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works great, but...
by SJones

I don't see that this has been a problem for anyone else, but this product gives me terrible gas. I first tried the magnesium with calcium, and thought that it was the calcium carbonate. When I tried the regular Natural Calm with magnesium only, I had the same result.

That said, it worked wonders. I completely bypassed PMS for the first time in 7 years. I am really bummed out that this didn't work for me.

Mom and Legal Assistant
by Jane

I'm astonished that the people on here who say this product is "great," only give it two or three stars. Why is that? Can I tell you this product saved my life? I had chronic muscle pain for the past year that was intensifying by the day. I had such a knot in my upper back that it was visible under my clothes and kept my awake at night. In addition I was sleeping badly, snapping out on my son, and being forgetful at work. After one drink of this stuff, I knew it was the answer. Initially I experienced the calming affects. Next day first thing I drank it again. I noticed the clarity that came, I was on my game at work, my son's teacher called me up and complained--I kept my cool completely. About my son--he has ADHD and is on meds. His diet is bad, I can not get him to eat enough healthy food and I have no doubt he is very depleted in magnesium, which is a huge contributor to his inability to stay on task. I can see the difference already, and he is sleeping much better, as well. This life-altering product literally saved me, my muscle knot is gone, I am calm, thinking clearly and sleeping like a baby. There are not enough stars on this chart to express how truly fantastic this formula actually is.

What a Releif!!
by Angela D.

I just started taking Natural Calm and i feel so relaxed and not on edge all the time. My anxiety level has gone down extremely:)...i take 1 tsp daily so far in hot water. No side effects have occured and have seen an increase in my energy level....i'm really excited about this product!!

This works GREAT!!!!
by dave

I just started taking Natural Calm. Most days I am run down at the end of the day and can't seem to turn my brain off. After just 1 day of taking this I feel calm,relaxed & just down right great.

Calm for kids
by Jeannie Pagnotta

I purchased it 5 days ago, happened to discover accidentally. My 9 year old has constipation issues, she keeps me up until 11:00 pm at night with her pain. After just 2 days of taking Calm she has more regular movements. I've had better results with this then with a laxative for her. Hoping things will continue to improve.

good so far...
by Angie

Just started taking today and it has already made me feel calmer. I started with half tsp. and will see how that goes for now. I do not feel tired at all...just not so wired, nervous and like I can't breathe, which is how I usually feel lately. I've been trying to find the answer with my physician who has given me plenty of tests, but nothing comes back positive so he says it must just be anxiety and I should take antidepressant. Sure do not want to even go down that road! I am confident this can take the edge off.

by Neil

First I'd like to say to Jaybe that you need to read the suggested use on the label. You took too much. It says to start with 1 tsp or LESS. I'm not surprised you had such a reaction.

I've been using this product for several months and all I can say is YES!! This is very calming and healthy for your heart. Many people lack magnesium and magnesium feeds the heart.

I didn't expect this.....
by Amanda N.

I had been prescribed an antidepressant for stress and anxiety, which I took for a couple of days, and it made me feel super dizzy and nauseous. After looking at the side effects of the drug, I decided that wasn't for me. I walked in to a local health store and basically told the lady that I was very stressed, anxious, couldn't sleep, and having tension headaches almost daily. She gave me the Natural Calm. Its been about 3 weeks and I feel so much better. I'm sleeping through the night, no more headaches, and I can actually cope with everyday life. I totally didn't expect it to work.

Natural Calm works well
by Angie

My 6 year old has ADHD and her therapist advised us to give it to her and it really works. She is only to take 1/4 to 1/2 tsp at night 20 minutes before bed. Her teachers have even complimented how much better she is behaved in school!

by Jaybe

I don't understand? I tried this (once) I took 2tsp and had non stop diarrhea, broke out in a rash over my ankles and lower calves... felt exhausted and woozy.
Didn't anyone else have awful side effects?

by alicia

Right after the UPS guy delivered me the KIDS CALM I had ordered for my hyper/stressed 8 year old son, I decided,what the heck and I sampled it. I used the right dosage(1tsp), and within 10 minutes I fell asleep. That was at around 10 am, and I woke up at 1:30pm ( along with having a good full nights sleep the night before). I guess it's meant to take before you go to sleep. We'll see how my son reacts to it, I know it will be good for him. Sounds like it generally takes a few days to feel the benefits. I still feel tired..,and very calm =)

by Ellen

I found your product as a result of searching
the internet and finding TMJ can be caused
by a magnesium deficiency. Pain I had in
my ear, jaw, neck and shoulder were gone
in 2 days. I am more relaxed and sleep better.
I am more alert and focused. I LOVE this stuff!
by Emily Johnson

Natural Calm is my anti-stress drink. I've got a two-year-old daughter and stress is part of my life. With Natural Calm I feel relaxed and energetic. It's not the buzz kind of energy you get from coffee but a sustained natural energy. I'd recommend Natural Calm to everyone.

Natural Calm
by Naturalwm

I am very active, work hard through the week,play hard. Sensative to everything because of Lymes Disease. Muscles sore and stressed.
Just bought this product I will keep you posted.

Natural Calm
by Lari

Really impressed with the effects. Feeling less stressed, more aware, less confused and more focused. Muscles more relaxed, great sleeps, less headaches/migraines. PMS seems to be reduced as well.. Will continue to use this product.

Natural Calm
by Wendy Collins

IF you are into all natural products, this is a good one. I like some and this is one I will buy again. After a long hard day of work or a stressed filled day, you feel awful and after you take this for a few days, you can tell a big difference!I have taken this product for approximately, 6 months and I haven't had a bad stressed out day since. PMS can be really bad for some of us, and I am one of them.. and I wanted something without caffeine so I could calm down and relax. THIS WORKS!Works wonders for cramps and being 'ill' feeling too. I think everyone should try it if you like all natural products because it does work! I have recommended this to friends and family numerous times. I tried it because I was tired of putting so many chemicals into my body. I like the fact that it is natural and you can take it anytime. I will buy it again and I am sure most of the people who I told that DID try it will again too.

Helps in many ways
by Patty

I have a friend who began using this product and she felt better within a week - no more lost sleep and jitters at night. She says it keeps her calm and helps her obtain better rest at night. Moreover, she experienced the added benefit of losing her chocolate cravings. She says now that she can take or leave chocolate and she'd rather leave it. Her doctors says that magnesium can help control that craving, so this was certainly serendipity.

Natural Calm
by Dorene

A friend told me about this product when I complained of cramps while at work. I was hesitant to buy this because of the price but decided to try it. It made my cramps completely disappear. I'm glad I bought it. It's definitely worth the price!

by devla

I love this product. It really has done wonders for me. I suffer from really heavy cramping and this has really helped me. It is quite expensive, but if you suffer then you wont mind paying this much for relief.

It's the best!!!
by Kenna McHugh

I walked into a health food store that carried 90% Natural Vitality products. A young girl was drinking Calm saying she felt so much better and that her cramps were gone -- it took a matter or minutes. I personally drink Calm to relax and sleep well. Calm is great for calming my 6 year old for a good nights sleep. Powder form mix with warm water works wonders -- comes in a variety of flavors -- great for kids.

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