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by sabra

one of my friend recommend for mt hot flashes & night sweat. It worked so good. I will advised

not convinced it works

I had tried this and was feeling a little better but my cramps came back within minutes. I think this was just a mild reliever. It did help me sleep but did little to relieve me from my cramps.

Didn't notice any difference in the PMS symptoms
by Amie

I didn't notice any difference in the PMS symptoms after taking this as directed. No noticeable difference in fatigue, cramping etc. It did help soften my skin. It was easy to take - just not sure it had any effect.

Good Product
by Elise

I use this natural product for help with my PMS symptoms for about 3 months and it really seems to help alleviate them. I've also noticed that my skin is much softer in the process.

Took it for my skin
by Ariel

After doing some research, I found out that taking evening primrose for some people had good effects on their skin. I've been taking evening primrose off and on for about 2 years now. I've noticed that it's helped keep sebum production on my skin low, so my skin isn't as oily as it used to be.

The size of the pill is quite comfortable and easy to swallow, unlike other brands I've tried, so I just take it with some water and I'm done.

wife loves it
by Ricardo Gutierrez

My wife has horrible hormone changes when she is going through PMS, ranging from sadness, being angry, and easily irritated and distressed. This product has not only diminished those and other symptoms, but it has also left he rather dull skin looking more healthy and smooth.

Not sure if it worked
by briggsy13

Well, I used the evening primrose oil for a few weeks. I read on an online site that it can help to induce natural labor. So being in a hurry to deliver my first born, I took these. I did deliver of course, but don't know that the pills helped move things along at all. Guess it won't hurt to try!

Evening Primrose Oil
by Tammy

I found this product to be extremely helpful for my PMS. You have to use it for at least two-three weeks before you get the full effect, it's best to stick with it as a regular part of your supplements. I highly recommend it!

It works!
by ydalia

I have suffered from PMS for a very long time. I have used many products to relieve the mood swings, headaches, and all those other symptoms associated with PMS. When I used this product I noticed a marked change. It is a good hormonal balancer and has relieved most of my symptoms. I would certainly recommend it.

Love it!
by Mary

This is a great product. I have had terrible PMS as far back as I can think. I picked this up on the suggestion of a friend. The best part is there are no side effects. It is a natural and safe way to balance the changes in your body that PMS brings. I would highly recommend it.

Passed down in the family
by Jessica

This product is used by all the older women in my family, distant and immediate. Many of them religiously stock up on these when they go on sale. My aunt especially loves it because it calms the horrible hot flashes and other symptoms down so she can still enjoy life even though her body continues to change.

Really Works!
by Jennifer H.

I have used this product in the past when I had really bad PMS and have since continued to use it as a hormone replacement. A friend of mine recommended it and I was skeptical, but tried it. I didn't notice an immediate improvement, but after about 2-3 weeks, there was definitely a remarkable improvement in my mood and the way I felt. My family would agree 100%!! The softgels are easy to swallow, so there aren't any oils or bad tastes involved. I highly recommend this to anyone who is having difficulty with PMS or menopausal symptoms. It truly does work!!

Great for Menopause
by Melissa Martinez

When my mother went through menopause, she had a really hard time with it. Hot flashes, mood swings, etc. She tried different supplements but to no avail. I was just getting into herbal remedies and suggested she tried this. Since she had a GNC discount card, we went with this brand. Within two weeks of regular use, she was already feeling better. You can't stop the effects and symptoms of menopause completely but you can reduce their toll on the body significantly, which is what this product helps you do.

An Effective Product without the icky aftertaste
by Amy Derby

I honestly doubted any supplement could really relieve my severe symptoms, but evening primrose oil really has helped. After trying various other brand names and generics, I have been most satisfied with the effects of GNC's evening primrose oil softgels. The effect seems to be better, and their softgels do not leave the unpleasant aftertaste other brands do.

I love this stuff!
by Lori Strehle

Evening Primrose Oil really helps to balance my hormones and that helps me to have a smoother cycle and less PMS. I like GNC EPO because the softgels are so easy to swallow and they contain some of the highest quality EPO of any brands out there. I also think that they are a great value for the price.

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its a great herbal medicin gnc evening primerose
by Anonymous

the GNC evening primrose is so great ang helping to so much