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I think I'm in love!
by Shana Pye

I usually just take a 1000mg of tylenol or Ibprofuen during my period. I work next to a health food store and asked about natural remedies for PMS. I usually have very uncomfortable cramps and am very irritable because of them. It seemed so simple. I read the package claim that it improved these symptoms and felt for 10 I had nothing to lose. Within seconds of taking these amazing little pills my cramps dulled dramatically and my mood skyrocketed. I have been telling all o my friends about this great product. You have found a lifelong customer and promoter of this product.

Great product
by Annie

I usually have more faith in homeopathic products than I do in overly processed medication with excess ingredients. I am familiar with Hyland and have used many of their products in the past so I had high hopes for this one. I usually have really bad cramping and bloating during my period and so I figured I would give this a shot. I took it four days before my period started to fend off the symptoms before they even started and it seemed to really help. I experience less cramping and substantially decreased bloating during my period. It didn't seem to affect the irritability but I'll take what I can get. Using it BEFORE I actually got my period was key because next month I used it right when I got my period and it wasn't as helpful in fighting off the cramps and bloating as it was before. Great product.

suffered before and still suffering after

I have been having cramps for like four years and nothing seems to work. This was no exception. I tried this before starting my period and I felt miserable. I continued to cramp. I would not suggest this at all because it did not even give minor relief.

Does the job
by ydalia

I mainly use Hyland products because they are homeopathic, so I feel secure taking them. This product for PMS is very effective. I have noticed that the cramping and pain associated with PMS are diminished when I take these pills. I have used this product for a year and am satisfied.

Doesn't work
by patricia

At first I had thought I would try this because people had told me really good things about all of the Homeopathic products. However, once I tried it, it had no effect on me at all and I still had really bad cramps. I wouldn't recommend this product if you have bad cramps.

The Best
by Trudi Konzem

Hylands has the best homeopathic that I have tried.
I have never been disappointed with their products.
This works great, relieves any discomfort I have almost right away.
I love that its affordable for one, easy to keep in your purse and carry anywhere. I love tablets that dissolve in your mouth, meets my needs.
I will continue to purchase Hylands products for as long as there available.

This Works!!
by Jennifer

I use all of the homeopathic products and this is another one of their awesome products!! My daughter and I both use this for cramping and there are no side effects. We love them and would be lost without them.

Homeopathic PMS
by Christy R.

I tried this product because I liked that it was homeopathic, but unfortunately I was disappointed that it didn't work as well as many of the other products out there. It helped a little but didn't fully relieve symptoms and didn't last as long as some other brands. I have to say I would only try this if your symptoms are very mild. It is nice that it is homeopathic but it doesn't really work for severe PMS symptoms.

Next time..
by JJ

I tried this product because it was homeopathic and I thought it would be healthier to take it. I tried it and really didn't help me. My cramps were still there and I was still biting everyone's head off. I didn't believe it was worth the price I paid for it.

Relief from painful periods.
by spb

My periods are very painful and some times they are unbearable. I have used various medicines to treat this but nothing helped me. I tried Homeopathic PMS tablets and my pains came down about 75% and I am very happy with this product.

homeopathic i won't take home again
by Mary

As I have found with so many other homeopathic products, you have to take them for a while before you start noticing any true physical (not just in your head) effects. I get the mild "crankies" and I took this and it did nothing for me, at all. I like that it is natural, but that doesn't always cut it for me. There weren't any negative effects, either, though. It was, well, just there. Glad it was cheap because it was sure a waste of money.

Give it a try..
by suzanne M

I got turned on to this by my foster mother, whom was really into natural stuff. This works well for me as far as mood ,but my cramps are killer. This helps some, but doesn't resolve them altogether. I think if you had mild cramps it would work wonders for you...mine are severe.

Homeopathic PMS
by Emily K.

The first time I used Hyland's PMS formula I wasn't sure whether or not it was working. I felt fine, but I thought I was just having a good day. Then the next day I forgot to take it, and I noticed that I was so much crankier. This product really works! I can actually feel normal during my period

better than the rest
by Patty

I've tried several PMS medications and have settled on this homeopathic PMS treatment. I simply love that this is a homeopathic alternative to treating my cramps and bloating, and it works quite well.

Worth it's weight in gold!
by Candice

When my daughter first began her cycles I thought her Dr Jekyl and Ms Hyde routine was because it was her first PMS such luck. She claimed it was because of her cramping and lower back aches, but even months after when they weren't as bad she still would grow a second head! Her cramps and pains, as described to me by her, are on par for the feminine course and there are really not that many products to treat the PMS mood monster until I was recommended this by my cousin. I thought the whole family should just hide for that one week a month! But this product works miracles! Doesn't take care of her grumpys completely, but much more tolerable!

Easier Menstrual Cycles
by Melissa Martinez

If you have mild to moderate symptoms due to PMS or heavy, cramp-riddled periods, this is a great homeopathic product. As I have said in other reviews, I adore Hylands products because they are natural and have no side affects. Why take Pamprin or Motrin that might make you drowsy when you can take these? If you have really hardcore symptoms, then these are not for you. In fact, if these don't work on you, you should consider a visit to the doctor because you could have something more serious than just PMS.

by Michele Harper

This product really works! I have not had mood swings, cramping, or bloating since I have started using Hylands PMS. I also like the fact that it is a natural product, because I don't like to put chemicals in my body.

by Savannah R

This product actually works! I usually just take an over the counter pain killer but decided to try a natural approach. I was so satisfied with this product that I have recommended it to many of my friends.

It Really Works!
by Rosa

I constantly have personality altering PMS and have tried a variety of products to get it under control. After using Homepathic PMS formula for a week or so, I could really tell a difference. I was able to wean off other over-the-counter meds which could have a long-term negative health effects.

Is Homeopathic Way a Door to Cramp Free Life?
by Lana

I am a poster child for a woman with some of the most paralyzing adverse symptoms during my menstrual cycle. I liked the idea of turning to homeopathic medicine to alleviate my symptoms. Especially attractive was the invitation from the label indicating a natural healing response without ANY negative side effects. The product label had the right idea in mind, but the product itself failed to deliver its promised claims. My menstruation was still extremely painful; the cramping and irritability seemed only slightly alleviated. I still felt sick to my stomach, my migraines seemed as powerful as ever and frequent trips to the bathroom due to nausea were still a heart wrenching reality. Based on my experience with the Homeopathic Tablets presented here, I would advise women to think twice before spending $9.00 on a product that fails to live up to its promises.

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by love this

i love this product. I have the worst mood swings and my cramps are bad but not to to bad. Since my moods are by fare the worst of all and the family hates the week that i get my period, i decided to give this a try. And Honetstly it worked, i could feel with in 10 min after that my over all"me" was a little better than 10 min ago>! love this product and will def. but again. MAkes the period week seem just like another week in the month!!! great product!!!