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Worth Every Penny
by Amanda

I have endometriosis and was very tired of taking the near-narcotic medicines I was prescribed. After a little deliberating, I decided to give this product a try, and it has been worth every penny spent. Sometimes I will still experience a dull ache, but it is worlds better than what I've spent the past few years going through. I highly recommend this product.

Did not work
by kelsey

Too expensive, and did not work for me.

Great Camp Relief
by Tiff

Camp Relief Is the best product that I have ever tried. I been looking for cramp relief methods since I first got my menstrual cycle, but never could find anything that worked. This product worked about 15-30 minutes after taking it and I felt the relief, an hour later I felt like I didn't even have my menstrual cycle. I could actually go and do things that I would do everyday with out the cramping pain. I think this product is great and I told all my family and friends about it and will recommend it to everyone out there!

Life Saver
by Rob

This product is surely a life saver. My wife used to get horrible cramps, and would even throw up sometimes during her period. This product has helped tremendously. She no longer has extreme cramps. One bottle lasts about a month. This is definitely worth the money.

Cramp Relief
by rachel anderson

I never had cramps until I gave birth to my daughter. Now I get them and I am almost immobile the first day of my cycle. A friend recommended Cramp Relief. I tried it and was amazed. It actually worked. It really took away most of the pain. I was very moody the first few days and now I don't even feel like I'm having my cycle. Cramp Relief is great and it's affordable.

Exactly what I needed.
by Sharonrose

Every month without fail since I have had my menstrual cycle, I have suffered from horrible cramps. The cramps would actually arrive a day or two before my monthly-time, and last 3-4 days after that. I had tried so many different things, and they all either didn't help, or they just barely took the edge off. This product was different, 30 minutes after first taking it I felt relief, an hour after I felt so much better, I could actually go about my day normally. I'm not sure if everyone gets these results, but it's worth a try!

by melissa

I was so excited to find a product that really works. It really knocks the pain out. I have terrible cramps and back pain that would keep me from going to work. I no longer have to miss work. This product is great. I highly recommend it!

Works Wonderfully
by Katelin

I have always suffered from intense cramps and, if it's possible, since the birth of my son they have become even worse! These capsules do a wonderful job at relieving my cramps. The pain in my lower back goes from being sharp jabs to dull pressure, and if it wasn't for this product, I don't know how I would be able to concentrate on anything. I honestly don't know how I did it before I found these!

Kills the Pain
by Shannon

This is a product to live by. My cramps are horrible. They usually last for about 2 days, and are killer. They come in waves and are a sharp, shocking pain. These capsules are wonderful! They don’t make my cramps disappear, but they do calm the pain down to a light ache, which allows me to function. These are great for women who just want to make it through the worst time of the month.

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