreme mood swings. After taking Estroven PMS, I noticed my moods are much better. Other medications I took for PMS relieved the physical symptoms, but nothing helped with my mood. I am happier taking this and I think my husband is relieved too!

Estoven PMS
by Amanda S.

I usually don't like to take pills, because I don't like putting foreign substances in my body. However, my menstrual cramps would knock me out. So, I searched for something with natural ingredients and found Estroven, which I loved. It helps with many of the problems and I don't feel guilty about taking it.

Estroven PMS takes the edge off
by Jill S.

Estroven PMS helps me in so many ways. It helps in taking away the mental tension that goes hand in hand with PMS. Bloating and cramping are also reduced. It is a natural product that I feel safe taking. I also have two daughters that use Estroven PMS, knowing the all natural benefits help them also in relief from PMS.

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